Wednesday 7 June 2017

In the Shadow of the Election 2017 Pt I - UK History

As we get ready to make history or not this Thursday....and Theresa May could completely lose the NHS and Government workers vote, with static pay since 2010, while she and the others pay themselves some 11% payrise....
I stated last summer that on only a 4% difference, the UK did not deserve to follow our recommendation to leave Europe.
4% difference for such a massive change! England should be forced to eat its own vomit and stay in Europe and see what they will do to you. You simply haven't got the balls or the energy or the real will to stand on your own two feet. You are like a pole vaulter walking up to the point of lift off, or an airoplane taxiing up the runway instead of accelerating to takeoff. England you are not worth it....stay in and Media believing wombats!!!!
In history it was easy.
Judah and Israel split over greedy taxation.
The UK split with the Jews themselves and their gross usury when their moneydealing scams threatened to throttle our country. The barons revolted against the King anyway, and King John ousted the Jews around 1215, and we had the Magna Carta.....printed by the way on our stationery parchment made in the pure water wells of Havant!!!!!
Later history was easy.
Catholic domination and a ban on personal Bible reading versus the arrival of the printing press, the knowledge of personal salvation by faith, and a far more independent approach to living ie Protestantism. Ultimately democracy as it is today.
All beit that both the Jews and the Catholics clawed their way back in to Britain and not on such a different timescale. William of Orange reintroduced the Jews under clever wheedling, who immediately began their takeover of the City of London. And the Catholics took over England via the Jesuit order of Malta through George III, and have secretly run the Anglican Church and the English monarchy ever since.
So is there any point in leaving Europe, which was set up by a Jesuit in 1947? What is the difference?
As a smaller monobloc we can better scrutinise what is going on rather than being sucked in wholesale and with no transparency of government whatsoever into Brussels.
BUT things aren't so clear at all.
Before it was England being throttled by money men.
Then later England trying to make a break from Romish compulsory rule.
Now " the independent self delusion" has been expanded to huge fairy tale status, such that no man in the street actually sees or understands the issue.
"Religion" has been stripped out of the equation, as though that solved anything, since the very same spiritual realities are now remaining.
Every single citizen has their parents sign a birth certificate contract selling their child off as a fictive corporation....
a slave to tax production
the fictive image that the court addresses and has legal claims over
the creation of a fiction in the way you relate with others in the leftbrain, which is the lingua franca of the English speaking world....
No god anywhere to be seen, but actually the Catholic god in charge of everything through the manipulation of the Vatican.
Without repentance
Baptism in water to recognise your legal spiritual death from this order
without Baptism in the Spirit ,where on earth will be the discernment to "read spiritually " the rape that is going on.
And as proverbs 1 says.....if you won't heed the voice of inner discernment or wisdom.....then you will walk slap bang into the fruit of your own behaviour.
Now at 52% of the vote only to leave Europe
with nobody paying the slightest bit of heed to the clear recent revelations of how everything works, as emerged on the internet....Britian is neither fish nor fowl....
It wants to leave the EU.....just the narrowest of margins but doesn't know why. So its own muzzy inner discernment is as foul as ever , and wants to make a break for freedom, but it is still living from the very same complete spirit of folly that EU is designed and drawn up in.....
Go figure, as you then have to choose a vote this week where Theresa is herself as much part of a dodgy Conservative system, yet the other parties don't even know if they want to leave Europe at all anyway.
Best of luck comrades.

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