Thursday 10 November 2016

Honour: Who are you Calling Good?

Bill Johnson is ofcourse correct about the "dynamic " of honoring people but in the thirdlevel everything is much more precise, less fuzzy.
In the first and second stages of Christian growth we only perceive things approximately. Pretty soon like Jesus we will be whirling round on people to question them from which spirit they are moving. "Good Master" someone said. Jesus said "Who are you calling Good - there is only One who is Good and that is My Father in heaven."
In other words are you still seeing double? Seeing in separation. Honoring me as if i am some independent self-run soul.....or are you honoring MY Source of Goodness who is My Father in heaven, and you are receiving Him in Me, which is after all my AUTHENTIC self, my spirit self.
Union makes everything clear.
It's seeing with a single eye.
God going on in the flesh.
This then is the power of honoring people.
All you are doing is seeing and recognizing and affirming God going on in them. That is why it has such a glorious ZING about it.
Let us now praise famous men.....the sentence and hymn from Ecclesiasticus, the apocryphal book and so much the mainstay of "Greek-style" secular education in boarding schools, and grammar schools....
This to me at any rate, has always been twisting our arm to try and admit that these great names are great in their own right as independent selves apart from God and therefore we are honoring Satan's lie, Satan himself.....that we can be "independent".
This to me is the spirit behind ancestor worship which surely is a portal for secondheaven fallen heavenly beings to be given leverage on OUR spirit guides,as "Masters".
What I have just written is VITAL in understanding how Christ's gifts to the church operate. Apostles prophets pastors and teachers, and evangelists ARE charismatic ministry giftings to the Church. They are not, as secular people have it, just flavours of talkers....people giving talks to the church as they call it.
NO out of their bellies flow the Spirit power to get precise Spirit jobs done.
BUT BUT....this all connects with
spontaneous Life
God's NOW Presence
the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy
Guard your HEARTS for out of them flow the fountains of life.
This is spirit to spirit communication. It switches things on in the Spirit. A carnal person hasn't been born again so cannot even hear on this register yet, so ascribes the carnal word "talk" to what is really a supernatural gift of utterance.
The grace gift of God FLOWS
It comes out of our innards and flows to another person.
Jesus knew when He healed people like the Canaanite woman because He felt the power flow out of His Body.
When the five ministry gifts operate they feel Jesus Christ Himself being imparted.
But people hanging onto their coat tails as if they are something in themselves. Well, in Acts, people on one island (Malta?) tried to do that with Paul and Barnabbas. "hey these guys are gods....Zeus etc No Paul and Barnabas weren't having any of that. So the people immediately tried to stone them.
This is the minister's dilemma. The people WANT to enter into an "illicit" relationship with you. They are still living in the independent self. They haven't grown up yet in the Lord.
But you HAVE to back off in the Spirit . YOU CANNOT join them in their spiritual adultery. They are trying to relate with you "apart from the Lord", this is when you turn on them like Jesus and say "Who are you calling good, or great? We are but servants of the Living Lord Jesus. We do as He says, and when he isn't saying we are powerless."

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