Monday 5 June 2017

The Necessity of Dissent and Controversy within Freedom

Here is a simple unaccompanied song off my Early Harvest Double CD which is called Lift Up Your Sword You're a Young Man....HYMN TO YOUTH/THE WORD - Words and Music A. Christopher Welch 1990

Lift up your sword you're a young man / It's your time to join the fight / You ain't got that much
wisdom / But you're holding a bright light. / Do not fear all the old ones / As they cower and
they rage / They once held the sword you're holding / But it's now you in centre-stage. /
Drama of history / Unrolling, unfolding Word / Somewhere in the middle / Of what is said and
what is heard. / At the vortex of the conflict / Between the deaf, between the dumb / Between
the aged and the stripling / Is the Word not old nor young.

©No Name Ltd/AC Welch 1991

This Post is a really intelligent interview that gives the lie to the blanket Alex Jones hatred.
Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumkins  NEVER sits inside Alex Jones's pockets, but both of them review  the overall sweep of  American History and the Grand Experiment  of Freedom, looking
at the Dissenters of the 60s, and discussing the situation today.

This reasoned discussion should be played in history,politics or media arts lessons.   Allow for the initial "programmed" response of the kids towards Alex Jones, thanks to Simpsons, American Guy and "Homeland" and many other series.....AND ALSO, according to Mark Dice and others, Alex Jones being a CIA inuring trick anyway....
Whatever we think of Alex Jones, trust me, this is worth watching.

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