Sunday 30 July 2017

Who are the wise virgins?

I think I've seen something that I have been puzzling over since Selwyn Hughes preached on Matthew 25 and the wise and foolish virgins.
It's not actually spelled out how come the wise ones have more oil.But it is spelled out you can't get that amount of oil quickly or with ease, or else they would have been able to go down the oil shop.
So I think it's something that connects with these two things.
1. Jesus first 30 years
2.going back and being like.a.child
It's to do with the first flask we are given. Who is Jesus? He is alien. In the likeness of flesh but without sin. Without mother or father.....but injected into the human line as though of that line. He was truly in the world but not of it. The only begotten Son of.God. He called Himself.Son of.Man. Which when you were present at the creation of the world is pretty darned humble....unless you have a Christ elevated view of.what Man is.....and what man is for. Out of the mouths of babes and.ducklings have you brought forth perfect still....Or.knock dead the Avenger....
What is in that first flask? Jesus own supernatural life. We as.wise virgin's must go back into our whole life experience.and begin as babes again......doing everything we ever did but now with the flask of.Jesus own 100% pure eternal brand of LIFE. That's why it can't be done quickly. It took the disciples three and a half years to have their whole lives reprogrammed. It has taken us way longer, because.we had no models.of.thirdlevellers and we found it so darned.hard just simply trusting the Holy Spirit to show us, without adding loads of junk.
But yes.....this way we end up.with enough oil. This time when we speak we.aren't spouting forth Genesis 3 dualistic consciousness of the Pentecostal Charismatic movements..... just Jesus going on.

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