Monday 29 May 2017

Is having the Holy Spirit inside the same as the Baptism in the Spirit?

Or is Jerusalem Gate 1 the same
 as Jerusalem Gate 6?

Alexia Asbury a person having sincere faith In Jesus Christ is a person who has the Holy Spirit. All who truly believe have the Holy Spirit in their hearts.
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Chris Welch

Chris Welch Alexia the Bible doesn't mince.words. Jesus breathed on the disciples in the while still among them. The work of the Cross had been done. He had a legal right to fully initiate the disciples into the brazen altar aspect of what had just been an earthly copy in the previous priesthood. The story of the two goats.......the one that was burned and the one that was the scapegoat all became true in that moment before the ascension. This is what John 3 is about.
Euphoria-cosmopolitan shower really, the makers call it that!!!
But Acts 2 is that plus more. It is the anointing oil of introduction into the supernatural realm of God's priesthood. It is the Holy Spirit taking mankind into the covered area of the tabernacle. It is Him making us ambassadors.for.whom the promises of.Mark 16 and the signs following after become.possible. Before this we do not have the equipment. None of this is based on our works, our.suitability.......Saul of Tarsus was on a murder trek at the time he was born again then soon after prayed for to receive the baptism in the is not based on our spirituality.....
As.foremost among Leftbrain Britons AT 13 if God can break me open He can do it to anybody.

But as I said.....the Bible doesn't mince.words, and the anointing is not enough. The disciples.we're enjoying Jesus own zap power and getting pretty high on it, when in Matthew 25 Jesus broke into their bubble with a story about 10 virgins.
The anointing is not for.sitting on, or for up meetings.....or.hardly anything it is currently used for......and.come the Bridegrooms.Cry.....
Five virgins had not traded enough with the oil to get more, and they didn't have enough oil for the call of God......Whether this was the final consummation cry.....or whether this.was to the next Rhema project of God in the Earth.....the next wineskin outer manifestation of God's work.

This is the three level message of 1 John 2. The three places in the tabernacle. The place.beyond the current Pentecostal charismatic move.

Another spiritual picture are the 12 Gates of.Jerusalem. Gates one and two represent the sheep gate and the fish gate. When the Holy Spirit comes into us we become.a.sheep......but one of the first thing we do is catch fish. Our fresh testimony stirs our friends and.neighbours and some.are touched.
But none of this is Gate 6 and 7.......the fountain gate and the water gate.
Baptism in the Spirit is something quite distinct, but by Acts 2......Jews who.had already been in the outer courts processes of God were whisked in to a proper.New birth experience and a baptism in he Spirit on day one of the Church.
This is the foundation of True church......we.don't have to wait for long processes.....
Jesus.ascended and gave gifts to men......period. Our Jesus generation experienced all the first 6 or 7 Gates of Jerusalem in one kaleidoscope.experience over just months.......and this is But in the last 50 years God has been using many significant servants of God to raise up the last 5 Gates.......and pretty soon the whole church will.catch up.

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