Saturday 3 June 2017

50 years since Sgt Peppers

Sgt Pepper’s Musical Revolution: with Howard Goodall - an ideal insight into the seminal Beatles album, BBC Two review  Jasper Rees
3 JUNE 2017 • 10:00PM
Technically, if you do the maths, it was 70 years ago today: the Beatles sang “it was 20 years ago today” 50 years ago. But let’s not quibble. You need to be at least 64 to have any idea of the real-time impact of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club Band. Before, recording was achieved by means of string and sticky-backed plastic. The album’s first listeners heard a tectonic realignment in sound that is impossible for us whippersnappers (I was two at the time) to grasp.

Sgt Pepper’s Musical Revolution (BBC Two) attempted to demonstrate quite how mind-expanding the album was in 1967. Howard Goodall came at the task musicologically, delivering a sort of Open University lecture involving studio innovations, stylistic hybrids and lyrical invention.

Chris Welch on Facebook
Loved Howard Goodalls complete breakdown of Beatles Sgt Pepper's virtually chord by chord. Sounds pretty lame to say I associate with that kind of recording process, and it is lame because I was never a group. But trying desperately to get thirdlevel Christianity down as a concept album of 20 years of my songs and many purpose written additions .... John Daniels my producer and recording engineer and I did many ambitious things with what was available without funding in the 1990s. So while the Beatles didn't have cash problems, they were four inventive people extremely hampered by no synthesisers and only a four track.
By 1990 we had synthesisers, samplers and C lab Atari software . The very start of truly bedroom studios. But John didn't even understand the concept of a third level. What John had though was a major track record in U.K. Christian recording and writing songs, although there is none of his stuff on my CD, but he knew how to engineer a good idea.
To date around two people on earth " get" my Early Harvest double CD. Both are women. Pam Knight and Joan Reilly . I think as more people face Romans 7, more and more will go......aaaah, that's what he was on about. So it's an album waiting to hatch.

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Joan Reilly
Joan Reilly Yes I am honored to be One. I need to pull them up again. Thing is so sweet about your music, Chris, is being nearly deaf, the sounds are welcoming familiar to these fortunate ears. Bless you my friend

Joel 2 - A track off Early Harvest Double CD by A. Christopher Welch

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