Monday 16 January 2017

More On Darmstadt - Sometimes God isn't looking for a big penis

Just hunting in my spirit for.words to add to what I wrote about Darmstadt.
Morris Cerullo gets big stuff. It is nothing for him to think in nation sizes or to face down spirits across 100,000 stadium and call out every single arthritis......or.every single blind eye.....
So.why does God not choose him to pioneer the new universe? To see Romans 8 in action. Why a little old German psychology graduate called Basilea Schlink and some nuns? Because Morris.doesn't get community.
And Romans 8 is a community of Romans 6 believing people having real world effects in their believing As a community.
Why no powerfilled males?
Because they don't get community. Community to them is an extension of their own ego. It's the network I built. It's the churches I built. haven't the first clue about community. You see everything in the shape of a big penis. Yours.
What is it about males? They can't get hold of.Community in the Spirit.
They either see community in the shape of their own penis. Or if they are the loving type, the people type, they see community as going down the they say in the north of England. A human club. A human group. Nothing more. And that's what you are faced with talking with males.
Males have no clue whatsoever of Community as a Romans 8 version of Romans 6 believing people......people who have new.consciousness.....they know Christ is in them as them. This is completely different from people as an extension of your own grandiose.penis........Or going down the social....
This is the new community who are transplanting a new Universe. God clearly thought it was too big a job's universe sized after all......better give it to a group of.nuns who love each other in Jesus Name and who understand new Creation community.....
Because clearly there are no men for the job!!!!!
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