Saturday 28 January 2017

10 Reasons you should not open your third eye

Quick recap:   You come out of the womb self absorbed. In my scheme that would be Box Zero.
Parents,family  schooling and the State socialise you, this is Box 1. Pretty leftbrain. Pretty black and white. pretty much the knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil. Fundamentalist.
Then you go on a necessary search for identity. You can't forever just be a mirror of your surroundings and a hollow self, so you go on a hunt to see how you fit into it all. This is more balance brained. This is Box 2

Hereafter it gets exceedingly subtle. For shorthand  we talk about following God or the devil into our choice of the third or fourth box. A realm of spiritual power and wisdom.
TheBible explains that the KEY tests of spirits are whether they acknowledge Jesus as God in the flesh.  is like Freemasonry or witchcraft initiation steps.Box 4

Box 3 or what I call the third stage of Christian growth is
a gift of God through seeking Him,
through Him opening your inner eyes to see, through your own believing on the Galatians 2,20 scripture

There are however similarities between the two realms and only for this reason would I consider putting up such a video.  You will see more and more such videos on the net, and then eventually this knowledge will start to be mainstream anyway.

It is my belief that the devil has used first classicism followed by materialism and secularism and atheism to weaken the hold of traditional Christian faith, but also to create a drought on planet eath spiritually. This is so when he starts to push his teachings in full force, hardly anybody will have the discernment to tell the difference between general spiritual the way spirit works.....and that which pertains to his own kingdom of "spirits" deceiving demons" and "Masters".

Having said all that he is a good frontman for his information.
Many Christians talk about peace and joy , but they sure don't look like they have it.

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