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JESUS CHRIST UNCOVERED IN YOU. Revelation 1- Inspired Version -Bonnie Morris

Book of Revelation: INSPIRED VERSION
By Bonnie Morris
Chapter 1
The symbolic (sign-i-fied) language in the book of
“THE REVELATION” makes it very difficult to understand.
Examples: Church : Woman / Soul
Patmos (taken from the Greek Thayers’ Lexicon):
“My killing” Gives us the idea of pressure upon your life.
It would seem helpful therefore, to have, not a translation, but an
interpretation that goes right to the HEART OF THE MEANING.
We have attempted to do this beginning with the title.
Symbolic words, and a few Greek words
with their meanings, are listed at the end of each chapter.
This book is also a mystery, but not a mystery that you cannot understand. It is a mystery that is revealed to your mind and heart when you are enlightened by God’s Spirit. May this be the Spirit that will cause you to understand that this is a letter to you and about you, the overcomer.
Chapter 1
1: Jesus Christ is there, just waiting to be uncovered within you. God commissioned Him to fully reveal Himself in the overcomer (the sons of God who are His servants). This is about to happen in you, here a little and there a little, until all is understood. He sent the Prophetic Spirit to John to make this mystery known through the use of signs, pictures and symbols.
2: I John, now write of the vision given to me concerning the Word of God and the Spirit of this Prophecy: that Jesus Christ, Himself in you, is its’ message.
3: When you read this inspired message and understand, (not what your natural ear hears) but what the Spirit reveals, you will indeed remember Gods’ grace, kindness and loving favor. When you guard and tend all that Jesus spoke to John, your experiential relationship with Christ will continue to uncover His life already coded within you, until all is revealed.
4: I John, write to the bond slaves of Jesus Christ. Receive God’s divine rest and influence upon your heart concerning this truth. It comes from the presence of the Holy Spirit, always and forever ruling; the commencement and the consummation.
5: And it also comes from the captain of your salvation, who is the reliable martyr, and the first man to have ever been birthed from the grave clothed in a body of immortal vitality; to ascend to the highest heaven whereby He rules with a creative Spirit to bring into submission all the carnal kings living in your flesh that cannot create life. He loves you continually and died under the condemnation and judgment of your sin. The blood He spilled released you from a continuous course of unrighteousness, to live unto the will of God by creating in you a new heart with the power of His divine life.
6: Now there is a royal, priestly Kingdom seeded within you for God the Father’s complete triumph, glorious and powerful splendor of character to reign forevermore. Let it happen with hearty approval.
7: Look overcomer! He will come more than once; in fact He will always be appearing in your spirit man until everything in you sees Him as the Christ He Is. Then, you will more completely comprehend that your sin pierced Him and become deeply repentant. Let it happen with hearty approval.
8: The Lord said, “I am the first and the last, the Genesis and the Completion, the reality of life, the One who appeared and keeps on appearing”. I AM that I AM!
9. I John, to my elect brethren in the Kingdom of God; Understand, that in Christ, a witness always goes through the same death from pressure that I’m going through when God places you where self can no longer accomplish anything. It is His patience in you that will help you endure it joyfully, because it is for the Word of God and your testimony of Jesus Christ.

10. God propelled me into the heavenlies where I had complete communication with His Spirit in the brilliant fullness of the light of the Lord, and I was able to understand what He was saying.
11. He said, “I am every letter ever written; I am from A to Z. Make it plain to every son. You are about to experience overcoming. All this is happening to you: 1. The things permitted, 2. The suffering / troubles / testings, trials 3. Evil / pride, 4. The affliction you endure 5. The Adamic nature / roots of apostasy, 6. Brotherly love / Preserving will, 7. Your rights / Justice for self!”
12. And I responded, wanting to see who it was that spoke to me. And having responded, I was able to look into God’s work going on in your soul.
13. And in the center of your soul, (like a yolk in the white of an egg) I there is a Spirit like unto Jesus. He is completely dressed in righteousness, ready to supply your soul its’ every need, as a mother would her nursing child.
14. He has nothing but pure thoughts, great wisdom and a burning passion towards you in bringing to pass His vision for the transformation of your soul into His perfect likeness.
15. He travelled a path of testing and trials Himself to win you and speaks with perfect authority, in harmony with the Godhead.
16. In the authority and power of the Holy Spirit, the truth flows from him like the burning intensity of the noon day sun at its’ full brightness.
17. And when I, John beheld Him in all His glory, I was like you will be; Self became as dead! When you behold Him, you will understand that you walked where He walked to become like Him. You know now that you can do nothing in and of yourself to make this happen. But, He will do for you what He did for me. He will give you His authority and power and strength; you will hear what I heard: “Do not be fearful, I am here to help you.18. I have already accomplished what is necessary for you to overcome. I lived; I died and am the resurrection. Yes, I AM! And I have the authority over the carnality in your mind and the grave.”
19. He commanded me to write all this and all the things that will continue to happen during this unveiling of Jesus Christ within you.
20. Understand the secret of what I looked into: The seven stars represent your spirit man and the seven golden candlesticks represent your soul: His processing and completed work done within it.
At the end of chapters 2 – 22, we will only describe terms not already used.
Used to aid in developing terms:
6 Versions of the Bible – Strongs Dictionary – Vines Dictionary – Greek Lexicon – Webster’s Dictionary – And of course the Holy Spirit
The Old Testament types, when understood spiritually, are the best means whereby we can see what is symbolized in Revelation. For instance we understand that in Genesis Eve represents the soul. We can therefore understand that the church (being feminine) also represents the soul; etc.
1. Angels: Your spirit man
2. Church: Soul – Woman
3. Candlesticks: Soul – church (not the light/ but the light bearer)
4. Death: Greek: Hades - Grave
5. Ephesus: Permitted
6. Feet of brass: Purified path
7. Flame of fire: Burning passion
8. Hereafter: Shall continue
9. Hell: Carnal Mind – Bottomless Pit
10. Keys: Authority to open and close
11. Laodicea: Justice for self – Your rights
12. Mystery: Secret
13. Overcomers – Sons of God
14. Paps: Breast (Female side of God) (Priestly ministry)
15. Patmos: My killing – pressure upon the soul
16. Philadelphia: Brotherly love – Persevering will
17. Pergamos: Pride – root of Satan
18. Read: Re add
19. Right Hand: Authority
20. Revelation: Uncover – reveal
21. Sardis: Red – Adamic Nature
22. Saw: Understood
23. Seven: Fullness – Complete – All – Perfection
24. Sign-i-fied: Language of signs and symbols
25. Smyrna: Myrrh – Suffering – tribulation – persecution
26. Sound of many waters: Harmony of all, in the full authority of the Godhead
27. Stars: Spirit of man
28. Thyatira: Affliction
29. Two-edged Sword: Word of God; Truth
30. Vision: Eyes
31. Which was, which is and which is to come: The Commencement and the Conclusion
32. White head and hair: Purity of thought; wisdom

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