Friday 31 August 2012

The Corporate Christ - by Daniel Yordy and Chris Welch

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    Daniel Yordy
    • Difficulty in relationships that you make no attempt to "escape from," except into all the answers the Lord provides is the essence of Christian community - of the life of the church. None of that exists in modern churches, no matter how blessed one is by the services.

      There is always a tension between oneness in spirit and oneness in practice. But the world will not know until they see. And since our oneness causes the world to know; it is evident that they must first see.

      All conflict or contention is based entirely on disrespect. In our bumblingness, we go up and down, in and out - that's humanly normal. But underneath is a care for one another, and so we see our foolish emotions for what they are - meaningless, and continue on together.

      I receive the least response, I think, when I write about some aspect of Christ is a corporate body. But the truth is, He isn't, actually, anything else. He's not really a bunch of individuals who acknowledge some sort of "spirit oneness" that really doesn't involve them. That's in-part churchianity.

      Until the world sees brethren walking together in the deepest respect and the highest honor for one another, Christ has not shown up again in the earth. When we are in the presence of someone we honor so highly, above all, we never speak unguarded words of disrespect or accusation. And when we are with our closest life-long friend, we speak freely in complete comfort and ease. Both of those realities govern the relationships of Christ in His body.

      If Christ is in you, than you are as high as the King, and if I were not foolish as most humans are, I would bow on my face in silence and awe before you. If Christ is in you, than you are as close as my dearest friend, and we know one another in intimacy of heart and long familiarity.

      This is the fruit of Christ. There is the seed of Christ, which every Christian knows, and the plant of Christ. But we want the fruit of Christ, and to have that we MUST have one another. There is no other place to find that fruit except through direct connection with one another. It is not known in the seed or in the plant.

  • Daniel Yordy
    7 hours ago
    Daniel Yordy
    • We will never see Him or know Him until we say, "Blessed is he who comes in His name." If people knew how critical this relationship of deepest respect between brethren is to knowing Christ, how highly valued it is in God's sight, they would pursue it with all of their lives. Alas, most believers see no real value in it at all.

  • Chris Welch
    6 hours ago
    Chris Welch
    • Funny how stuff arrives in the Spirit then percolates through us. Here is my percolation over the last few hours. In the Spirit it is identical to what Daniel has just shared, but it has different packaging. It goes like this:

      Have you ever wondered why, when representing what the Incarnation of God would be like,God showed Moses the blueprint in this form?

      A box.
      Covered within and without with gold.
      With clasps and sockets to take some poles.
      Which would be on the shoulders.
      Of some dedicated class of people set aside called priests.

      Question One?
      If the cattle on a thousand hills are owned by the Lord, and if the whole of Creation were set aside as a Temple building for God that still wouldn't really be come the box is not bigger?

      Answer. It couldn't then be carried.

      Question Two.
      If John 4 specifically makes mention of how and where worship that the Father desires will be in the future and it is
      us worshipping in spirit and in truth,
      why is the box not smaller and just carried by one person, if the incarnation is going to be represented by Christ in Me the hope of glory?
      Answer. Because the glory is not going to be carried by just me.
      Christ is corporate.

      He is not just a series of golden covered acacia boxes running around everywhere.....and listen to this....
      JUST AS THE TRINITY is NOT three individuals running around everywhere.

      Ern Baxter described the Kingdom as
      the Trinity projecting its own community out of the Eternal Now to be revealed in a community of men and women called the local community of God's people.

      We are the new Kings and priests. But as priests we walk together a few paces then sacrifice.
      We "hear the next thing in the Spirit"...then do it for 7 paces...then we rest again to hear some more.

      We circle Jericho for 6 days, and on the 7th or whatever it was we circle and shout!!!!

      Whatever the instruction is we do it. Together. In step. With those poles on our shoulders, which carry the Ark.

      We don't do it on our own. We don't behave disjointedly and throw everyone else out of step. But we don't do man's thing of hiring a new cart, and trying to automate the things of God.

      This thing is on our shoulders. It is part and parcel of us. It is not separate from us. We are one with it. We are not doing what David did and plonking it over there somewhere on a cart.

      Which then brings me to today's Word.

      You know I began the day on my status making a bold declaration about what I want to give my life to. it's not yet as bold as Daniel's, which is nothing less than overturning Death itself. Perhaps that is next week.

      But having lived touched experienced the outer fringes of 3rd level church life and worship I'm not really believing for anything special. The only element of belief there is quantitive.

      I literally believe I can walk into a room of saints anywhere on the planet, and if they don't know already, I can take what I have learned in Emsworth and Havant and do what St Paul obviously did with the Corinthians.

      It's not really interesting to me what he said about punishing that man for sleeping with his stepmum. What interests me is Paul's phrase before they hand him over as a church for judgment...that he might repent...which in fact he it must have been powerful.
      This is the phrase Paul used:
      When my spirit is amongst you... this either means blasphemy...that Paul is taking on the role of God here...which it doesn't

      Or it means this.
      When that spirit is in the meeting that I have taught you about accessing...and although we don't know for sure...we know from Philippians that he knew what we now know about the protocols for approaching the throne of grace...boldly..knowing complete access...and with praise and thanksgiving.

      And we know that because that is what they were practicing in the middle of the Phillippian jail when the earthquake sprung them all out of their jail cells and chains.

      From what we've learned here on the south coast, and through Ed Miller and Jorge Pradas,I can take any community anywhere through the outer courts , through the inner courts and on into the Holy of Holies experientially. Why...cos I'm special? No.
      Anyone with the Psalm 84 blueprint of "the highway to Zion" in their heart and some Spirit knowhow of having learned how to follow Him in meetings, according to the Melchizedek order, can do this stuff. The Bible further embarrasses the clever clogs among us by saying
      Thou hast perfected praise in babes and sucklings....
      So the threshold is quite low!!!!

      Now what I heard today was the verse that Jacob spoke then was repeated by Jesus

      I saw the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.

      Remember I said last week on my status
      God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son.

      We were all begotten, how come Jesus was the Only begotten?
      Aaaah...but you see...WE WEREN'T BEGOTTEN.
      We were scooped up in Adam from the soil. From the dust.And it is true once he had life breathed in and became a living soul...a self-replicating version of that system kicked in such that we have been begotten after the flesh
      after the dirt

      but the Bible in the Spirit talks in terms of origination and substance.

      Jesus really was Begotten from nowhere by the Father.
      He really did come down from above.
      But He was in the "likeness of human flesh...but without sin"
      Adam Mark 2 but not really.
      He never was of earth, soil and dirt!!!!

      So when Peter exclaimed suddenly
      You are the Messiah (as in the one always promised to Israel) the Son of the Living God....
      and he got this without human prompting just looking at his friend who looked just as normal as we all do....

      Jesus got really excited.
      Wow....flesh and blood did not reveal this to you Peter....this is fabulous. This stuff is nothing less than how I'm building My Church....and I'm going to make you the first stone by calling you Peter.

      So this "foundation piece" had 2 elements
      It was revealed supernaturally...and every Kingdom advance was going to happen this way forever is the Kingdom which comes down from heaven.

      And secondly the foundation substance...which is that God's Life is NOW come in the flesh. This man is not man....this is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF MAN.

      Do you catch that?
      So at any meeting. So if I or Annalize or Joan...or anyof us "have a gift of faith" to impart it is in the form of SON OF MAN substance coming out from my Spirit to build the same in you. But it originates in heaven. It is of heavenly material. And God uses the folly of preaching.
      Teaching is outer description.
      Preaching appears mad...for one thing we preach very simply...often ridiculously straightforward least for our intellectual mind....but tagged to the words because they are "Deep Calls Unto Deep"
      they are Spirit and Life.
      They are calling forth the Son of Man in you.

      For this reason Rothschild has banned all preaching in schools in all the West. Now it is the unholy inoculation of teaching ABOUT comparative religions. But it ISN'T the folly of preaching, so noone anywhere gets saved. But rather inoculated against the Son of Man. It is evil.

      So where are we? Oh yes

      Today's revelation.
      On whom do the angels ascend and descend?
      The Son of Man.

      Why don't we see the third level in our churches?
      They are not inhabited by the son of man.

      Chris,they are Christians.
      Yes sure.

      But Christians at the moment are Christians at one remove.
      They are not rooted and grounded in who they are as consciousness.
      Such a church of gathered saints is the Son of Man.
      And such a church has the Third Level RESIDENT among them.

      Angels ascend and descend continually on such a church.
      The place beyond praise is praise and adoration.
      Jorge Pradas had this revealed , then led our churches in it.

      Adoration has no referece to sin whatsoever.People are established in their New Covenant identity.
      if people weren't when they came in...theHoly Spirit has taken people through the place of entry, praise and thanksgiving, through a more introverted place, like the middle of the Lord's prayer...and now...having ripped off them anything other than
      "Single Eye SEEING"
      they enter corporately into a level of adoration that is without the consciousness of sin altogether.

      The Power of God is so present quite often it is difficult for anyone to stand
      or they get drunk
      or they start to dance extraordinarily
      or they touch others and they too are zapped
      or healed
      or receive almost blinding revelation.

      But it is all possible because like the Levites
      they shoulder the Ark to themselves...
      that is we are "owning" the SON OF MAN Life come in the flesh, come down from heaven....and not doing what Abraham did and calling "our promise" some half sister....out of fear

      you know, as I have already reproved our leadership...because they believe they are schizophrenics, dual personalities, a bit of them and a bit of God all rattling around in the same peapod...

      This is all denial of what Christ has done for us in Galations 2:20.

      And the second reason, as Daniel says above,
      is cos those Levites are fixed and joined through the Ark
      TO ONE ANOTHER. They know they are ONE THING.

      They have lost their sense of being random sole beings. They are fully individuals...but in their heart is the Body of Christ and their relation to it.

      This week, I may have offended some with my poem. If you read the spirit of it carefully...even the Mae West reference, though it seems dirty at first actually saying the opposite...
      it's saying us men want a woman to relate to us genuinely...not just because our physical form is going to fulfil then for an hour or too...

      But the point is...I am receiving back me in resurrection
      this is the poet me.
      But you may not be called to be a poet. It may not be what you do naturally. And whatever you do naturally I am not meant to despise either. This is the meaning of 1 Corinthians 12.

      But all the inestimable amount of variety still tends in one direction
      to the manifest corporate form of the Son of Man in the Earth.

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