Wednesday 2 November 2016

God's .EXE File

When Jesus came into ministry the Spirit led Him to several areas of ministry simultaneously.
One was to announce and proclaim the Kingdom of God.
Humanly this looks nuts. Human kingdoms maybe announced by a pinnacle leader or king but they are surrounded by troops.
Here was Jesus , one man, speaking it into being.
It was after all, after the pattern of the first creation where God addressed Darkness with
Let there be Light.
Adam and Eve, two single individuals, LOST the first Kingdom, by believing a lie and DOING ONE THING...JUST ONE SIMPLE THING that they were told not to.
Jesus is reinstuting the Kingdom by announcing it and seeking those who would believe the Word of the Kingdom.
On the face of it, it would seem a funny way to institute an alternative Kingdom that was destined to fill all in all, and eat the old Kingdom for lunch.
One aspect of the METHOD is to be compared with downloading a new computer programme. This involves downloading a triggering file that downloads, unpacks and self instals the whole new programme. This is called the .EXE file. The file that executes the installation.
The Exe. file of the Kingdom is the CHURCH.
but not using that word as most people use it.
Using the idea of maturation of believers in the sequence that John uses in 1 John 2. The STAMP across everything is FATHER....father level believing...father level living and behaving, and spiritualy speaking, father level abilities in exercising the faith of Christ.
This is why the phrase in Ephesians 4.16 is used
according to the proper working of each individual part
In the Spirit you cannot work properly until you know who you are......a Christ Branch in the Christ Vine
Jesus Christ in your shape /form /personality
Christ in you the hope of glory
Galatians 2.20
When SUCH a Church with the FATHER STAMP across it is operating, then the EXE file of the Kingdom can really begin its God ordained task of self-installing the Kingdom properly.
Catholics and Jesuits know many things as facts.
If you go deeply into witchcraft and the occult such as Aleister Crowley and his OTO esoteric group
or the Order of the Golden Dawn or Solar Cult
or High Tibetan White Order Buddhism
or highest levels of Freemasonry
or Kabbalism (Jewish Luciferianism)
you will be shocked.
because what you will find is a perfect mirror of the Bible.
Teachings on the Tree of Life and the Tree of the knowledge of Good and evil
But it is all LEFTBRAIN, with devilish inspiration and power from a Luciferian spirituality.
What we preach does not originate from the mind....not even High Jesuit teachings from the Bible itself....
It may express through the mind...
but the Kingdom is one of power not mere words.
When the Father stamp is across a Church or ministry, it is accompanied by signs and power.
This Shekinah OverShadowing is not something humans can produce, it is God Himself authorising and legitimising the very Word that He is speaking through His servants.
But once the Church has installed and unpacked itself as a Kingdom Exe File....
then the Kingdom itself starts operating to remove the devil off the face of the earth, to bring judgment to all the old order, and to bring in the Reign of God in the form of humans living all day long under an open heaven in Christ Himself.
Paul writes on this subject :Eph3:8-10
To me, the very least of all [d]saints, this grace was given, to preach to the Gentiles the unfathomable riches of Christ, 9 and to [e]bring to light what is the administration of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things; 10 so that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places.

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