Sunday 28 May 2017

Where charismatic becomes cult

Some of the conversations here are very much a tool for learning. 

In Acts the magician asked how he might get the anointing. He could evidently see how much power reputation and money he could make. Paul struck the man blind for he could see the spirit of bitterness and probably Genesis 3 orphanhood that the man was asking in, seeking to " bolster up his self" like a personal fortress.
Shannon Fyffe has just highlighted this and before he goes blind or some such you can get three prophecies for a box set of $100 dollars. Perhaps this is why the Lord hasn't " overdone" the second level of His growth stages because there aren't enough thirdlevellers to cause people to go blind temporarily. Third level police force. Not that Simon Elymas was a Christian yet as far as we know and generally speaking , Peter and Ananias and Sapphyra notwithstanding, God doesn't appoint a " police force" but sovereignly moves through a whole variety of unspecified means to maintain His Word and holiness. God never said to Peter I make you a policeman of men..... but a fisher of men. And being fished says Isaiah 55 and Revelation 22 is without price.

Later note...
My memory has squashed two incidents together, both "policing incidents"...Acts 8 with Peter and the magician Simon, Acts 13 with Paul and the magician Elymas.

One of the people in Shannon Fyffes thread defended the prophet selling prophecies with a reference to mountains of influence and here, financial.

I want to belt this mountains of influence thing head on today.
This is charismatic speak.
This is where charismatic becomes cult.

Mountains are of the earth.
King Saul was head and shoulders government .
Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord.
We don't go down to use the horses of Egypt.
Everything Satan builds he builds in pyramids. It's the only way he knows how to get everybody building according to his will....
By fear and terror.

So Chris..... you saying God doesn't use the things of earth?
No I am saying psalm24.1 the earth is the Lords , but not just mountains.
Was Moses a mountain? A murderer, he now couldn't use his " mountain" advantages and had to flee the Pharoahs court. 40 years later he didn't even have influence over Israels elders.... except for Spirit manifestation.
Was Jesus a mountain? Assumed a bastard, like much of UK society elite today, the Jews screened Him out for religious training.
Jesus was Spirit taught.
" a mans gift makes way for itself ".
Jesus HAD the goods.

The charismatic, Saulish head and shoulders government bolsters Gods pauses, like Saul did with Samuel, by " doing the stuff itself"

It reverts back to Lance Wallnau mountains, and uses Freemasonrys plan to fight the world system humanly.

Gods kingdom doesn't use worldly infrastructures.
Gods kingdom IS the spontaneous life
Our victory IS OUR FAITH
IS THE CHRIST JOINTS BUILDING THE BODY BY THAT WHICH EACH...... when working properly.... supplies.
Gods Kingdom IS THE TESLA INVENTOR IN THE MIDDLE OF EASTERN EUROPE nowhere near the scientific centres of America and U.K.

GODS KINGDOM IS INDIVIDUALS BEING BUILT TO WORK PROPERLY, to function out of their innards, their rivers of life.

The world system is an entire construct made to look real by engineering each man to his task, by controlling and compartmentalisation.

Gods Kingdom know the Lord from the least to the greatest

The world don't know anything apart from what is passed down to them top down

The Kingdom is overseen by elders.... who HAVE THE STUFF

the world is run by people who harvest from everybody else so it looks like they are something but inwardly do not, but are compliant to Satans will or else they would not be allowed in their slots.

The world have kings. God always advised against kings.
" They will exact huge tributes"
" it is not you Samuel but Me ( Israel have rejected"

After centuries, most of the tributes are now hidden. Nearly nobody knows Shell Oil, literally is a shell company.

Gods will concerning us it says in Romans 8 is for the sons to come into their inheritance. Our inheritance is that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.... even the abolition of death itself.

We overcome by churches coming into the full growth mechanisms in the Spirit of 1 John 2

We don't go down to Egypt hunt out some horses, and cobble up some strategy of building mountains....

We lay the axe to the root
We overturn the Genesis 3 phoney existence
We train our senses according to righteousness so we can discern the difference between
The spirit of Good from the spirit of evil.

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