Tuesday 13 September 2011

Rightly Aligned or just Ley Lines?

Saints...only if you have a spare minute take a look at this...but if you are hard pressed for time watch these new videos of Francois DuToit from the States.
Video 1
Video 2

The Marsham Street video is an example of my present  tearing, actually a similar tearing to the one that occurred when I had just experienced the amazing Dales Bible Weeks, then being told to more or less forget them upon joining Emsworth church, who were receiving input from overseas in Argentina.

I think David Heisler has had similar experiences. May I recommend it. It is one of the quickest ways of proving whether you are following Proverbs 3:5 or not. This states "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your insight. But in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths."
I was in Germany with the German Mary sisters and Mother Basilea Schlink...but also was attending and receiving loads of input from the London housegroup leaders. And really , you'd hardly think they were the same Body of Christ. But they were ofcourse.
Then off I was to Germany at one point for 6 months , only to find that the very town I'd arrived in was in a Catholic Holy Spirit revival. I wasnt that sure Catholics were even Christians.

So all this to say that the first video is about a fresh impetus of expectancy concerning revival, and you will see people such as Bill Johnson talking about meetings to be held this October...or feeling October to be important.
But the stuff makes me want to scream....yeah ...but if you'd only listen....I could tell you some stuff. Ole Henrik and I could tell you about crossing the river.His blog and book is on that very subject.

Then you hear the phrase "Rightly aligned"....or Network alignment...or apostolic alignment.
Presumably what this is meant to mean is relating from the heart with gifted ministries through whom you are willing to receive input and direction.

Can I remind everyone that even the significant moves of the past 20 years didn't come through authorised channels. A relative unknown, Randy Clark actually was used to trigger much that was going on. Can I remind people that another relatively unknown person was used to trigger a lot of the Jesus Movement. A man called Lonnie Frisbee.(Now seemingly totally discredited....so he was probably OK).

Most husbands and wives have difficulty in "aligning" all the time. Exactly how do you , local church, plan on "aligning" with a stream or ministry gift. Emsworth Church here had their overseas apostle come and live with them for six months and he told me he may as well have been living mostly in Barcelona and coming over on regular visits, for all the extra "gift of utterance" he was expecting by living there.

Exactly how is positioning, and aligning nothing more than occult leylines?

Now there are gifts in the Body. This example I gave of Jorge Pradas was one who genuinely laid a foundation of Christ wherever he went. He had an apostolic gift for entering a room of Christians resembling a pile of scattered, unrelated stones, and leaving later , having laid the Christ foundations of a living breathing local manifestation of the Body of Christ.

But all this is...is the New Covenant. Which is: that they shall All know Me from the least to the greatest.
It is God writing the NEW LAW of Christ on people's hearts....so they love from the heart. If they love from the heart, they will defer one to the other. A common consensus of what the Holy Spirit is saying will be determined.
So what's all this aligning? What is this lingo aligning?  Is it just a flesh, coy way of getting round actually mentioning to the modern world that you still believe in apostles? Is it another of these "half naming" procedures that Abraham was guilty of through his fear? So he called his very wife, who was the vessel for the Child of Promise...his half-sister. It's like what Emsworth church did in calling themselves suddenly New Life Christian Church. What is New Life Christian Church? Could be anything?  Maybe the other churches would kick up, so perhaps it should have been called Thorney Island Christian Church, as Watchman Nee would have suggested, and as was the practice in the Bible.

I digress. Alignment. Exactly when did the Welsh Revival occur? When it was in alignment? What in relation to Mt Snowdon you mean? Llandudno?

No....actually like a lot of revivals....it started with a teenager baring her soul. Stripping herself of figleaves.
Something similar happened in the Indonesian revival in the 1960s.

The taste I always get in such videos as the one at the top is not godly alignment at all. Godly alignment is when we go back to what went wrong in Genesis 3. Repenting of ever listening to the lie denying the Goodness of God the Father. Repenting of the very notion that a human being can, as a self-empowered human being, for one instance go anywhere in his delusive "own strength"....when all we ever were was a container. For God. Or the devil.

No the taste I got was a bunch of eager Christians expectantly pushing another Moses up the mountain to hear for them. "We will not go up.  You can be our alignment."

Jesus broke the concept of  human alignment in several ways, but two I was thinking of immediately was:
1. "Do you see the fields white unto harvest? Well, rush on in there, form your ministries. Gather yourselves into YWAM. Rightly align yourselves and I will bring revival" 
No. Jesus didnt say that. Breaking human alignment clean in two He said "Pray the Father who will prepare and thrust out workers into the harvest."   God's prepared workers move similar to the wind. You dont know where they are coming from , nor exactly where they are going. So are all those born of the Spirit. This is the Melchizedek order, where the real work of the Kingdom gets done. I dont see alignment. I see phrases like, unless you hate your brother, sister, mother, you are not fit for the Kingdom of God.
2. Call no man Father. There is only one Father who is God and Lord of all.

As fast as the Holy Spirit was outpoured to set the Body of Christ free, just as fast do we run back down to Egypt for their steeds. (and their pyramids) Come let's put our pastor, our apostle on top of the pyramid so we dont have to deal with God direct. Pastors minister Christ, but no scripture put them as head of churches. Apostles lay the foundations of Christ life, and it says the church is built on the foundations of apostles and prophets, but this is not at all the same as saying they are big CEO's of a church franchise. Jesus is the CEO. All ministries work within specific gudelines, no less no more. They are for the raising up of the whole Body in all its diverse ways of function  for the work of ministry. No where in scripture does it speak of "aligning".Where does all this charismatic speak come from?

Saints, you are free to do the work of ministry. Tomorrow, if you are not rightly aligned, nothing ill will come upon you. This is a totally wrong concept. And the simple proof is this. Who is bearing the most fruit for the Kingdom? The ones who are "socalled" aligned but are scared of their own shadow....or those who just hear wht Jesus is calling them to do and in simple obedience just do it?

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Anonymous said...

This is a good article and I shared it on Facebook. These Charismaniacs and Word of Faith folk are dangerous wolves fleecing the flocks. Your tearing down the barrier of alignment or more like manipulation and hierarchy is necessary in the face of superstar preachers that are just running a religious business to make money. You will find there is just endless activity and preaching sending people on a rabbit trail in such churches.