Thursday 16 August 2012

More Local Words of Prophecy

I think there is nothing here of a too personal nature, but it will give an idea of the flavour here in Havant Church at the moment.
Every Sunday in the last month or so some very key words of prophecy have been given by completely different individuals....some passing through like Stuart Wentworth.


This is a time of illumination on your land - what is unrighteous is being revealed.... But I say to you; do not be afraid for this is necessary, for my heart is moved concerning your land and the people of your land and I yearn for them.  And says the Lord, what I expose is only so that I can cleanse and remove and set free. 
But I would say to you;  the same light that would shine over the land and over your society would shine in my church. And I say to you that I am going to come with an intensity of my light that you have longed for and cried out for. And I’m going to touch your hearts and I’m going to touch your lives and I would say to you that ‘light defines darkness’. So do not be afraid because I am coming to define darkness even in your own hearts. I am going to cause you to see things that you’ve not seen before so that you can come and that you can bring them to me and that the light of my truth and my purity will shine in your hearts and the hearts of my people in this land. 
Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, because am I not a God of love and of grace? Have I not made provision for all of those things? But I say to you, many of my people are bound up in darkness and I want to set them free. So do not fear the day of illumination that has come, for you have cried for it and now, says the Lord, the light of my glory is beginning to shine.  And I declare to you that these will be days of my glory. I declare to you that as you walk the streets you will bring definition to people – they will see you and they will see me. The light of my glory will shine through you and they will come to my light even as I have promised.
So I would say to you draw close into me, yield to me, allow my light to shine all over you, allow me to search your heart. For I only purpose to loose you and set you free and give you a joy that you have never known before. So my people, be aware that the day of illumination has dawned in your land.


As I came in this morning there was a real sense that this is the Body of Christ, that this is the Father’s house. We’re all on a journey of coming back into the Father’s house.  As I came in this morning I felt the door of the Father’s house is open and He’s inviting us all in. It’s the body of Christ and the head of the body is here.  There is such a reality here – the problem is when we meet every week we don’t always realise it – when we come back and visit we walk in and come into the presence of God. There is a corporate presence of God here, there is an awareness of His Spirit, an awareness of His house, an awareness of His body. There’s a healing and we step into it.
I need healing and I want to be in the body where I can receive healing – just by being ‘in the body’, just by being in Father’s house.  I don’t need to ask anyone to pray for healing; I am in the house of healing, I am in the Healing Rooms. I’m here – you are here and the healing power of God is flowing in this place through the body out of the Father’s heart by the Spirit into your heart, into your mind, and into your body. He is here, beloved, and you can’t explain it but I know when I walked in I walked into healing, into presence, into peace, into joy because He is here. He was here before you were here – He was waiting for you.  
It’s wonderful – I want to tell you there are not many places where I feel that. God has done such a work here; I know when I was here before God gave me such a clear word for you that you had passed over, that you had walked in, you had walked through the gate and I want to tell you you have not walked out - you are still in! You are walking in your inheritance because your inheritance is the Lord Himself. Because as Paul says we are priests and the priests didn’t have any land allotted to them because the Lord was their inheritance and He is our inheritance and we’re walking in our inheritance because we’re walking in Him.  He’s here – you don’t have to do anything – it’s wonderful!
Lord Jesus, gather your people, gather your sheep.  You are the good shepherd; You know the ones that have been cast out on the mountains and are still hurting and wounded and noone’s looking after them. But Lord Jesus you are the good shepherd and you go seeking them and you bring them back rejoicing, carrying them because they can’t walk by themselves, but you bring them back into your house.

On Friday when some of us were here at 8.12am ringing the bells, the bells were ringing out across the nation.  Many churches took part, but the significance of Friday morning was that 70 years to that day Churchill had asked for the churches across the nation to ring the bells which they did.  Afterwards it was recorded that up until the bells were rung we had lost every battle but after the bells rang out across the nation we began to win every battle. 
We were hit afresh with the significance of this – you know there is a lot of sadness here, we know we’ve been in a battle and it’s been a hard road. But you know, something has changed and there are battles at this very moment being won in the spiritual realm that we think we have lost but we haven’t. These battles are being won so we need to keep our eyes fixed on Him and know that the reality of those battles being won is going to hit us on earth very soon. 
And as we keep our eyes fixed on Him, He’s going to change our hearts, He’s going to give us fresh hope and fresh faith and He wants us to start dreaming dreams again.  He wants us to open ourselves up again to those dreams and those visions where we might have shut ourselves down and we’ve said ‘we don’t want to hear any more, God, because it’s too hard and it’s not happening yet’. It’s time to let go and say ‘Yes, Lord, we want to hear it again, we want you to enable us to see again’ because those battles are being won in the spiritual realm. They are – the tide has turned – we need to believe it, church family, and begin to pull down some of those victories from the spiritual realm into our own situations, into our families, into our own lives where we need them.

I had a real sense of what God was saying to us as I came in, and it’s simply that what He sees when He sees us is that we are a faithful people. As I looked around I saw some people who have been here 20 or 30 years and what God is saying is that you are a faithful people. You may not feel you have faith for many things but you are a faithful people because you are here. God is saying that He has developed in us a perseverance and a faith through our faithfulness, and we serve a faithful God.
God IS faithful and He IS going to do those things.

CONCHI – José Blanco’s mother (Spain):
The Spirit says, Awaken,awaken! You who are asleep - rise up. Use the weapons that I have placed in your hands because the enemy is coming like a roaring lion to devour you, because he knows that doors are going to be opened which will release an outpouring of water with so much force that it will go from one country to another; with the same force it comes out of one country it will arrive in the next. You must be ready - clean, and when this arrives you must immerse yourselves in the river.  For this water brings seeds of mine - if you are asleep the currents will take it away and there won’t be life.  Awaken! He who has ears to hear hear.
And you the voice that cries out in the wilderness, continue to cry out day and night.  Cry out for my servants, that they won’t be touched by a spirit of sickness or other spirits.  Cry out for those that are here, cry out for those that have left, cry out for those that have never even come in. Cry out for my children and wait. Because I will send prophets who will anoint your heads and I myself will crown you with my hands. Those who have ears to hear, hear my voice. Because I am here and I love you. Amen

I can really feel joy in the house this morning and a sense of victory. I was thinking about the Olympics - we have won a lot of gold medals for a small nation and I was asking why have we been so successful? Why have we done so well?  There is the investment, money, buildings and time that have been given in preparation.  There’s been all the training, commitment and sacrifice of the athletes, and there have been the crowds who’ve been cheering them on. Time and again the winners have said we heard a wall of sound, we heard our names being called out and it spurred us on.  
The Lord showed me our nation not just with a few gold medals but covered in gold, the whole of our nation - all of the islands glistening in gold. I believe God is saying we have invested as Christians down the centuries in prayer, time and commitment... I believe what we are seeing in the Olympics is representative of what God is doing in the spiritual realm.
Why has God blessed our nation?  We are not better than any other - but God has said He is going to come and flood our nation.  He is saying thank you for all the praying, thank you for all the doing, all the training, all the work you have done - even practical work. The Lord says don’t forget the crowd of witnesses who are cheering us on.  They are looking over the ramparts of heaven and are saying ‘Come on people, come on church, God is doing something and you are gold’.

Right at the beginning of this year I asked God for a word for the church and I’ve carried this word for quite a long time, but today I feel it’s time to give it.  A line from Handel’s Messiah came into my mind which was ‘every valley shall be exalted.’ It ran through my mind and I found it and listened to it.
I asked God what He was saying to me - I didn’t really understand it at first, but then He said that this is the year many people will go through a valley experience in the church. The valley experience will be different things to different people; relational difficulties, sickness, bereavement, loss of employment, financial worries - anything like this that is a valley experience. And God said this is the year of the valley experience, but He didn’t stop there - He said as a word of encouragement to us that ‘every valley will be exalted’. God is not going to leave you in the valley; God is with you in the valley and He says even though you may feel you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not leave you. My rod and my staff will bring comfort to you in the valley.
Then He said, when you are in the valley look up for where does your help come from? It comes from Him. Look up when you are in the valley. But there is only one way, though, out of the valley and it is to walk uphill, it is to walk and to climb. But he wants you know that He will be with you, that His rod and His staff will be with you and one day when your valley has been exalted you will stand on the top of the mountain and you will look down on your valley but you will not be the same person as you were at the bottom of the valley.  There is victory in the valley! - God says ‘every valley will be exalted’.
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