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Tuning, the 10th Gate,and Ephesians 4

In the Spirit there is an exact and precise heavenly sound that is LIVING.
Piano tuning IS a parable of this, but also ISN't in that a tuning remains static and lifeless.
Nevertheless in this 12 tonal field of dreams structure a baseball player....NO a pianist or composer in this case can come and wade and express the infinite through inspired music.
I as a tuner require "the submission of strings" to my yanking up and down with a lever (like a wrench)
Did you know that 4ths and 5ths....say the distance between note C and F or note C and G, if you play them simultaneously they like to be a bit flat and a bit sharp, in order to be totally beatless. Without any wavering between the notes.
if you then play in any other key, they sound horribly out.
So what is the solution?
The well tempered scale. An "artificially created scale" which is mathematically compromised.
So tuners slightly sharpen all 4th notes in relationship and slightly flatten all fifth notes in relationship.
So step one we FIX ONE NOTE to a set frequency. Say A=440.
Step two we tune one central octave to each other round in what is like an octave wheel of 12 semitones. (For the nerdy that is A-E-B-F#-C#-G#-D#-A#-F-C-G-D and back to A.) If you are right, then your A should match where you started. And that is the Sudoku of creating the first octave. It's like a game!!!
Everything cross references, so this, like Law in the the curse and the blessing. When it's not right it's a darned curse. When it's right, all the notes are in relationship.,...nothing is too forced and weird sounding.
Ephesians 4 is about the Body of Christ tuning herself.
Only in the Spirit, the bits that are not working correctly don't just need tweaking "morally" as we used to think in churches. NOPE they need more of Christ in that particular area, and a Christed one, a person who is "working properly", certainly in that area of "internal seeing" can SPEAK LIFE and RESURRECTION to another member......always looking out to see that at any moment they themselves can go "off piste".
When strings are in tune there are two confirmations.
1. The confirmation of very little beating between fourths and fifths
2. Unisons are bang in and have a punch to them particularly in the top treble that hits you in the solar plexus and your ears. Each piano note from the top bass upwards has three strings per note and they have to be so perfect that not even a beat per second waver exists in any of the three, and we call that unison.
In 1 John in particular we see this "measurement" of Christ content,
test 1, do we see a Jesus Life that is God come in the flesh from above, and now so among us by the Spirit....
and the second test  interrelationally by the Spirit.
If people nolonger fellowship together then somebody....or BOTH have moved away from the LIVING FLAME that is Christ.
In His Light He gives Light . Psalm 36.
We are separated from one another as we NOLONGER continue in His Light.
That which He speaks to us in secret, will be broadcast from the rooftops.
Slowly imperceptibly, "one is taken, the other left"
People are "taken" by what they choose internally.
The soil parable about pure soil...
the Beattitudes phrase about Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God
the "single eye " phrase (filling your body with Light)
and the scrawlings on the wall in Ezekiel 8:10 are all related concepts.
Where it gets extremely interesting is like Michael Harper.
Michael wandered away from Fountain Trust by the 1980s. If you recall he was used in the UK and across the world, through the vessel of the Fountain Trust to bring the baptism in the Spirit experience into mainline denominations, instead of being stuck in Pentecostal ghetto.
But Michael turned towards the mysticism and meditation of the Orthodox Churches and persuaded a friend and client of mine to do the same.
Why is this interesting? Well the charismatic movement DID LACK thirdlevel teaching. And was Michael just following the path that hundreds of us in the Rios De Vida churches (Buenos Aires/Barcelona/Emsworth) took in deliberately seeking God and meditating upon Him quite singlemindedly? Or was Michael just reformatting back to a different type of formalism? Only God knows the hearts.
True doctrine in the Spirit is connected with slaying the flesh, slaying all traces of inner seeing which sees more than the One God going on.
Leftbrain shell doctrines of what began as Spirit....say Armenianism or its opposite Calvinism are DEAD doctrines. One kills the other.
UNION doctrine, if in the Spirit, is the LIVING CONNECTION with what Christ is doing now in this instant through any of us.
It takes an Armenian and says...yes what you believe is right IF YOU ARE OPERATING NOW out of Galatians 2.20 consciousess.
And the same with Calvinism.....the belief in the Sovereign will of God.
The Sovereign Will of God is almost like Schroedinger's cat which is both alive and dead until you observe it.
if you get too selfconscious about the Sovereign will of God you KILL everything in sight. You lose spontaneity, because in reality you are not facing the real problem....
This tuning related study has a "Gate" attached.
Jerusalem has 12 Gates in Nehemiah and each one has a Spirit meaning. The Miphkad Gate- the tenth Jerusalem gate according to Ephesians 4 now has a different meaning.
It means judgment, but corporately according to Presence.
The elders sat in the Gate and deliberated on the plans for the city. But they also judged in individual cases. But also they "judged" the animals to be offered. Were they good enough. It was an inspection point.
What I am saying is the Melchizedek Order has a sound, and NOW the judge or judges are not just elders....but in fact the corporate assembly gathered in the Name of Jesus, who Jesus bestows the honour of coming Himself among them.
We see this enacted incredibly by the Corinthians when Paul instructed them how to bring judgment upon the man who was committing sexual sin.
THE FIRST THING GOD INSTRUCTED THE PEOPLE TO DO upon their return from Babylon was to reassemble the "Spirit " infrastructure of Jerusalem. This has been exactly the same in the last 100 years since the outpouring of the Spirit. Only this time, unlike Luther and subsequent churches, God is not building leftbrain locked churches.
Not by might , nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord
You can load all your theological tomes together, you can write all your ebooks.....
But I as a tuner of strings
and God as the builder of His Church asks through both Paul and John in particular, CAN YOU LIVE TOGETHER?
And this isn't the same as the world system, which simply changes the rules of behaviour so there is no need for the Cross....and together we raise a common infrastructure called the Tower of Babel, which like all obelisks has a striking resemblance to a giant male member....
NO, like the Israelites , but now spiritually we partake of the New Covenant circumcision, this time Jeremiah 31, of the heart.
One final comment about earthly tuning. In order to squeeze out something that kind of works, us tuners have to DETUNE every note just slightly. But WE LIVE in a fallen universe where the frequencies have slipped.
In Christ it may feel like crucifixion, but we are really being tuned back into the heavenly and perfect. We are tuning BACK to the sole source of Life, in whom there is no shadow or turning.

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