Wednesday 29 August 2012

Light Seeking Resurrected Grain Missile

It's kind of obvious when we juxtapose the life of every main Bible character to the Feast Calendar, and consider a grain falling into the ground.
Christianity was never about just going to an altar once and asking Jesus into your heart.
Passover is different from the Day of Atonement. If it wasn't the altar of Incense and Yom Kippur would all be one experience all tucked up in the Brazen altar outside in the outer courts. But it's Not.

John Bunyan's Christian in Pilgrim's Progress would have had his Cross experience on Day One...but he didn't...he had to pass through Vanity Fair first.

The limited theology of certain grace groups just don't get that Israel spent years and years (390) in Egypt first. Nobody celebrates the process of the grain falling into the ground. The fact that there's an experience of death first.

God's idea of a day in Genesis 1 is not a secular idea. We call the day, sunrise to sunset.

God calls a day

And there was evening and there was morning.

God CELEBRATES the DARK birthing the Light.

The seed cracks open and the new emerges first of all

and DARK light at all

But IS THRUST up by the Darkness itself to SEEK THE LIGHT


And in that upwards spurt it derives its "supernatural" strength to burst up from the ground floor and hold a whole plantsystem which gives birth to many more times the grain that it began with!!!!

The Church is a field with two seeds in it.

Shall we remove the bad seed?
No, the farmer said. Let them grow alongside each other that the good ones are STRONG.

-the farmer says with a profitmaking gleam in his eye...
as does that same sort of streak in our Father's!!!!

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