Wednesday 1 February 2017

Off the Page Into the Way

David and Dale Garratt, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Merv and Merla Watson

So there we were, many many new Spirit baptised converts after Festival of Light in 1971. I came in in the frothy wake in 1972 and the Festival for Jesus .
Now one bunch joined seminaries and Bible Colleges. It's what you did.
Others of us were too young anyway, and the Spirit upon us;t follow humans follow Jesus who is THE WAY.
See, it's one thing to Follow the Way to to the Cross (that brazen altar) it's another thing when Jesus carries on walking and we are meant to be still following!!!
I have said how in the Demi Lune Coffee house in Amersham Olive Dover and I were talking about Isaiah's big picture....
and wondering to outselves
How in the friggin' heck do we get from this coffee house in a tiny bit of upper Amersham to the enormity of what is declared in Isaiah.
Amazingly enough....amazingly enough God who is faithful to answer such questions if we BELIEVE He iwill not reproach but Will answer.
Immediately God sent Merv and Merla through Fountain Trust and also the music of David and Dale Garratt to commence instructing us on the WAY into God.
THE WAY is one of thanksgiving and praise.
Longer term God gave the overarching vision of our calling as the people of God as soon as by 1975, just two years later through Ern Baxter, and others through Sam Fife.

  • That our Canaan was now the world.
  • The Way is a Spirit injunction. It is totally connectd with walking in real time with God who is Spirit, with God speaking His Rhema Word of the NEXT STEP.

The others were all in seminaries and Bible Colleges all learning tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil step programmes to inflict on the new breed of Jesus people.
Somewhere there was a cross cultural thread....and the Overarching Vision, when God failed to give a Tree of Knowledge Point by point protocol....Humans invented one...
and in America one of the manifestations 30 years later was
Bush's War on Terror
Most in the churches realised that was bogus from Day one, but it hadn't stopped them building
Kings Churches
Home Schooling
Warehouse Churches of thousands now fronted by one man...but speaking over a microphone to thousands and not tens .
God actually said NOT ONE PIECE OF THIS
What He said was SEEK ME AND LIVE (Amos)
Seek First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness
Goodness sake, we sang Karen Lafferty's song euough didn;t we?
This was to lead us through a complete human meltdown in a living expereice of Romans 3 to 5, followed by further revelation as we broke through into Romans 6 and 7.

(Transfiguration quote) as we did homeschooling
new businesses that sold T shirts
New music businesses that sold Cds and later mp3s to largely the church who didn't really have money to squander because they were meant to be putting that money towards missionary activity
Buying up and renting halls and business warehouses...sinking all our money into church mortgages, just so that we could now tell everybody else about a gospel
THAT DIDNT SEE Seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS as having any relevance at all in reaching the entire earth.
Somewhere there was a cross cultural thread....and the Overarching Vision, when God failed to give a Tree of Knowledge Point by point protocol....Humans invented one...

Some times it's good when the Holy Spirit speaks
to listen to Him.
When He says I will use you to rebuild the waste places of Jerusalem, to stand in the breach between all the broken down walls and reconstruct them all again....
just perhaps
that is actually what the Holy Spirit means.....
and not make it a prime goal as our generation did of working out the quickest and fastest route to christianising the music of Led we can reach all "those poor people in the world"
the irony is that by the time Delirious and others had recreated perfectly Nirvana's rock sound followed by English grunge.....
Music had completely changed anyway, and by 2000 the primary activity of youngsters was computer games....but nobody saw that coming!!! So all these carefully constructed super Christian groups that were going to reach the world for Jesus......if we could only get enough Christians to buy the Cds to get them past Rothschild's Top 40 censorship into the charts....
But in reality they were playing to empty airwaves....culture had moved on. Nobody could care less about an electric guitar riff in the style of....
who was Jimmy Page anyway....wasn't he alive in the 1800s????

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