Wednesday 17 February 2016

Fluoride and the Larger picture

Do I agree with everything Miles Johnstone says?
I believe his " reports on external things as he is coming across them".

But because I believe in the operation of the Kingdom Jesus announced, began, and gave the blueprint for in the Testaments, and particularly the full roll out in New Covenant form, I have to continually point Miles and all like him to Jesus'own comments regarding the church.

He said "during the night an enemy would come and sow rogue seed" in the Kingdom field and that is what we have in the West, actually in the whole world. But God has always had His Sons, and this leaven has continued to grow through all the centuries. God is bringing forth His mature Man in the earth. Ephesians 4. But it is not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord.

I firmly believe all references to other entities and ETs are spiritual or spiritual/ flesh hybrid. What it does introduce you to are more thinking individuals who are prepared to probe deeper into what is ludicrous.....
Fluoride like mercury is a poison. Mercury is NOT safe in filling or vaccines, and fluoride is never safe in water. This is an agenda right in fromt of our eyes, but nobody questions it, because of a pathological belief that people in authority never lie.

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