Sunday 19 August 2012

KOG3 The Altar of Incense by Daniel Yordy

The Kingdom of God series has just been published by Amazon as a book entitled "The Kingdom Rising". Here is your chance to read it for free, and if you like it to buy copies for your your friends. Daniel's other book "the Jesus Secret" has just come out too.

3. Altar of Incense
The passage into the Blood Covenant with God is the Veil before the Holy of Holies. It is by the Altar of Incense that we pass through that Veil into all the presence of God. It is God's intention for us to enter into the Holiest of All by the Blood of Jesus and there to become the Ark of the Covenant with the Mercy Seat upon it, full union with God in a binding Covenant of equality with everything that is God's, personal and of His heart, now utterly ours, and everything of ours, personal and of our heart, now utterly His.© Daniel Yordy - 2012 - Our Path Home
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