Sunday 15 January 2017

Kanaan - Darmstadt, the Start of the New Universe

Don't you think It's weird that God should pioneer Romans 8 in community form.....(actually quite like He did in individual form with the evangelicals around Norman Grubb of WEC) ie NOT USING Pentecostals and Charismatics???
In fact He used a rather religious format. A NUNNERY!!!
And if that wasn't weird enough He used a Lutheran nunnery and Lutherans don't have nunneries. They are not Catholics!!!
So to RECAP....
IN order to push through a whole prototype of SAINTS setting the whole of creation free....
He chose the most ugly duckling nation possible....Nazi Germany
He chose Lutherans
He couldn't trust men....they have testosterone....and pecking orders....
So rather like the Resurrection....where the men are busy nursing their fears.....the bold women are out there pioneering and expecting to meet Jesus who said He would come back again.
So to pioneer Romans 8, God picked on those "secondrate " citizens , females!!!!, in a secondrate Nazi Germany to trigger the turning round of the whole of the Universe.
Does that sound like the Cinderella Kingdom?
These sisters believed for their own land.
Without apprenticeship they personally brick built all their buildings....perfectly.
They planted fruit and like Romans 8 would suggest...all the fruit and goldfish were massive.
They also PROVED that in this new Creation...if the relationships weren't right, the machinery broke down. When they repented and confessed the machinery just started up of its own accord.
They were a real Romans 8 community because Basilea Schlink laid the spiritual foundation of Romans 6 in each of the nuns.
They were told to believe against belief that they were now new creations.
Their faces changed so much they collected the before and after photos and wrote "Realities" or "Wirklichkeiten"
I think some of them were baptised in the Spirit and spoke in tongues. Certainly the community prayed regularly for miracles.


But while charismatic communities were still coming unstuck because of the powerfilled DIVA mentalities of members all falling out with each other.....
doesn't that just remind you of Jacob's wives.....first one taunting the other.....and God is on neither side particularly He just blessed both.....
but he can't stand pride....
So God bypasses the whole of the world charismatic movement with a waft of His Hand and says.... may be spiritfilled but even after 60-70 years not one of you are thirdlevellers yet...or even remotely interested....
so I will go to a little evangelical community who are believeing all the chapters of Romans and I will start building my new Universe least they are paying attention.
And in 1974 I took a look myself when I was 16.

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