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GOD's.EXE FILE 3.0 (beta) A Study of Emsworth Church 1978-84

Study these faces. Where are the bitterness lines? Ian was chucked out of the Brethren for.preaching baptism in the Spirit. Lost everything as a missionary in Argentina. Jorge escaped certain death under Franco in the civil war, then lived under Peron and some of the worst inflation in the planet anywhere in Argentina. Ed Miller was an American missionary getting absolutely nowhere in Catholic/Jesuit/Nazi Argentina. All broke through in God and were pioneers in the heavenly Tabernacle in our generation, and more than anyone currently writing on the net.....the Spirit know-how of how you take whole congregations through in the Living Presence of God. Not without personal frictions.....but that would have been totally thirdlevel and God knows how when and where He is bringing His Kingdom in. Can you imagine meetings with just one of these gentlemen.....Sometimes we had all 3!!!!!! Acts 2 formed.itself.around 12 such broken gentlemen......we have yet to see any geographical location anywhere with baptised in the Spirit leaders any further into God than Romans 3 to 5. If they are further like Bill Bowers of Los Angeles then they are rejected by all the Romans 3 to 5 ers. If you want to see this dynamic of rejection or awkwardness going on in your Bible with Jesus then read John 4. The disciples GRILLED Jesus because they were meeting centric and to them Jesus had been lazy by not going shopping with them. We take it all for granted because we read John 4 with insider knowledge now.....but this is exactly what first and secondlevellers are like.....They simply can't get hold of the fact that Jesus knew who He was, and was functioning in real time in the Father......and at this point in their lives there were evangelistic meetings with the Spirit moving and then the rest of Life when you had to go shopping. Jesus was a spontaneous meeting point for everybody to meet God at all times......and this was all happening in a Spirit flow at the well with the Samaritan. It didn't even figure in the disciples.brains that in about two hours Jesus had been led to cross about three human boundaries......woman....Samaritan.....immoral. had used word of knowledge.....had then got her so fired up the entire village came out.... Perhaps everyone had since cleared off and the disciples.came.back with shopping and somehow Jesus has to explain all the things that just happened.....but He is now standing alone by the well. Er Jesus they said exactly how long does it take to drink a bit of water!!!!!
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The Kingdom is not LO HERE or LO There....
If I pointed you to Emsworth Church now it is called New Life Christian Church down Thorney Rd on the way down Thorney Island near Emsworth and Portsmouth UK.
Jorge's churches are likewise based throughout the Provinces of Argentina but based at Quilmes Buenos Aires. And Ed Miller's churches are scattered, but some are in Argentina and America.
But for me in my Melchizedek Order experience
the Spirit had me dialling up a booking for I knew not where as I walked into the campus of Exeter University at the end of my first year during the summer term(1978). I took a leap of faith and announced that I would not be returning. This was in the days when the State paid your university bills. So, yes, I left without having any idea what was going to become of my life.  I had no idea that I was a Romans 3 to 5-er because to me and our generation just a bit older, like Terry Virgo, who took some of my songs round with him, we all thought

Nobody knew there was a thirdlevel, there were just "special ministries", "big names", "people like Graham Pulkingham and Juan Carlos Ortiz that got their current books prominent in all Christian bookshops."
But from one little article in the charismatic Catholic magazine New Wine which spelt out the main features of how thirdlevel worked my spirit had already worked out much more than I could verbally articulate.   Like also, having just been baptised in the Spirit 6 years earlier, when I just gorged on all the letters of the New Testament, I knew inside me that the gospel  Eric Chambers of Old Town Baptist Church Amersham, and Tim La Haye - Late Great Planet Earth....was NOT the same gospel that Paul was preaching. But I couldn't put my finger on that either.

God has to train every son of God in being able to follow the Spirit.
Those who follow the Spirit , these are the sons of God.
The Melchizedek Order is peopled by a priesthood who have learned Psalm 123 living.
"I only do what I see the Father doing"....and "the Father is still working, so must I ,said Jesus."

  1. TRUE CHURCH IS ON DIALUP ONLY   (in the Spirit)
  2. The Spirit has to baptise you INTO the Church. He has to introduce you and introduce others to you because without Him all you will see is very ordinary flesh and blood people....but hereafter we see no man after the flesh
  3. NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER BUT BY MY SPIRIT.  It is good to think of the Kingdom a bit like Amersham International which began as the Radiochemical Centre. They made radio active tracing compounds for Xray use in hospitals. Ron Knight, who discipled me into Christ, made these things in his job in leadlined cubicles with leadlined rubber tubing in which he poked his arms.
    In the Spirit, the independent self has no part in, no inheritance with the saints in Light. Fleshlife which we now see is the false consciousness that came in at the Fall in Genesis 3, has no part in the Melchizedek Order, no part in the Church. Before we have Galatians 2.20 consciousness the Spirit trains us in prayer to GO SHUT THE OUTER DOOR of leftbrain traffic....and to MEET WITH OUR FATHER IN THE SECRET PLACE.
    We put on our leadlined equipment which is the Ephesians 6 GARB, or GARMENTS, and we function in the Kingdom

    initially 1 Corinthians 12-14, in little bitesize chunks....then later as we are schooled in the WAY of greater ministry lumps.
    But it seems, however mature....John 15 says the Father is always pruning and chopping off bits in order to bring forth greater fruit.

    Not By Might, Nor By Power, But By My Spirit , which I have often puzzled over, has been shown to also refer to the heavenly Tabernacle.

    Might is clear. This is human strength. This is the church of the outer courts. Systems etc. It also refers to the whole of the Old Testament. The outer way of working.

    Power has been more subtle.
    But Elijah moved in power, but the kickback from Darkness through Jezebel's demonic power scared him witless.
    The Pentecostal realm was all about demonstrations of power, but like Barnum Showmen, there is something very shonky tradesman about that whole way of operating.
    Certainly Elijah had all the fear blasted out of him by the first two Divine Sequences...Whirlwind and Fire.... but then Elijah, now free of these fears, could hear God's still small voice.
    This is the realm of pure Spirit that David Swann has written about in Entering into the Holy of Holies.

    It marks out the three men above, who, operating at the time of the big named ministries....chose to ONLY BUILD what God was telling them to build. At one point the mighty general in God called Bryn Jones wrote a very nasty threatening letter to Ian McCulloch which showed more about where Byn was, than where I an was.

    Ian , Jorge and Ed contented themselves to build relatively small works , but out of which a whole generation of people like me would emerge who were aware of the protocols of the Melchizedek Order.

    I have always been grateful for Geraldine's obedience when the Holy Spirit told her to give over her whole 3 storey (Swiss style) house up New Brighton Rd Emsworth, ( no 42) at the precise time of the formation of Emsworth Church and the first Bible House (Casa Biblica). Only in heaven will we see the "return" on that investment. Certainly her family, who rightly were due all the proceeds, never got anything from what would have been rightly theirs.
    I have since tuned for one of her children.

Stay close to ME and let My love flow over you!

Stay quietly close, let it sink into your soul;

There you may be, waiting quietly near to ME,

Drinking from the Cup that I am giving you.

Moment by moment let this quiet waiting be

Quiet and undisturbed, resting near My heart.

Leave all to Me, how well I know your deepest longings,

No other heart can understand like Mine.

Just like a book your life lies open to Me

How well I know what's written on each page;

Heart's desires and longings, fears and strong imaginings;

Nothing goes unseen - The Light of love sees all!

How dear you are, My dear one, you will come to know

When you see my Son dying on that Cross for you;

Only His Blood can touch and cleanse away all sin

for He has lived in a body - just like yours;

And He knows the rugged pathway,

He knows the hard frustrations,

There's no place of sorrows

He doesn't know them too.

So my dear one, stay here close

And know the Love I have for you,

Comfort sweet and sure! Your own place in My heart"

(God's own gift to all who want to share in this treasure - for you too!" )

Remember the old series of Dr Who when he was this unassuming character who after sorting everything out quietly left in his Tardis before any could make a fuss of him. There's something amazingly Dr Who and Jesus about Geraldine, who after giving her whole house, at the end of her life settled alone in a small Emsworth bungalow, knowing that New Life Christian Church was chuntering away, but not that sure about where it was heading, but yet as her near term memory loss was increasing, she was glued to the Father's love and hope and confidence in Him and what she could not see.
Except, I believe the answer to her prayer as she handed over the key to the Swiss style house DOESN'T just ENTAIL some pig-mamy old style temporary revival in England, which we don't see with our eyes. BUT THE WHOLE ENORMITY of THIRDLEVEL CHURCH  BEING BORN AND LEADING TO THE ISAIAH 60 PROPHECY ITSELF.




The return on Geraldine's gift is like Jesus Cross itself.....without measure.

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