Monday 31 July 2017

Changes and The Old and New Covenants

A couple of small multi parter series on Facebook

Changes I
In the 60s John Lennon and Bob Dylan were moving the whole world away from the little Box 1 "socialisation" stage of psychological development.....our first understanding that authorities and infrastructures need obeying in order that society works, but on its own has a tendency to produce filing clerks, rather robotic individuals and middle manager-types, all submitting to the patronising voice of Pathe News. remember that? Or if not Harry Enfield's take off?
Well in the 90s we got more of a clarification of earlier psychological work done at MIT and other places in the 60s, and the term IQ now had a twin - EQ.
What had been vague and fuzzy before....ART and philosophy and LETTERS, now could be articulated enough that schooling now be graded into "what we know and our ability to learn IQ" and "how we relate and mature as fully rounded persons" EQ
For threequarters of us....Matthew Mark and Lukes....they have weathered these discoveries without batting an eyelid.
For one quarter of us JOHNS....we started to live and breathe!!!!
There weren't any options for us if we weren't famous. Society didn't know what we were for, so they humoured us and generally found us some humdrum job that had nothing to do with our personality traits or gifting. I stepped sideways and became a piano tuner.....which isn't quite withdrawing....but it's darned better than a filing clerk!!!!!

Changes II
Nearly everything on the planet is now more balance brained.
One Last main area is outstanding
here are two points.
Firstly in its favour, LAW has to be complicated and sentences constructed in incredibly precise ways with very little punctuation but spelling out the truth from many angles....
IN ORDER that it prevent people subvertiing LAWS.
Second point not in its favour...well a series but based on the leftbrain.
Law as regards you, the individual, is a fiction.
The fiction is based upon a fictive character that your parents signed up to on your birth certificate constructed in capital letters.
When they agreed to "understand"
They were signing you to "stand under" the new corporate and bankable commodity known as YOUR NAME in capital letters.
So many things could be said here....but the YOU addressed in court is not the real you.
They have to get you responding in the leftbrain.
So many court cases are won and lost on this simple trick
Mr SO and So.....just answer yes and no.
But many times the answer isn't yes and no and would make perfect sense if you were allowed out of the binary nonsense of the Court . This is an extreme, but often worked trick.
Not only do they force you into leftbrain fiction land
they do this in the name of the Crown, but the Crown isn't who you think it is.
The Crown is not the Queen.
The Crown is the catholic Church's imagination of Jesus Christ ruling and reigning.
Via who they call His sub agents
The Black Pope
The Jesuits
The order of Malta
The Pope
The Queen of England
Her agent representatives Barristers and Lawyers and Court underlings, both here and USA.
Every USA Barrister is signed off from accountability to US Sovereignty and is serving the Queen
Now Jesus Christ DOES rule and reign but the Bible declares how, and there is not one reference to an "organisational body or infrastructure" anywhere.
He rules directly only those hearts willingly submitted to Him
He rules otherwise Proverbs 1 indicates, by setting up an order that doesn't work properly outside of people living IN GOD.
That's why Romans 8 says the whole of Creation is waiting for the sons of God to come into their inheritance....
While people are messing around trying to function outside of the realms of His saving power we get the stupid order we see around us which is the Schoolmaster equipped with cane to bring us to Christ....
Namely the whole Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil existence
which is almost universally underpinned by a very LEGAL but stupid as a donkey LAW realm.
We leave that Law realm as soon as we speak from the heart humans
So the lawcourts are still fashioned to keep you leftbrain locked

Old Covenant and New Covenant 1
If you look into any secret society they are a mirror of what is in this status. The irony is now that the secret societies know this stuff, but nobody in churches does.....FOR WHOM IT WAS INTENTIONED.
Jews, many of whom are on Facebook, to this day will regale you with Moses :Law.
Its what they understand. It's a kind of "super" version of what every human goes through from the time they are born to the first stage of maturity. Socialisation.Obeying parents schoolteachers, , policemen,politicians, royalty and military.
The Torah.
God was preparing a people for Himself. He had found for himself the most incredible consecutive family that had sought His Name for three straight generations. God was pleased to say "I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He will abbreviate that to I am the God of Abraham, but otherwise it's all three. Why? Because to have the whole package that you can reasonably pass on requires three STAGES of revelation.
But the ONE FAMILY was then rolled out as a nation from one big family.
But in NATION FORM, as I say, they only really got to Box 1.
To the outer courts of the Tabernacle.
Others went in for them.
Then Jesus came....and in the next status we will learn why?

Old Covenant and New Covenant II
Why did the Jews "Miss" Jesus?
They were there in the tabernacle areas of God. No other nation was. If anybody should have been ready for God's own Son, surely they would?
Well yes and no. And some were ready.
But here is the thing about Box 1.
Box 1 or outer tabernacle courts people maybe expecting a Messiah but think about it?
A Box 1 conforming type
who looks to others to "go up for him"
and for whom God is an out there Policeman of the Universe
is going to find Jesus Message difficult and most did.
Beginning with Himself in Jordan River (and John wondered what on earth he was doing baptising Him since he was without sin)
and onto Matthew 5 Jesus begins to describe what a race of priests looks like.
Jesus message is to take this Outer courts people initially by way of a Holy Place or 1st covered area of the Tabernacle into being a race of Kings and Priests.
And notice He was doing this mostly without a synagogue to be seen, in and around the shores of Galilee. So Jesus was moving them beyond the stones and buildings form of priesthood into being the real thing.
But if your mindset is a Box 1 socialisation mindset
If your idea of God is out there or God in a stone box with priests who are other than you going up for you.....
You are going to have great problems with your Messiah....if He turned up
And Jesus did turn up.
So what were all the miracles about? On to Part III

Old Covenant and New Covenant 1II

If you are leftbrain
If you are somewhat leftbrain locked
If you are in the socialisation stage and
doing your job faithfully, to earn money, to pay for food to supply your family then taking the family to the synagogue or festivals....
the quickest way a Messiah can break into your neat little "cause and effect " life and begin to introduce you to a whole new life of "flow" as the later 60s hippies called it.....
is to introduce you to the third member of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit and His gifting.
Jesus even instructed them on the gospel they were to preach:
be baptised in water
and be filled with the Holy Spirit : implication.....first day stuff.
He healed the sick and taught his disciples to heal the sick and perform other miracles.
This is a huge risk because the disciples don't know who they are yet,,,,
they still think of themselves according to Genesis autonomous gods in their own rights....
how dangerous is that?
But Jesus does this to blast them out of their leftbrain locked, socialisation oriented, "working for your salvation" existence....
Into the Truth.....the truth that life is NOT
Arbeit Macht Frei
Be good and Santa will give you presents
but that life is BY FAITH, and the Faith of the Son of God....
but they don't know that yet.
Jesus also PUSHES THEM to break out of their mindsets by sending them out early first as the 12 then as the 70
WITHOUT MONEY....with only one set of clothes and they were to report back.
But this, and all the teaching on
see the flowers and birds....the father clothes and feeds them
and Give and it shall be given you.....which also from a cause and effect point of view doesn't make direct sense.....
ALL THIS was to blast them out of mere socialisation living....out of dutiful leftbrain locked tree of the knowledge of good and evil living.....
to position them for learning the true Kingdom.
But we are not there yet at BOX 3
All this was to blast people out of Box 1 into Box 2 so there, in that Place they could learn what was necessary to be blasted into the 1 John 2 Father stage or Box 3.
When Jesus says I am the Way He means you to go down it
to suck it and see
which leads to the real Truth that you can't even enter into if you haven't left Box 1.....
once you are experimenting with the freefall of faith in Box 2
you are now actually into the lecture theatre proper where you can learn the real lessons
to prepare for Box 3.
Now you can do some of this in Darkness, getting yourself demonised instead, until you reach the point of total possession.
This article is written on the understanding that you don't want to destroy your life now and in the life to come.

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