Wednesday 21 September 2011

Havant Church fragments - mobile vids

Jacqui sharing. All the more interesting in the light of subsequent events.God first gave Jacqui such a release of joy in the 2011 Glory Conference. Meanwhile the natural circumstances have been totally opposite. In the Spirit there is no conflict. Song fragment ... to see Your face worthy is the Lamb Peter Stott shares

Havant Church  was established under the ministry of Peter and Mariette Stott in 1981, with input from Tony Morton and Graham Cooke (now in the USA). Peter and Mariette are very much a team ministry and have installed a team of elders and pastors for running the local church here, as they were being used more and more further afield abroad and in the UK.
It is a small church with quite a large reach. Members go regularly to Spain , Argentina and the USA, the emphasis being on sharing as a Body. Their DNA has suited me no end in the fact that no one really sticks out. This is a great source of confusion to those who are used to one man strident ministries. There is leadership, but it is more to facilitate the growth of members. Within the church are many who do play a role, but only in the context of all the others....and NOT, as one would expect , in their own right.
Molly Osbourne for example heads up Lydia Women's prayer in the UK, but you would hardly know she was there. Ed and Liz Harding  have their own Christian Publishing and Import company, and also have regularly served   in the  African and Indian continents in conferences in their own right. They have experienced extraordinary miracles in both .

At the moment, and in tandem with pressing into healing as a church, there have never been so many at one time seriously ill with life threatening cancers and other conditions.
Other hallmarks which are quite different and frazzling to others coming in from other streams concern music and young people's "work".  Although many are skilled musicians, the priority is not on producing a "band track - finished sound", nor is it a question of anything goes...but the priority is on opening our hearts to God and following the direction a meeting is going in. I  found the question of "children's work" frazzling, but the path followed was believing for God to lead in the whole issue, and for Him to raise up the youth in their own life in Him.
Some members have involved themselves heavily in local estates, and  really enjoyed input from YWAM in the last year. Others run Beacon Furniture, raising money for debt  counselling, and also providing free furniture on occasions through social services contacts.

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