Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Letter to Paul Anderson Walsh

by Chris Welch on Monday, 24 December 2012 at 12:56 ·
Hi Paul,
I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.
I wanted to share some Christmassy musings.

Recently I have been finding myself doing some Jesus type stuff. Not really miracles yet, but another thing we find Jesus doing if we look carefully enough. He picked holes.You see the Lie is only at the end of the day a lie. A roughly cobbled together costruct that hides most of its shambles but never quite all.
And we notice that Jesus would, by the Spirit, pick holes at any constructs around Him. Usually Pharisees and Saducees. But also the disciples, so they could be brought into His Life and Light.Just as Steve McVey and yourself have tackled many issues, I've been nibbling away at Havant Church and tithing.

That's not the point I want to make, apart from saying the more I look at that subject, the more I see it as every bit a demon pillar wedged right into the church as was circumcision 2000 years ago. It supports entire edifices of flesh that stymie and shortcircuit the anointing of God.

The point I'm rather making is that as we believe Christ as me in my form we find ourselves doing things reflexively that we then read about as we study between the lines of the gospel. We start behaving exactly as He behaved around unbelief, and the independent self.But that really isn't the point I'm making either. I want to make a Christmas point.How "normal" is everyone's birth into Christ?The only reason I find I'm experiencing Jesus life doing stuff reflexively is because it was there in the first place. I was born normally by the Spirit.
And I have a suspicion you were too. And because you no more fit into Kensington Temple any more, than I do Emsworth or Havant.

I've got a disadvantage here over loads of others. You see I haven't got round to reading "Safe and Sound " to check out my findings.

This was my birth, spiritually.
I was severely depressed and atheist (after a Methodist upbringing by physics teachers ) for a year at 12. I had also overachieved at school getting 11 A's. And it hadn't made a scrap of difference. And my Dad's lineage, which had had "distant" parenting, meant that I'd been seeking for some sort of Father's love, by doing, by performing.
Now through the Billy Graham films which my schoolfriend practically frogmarched me to, I sensed the Holy Spirit. And it was the Presence of God even more than Billy Graham's message that collared me.
6 weeks later I was baptised in the Spirit in a God-ordained Melchizedek operation, where two leaders from a Baptist and Anglican Church had dreams about a Holy Spirit Teach in Day. It happened in neutral territory in a suburban house in Great Kingshill Bucks, round the back of Prime Minister Wilson's personal hideaway cottage.Several things here right away that I call Spirit normality.
It was an Anglican Baptist event which only happens in the Spirit!!!!
It was in the context of a teach in on EVANGELISM which surely IS the context.
It was a Melchizedek Order event...dreamed up by Jesus as a one off never to be repeated thing and transmitted supernaturally and separately confirmed.
But how about this?The way my Baptism in the Spirit occurred was like this.
So we're upstairs in a big bedroom...about 6-10 of us being prayed for.
I'm highly leftbrain because of physics teacher parenting.
Everybody and I mean everybody rattles off in tongues. Me nothing.

Not until someone have asked in faith, now just begin thanking the Lord in faith that He's heard you.
And almost immediately after praising the Lord, I sensed the Lord filling me.I was too leftbrain for tongues. That happened a month later!!!But here's the interesting bit...because in 1972 I ahdn't read David Swan's book Holy of Holies written in 2006 or something.
But God impressed on me that I needed to obey Him in the Spirit. He said, "Shout at the top of your voice, Hallelujah!"
I even asked permission of the people. You see I just felt all of suburban British niceness weighing in on me. And more
than that. I felt that whatever I did was going to affect the course of the whol;e of the rest of my it had to be quite
a choice.

And, quite unlike a son of two physics teachers I yelled at the top of my voice.
The Holy Spirit literally crashed on my being. I couldn't stand straight.It was very Toronto.
They helped me downstairs afterwards.People said my face glowed.The point I want to stress is, there are definitely two levels in that portion of the heavenly Tabernacles.
And the Holy of Holies is like FIRE.
And I took that fire into school in Dr Challoners and in especially our year, we had a mini revival.
And actually later our school headboy was mightlily converted too...a man called David Foster who became
a High Wycombe vicar.So here's the deal.
I think you know me well enough to know I've not written all this so that you'll buy posters of me and put them
all round the wall for your next video.... NOPE....
Watch this....What better way of viewing a "normal" birth than looking at Jesus....the only Man that ever lived normally!!!
What clues can we gain?

Bethlehem was a Melchizedek Order event. Written about centuries in advance.Yet when it happened
all the preparations didn't mean squat. It was a Herod's quick whim to have a census!!! And Bob's yer uncle.
There WAS NO ROOM humanly. Melchizedek events DON'T FIT into Human arrangements.
The only people there were there supernaturally. Mary and Joseph had both been warned by an angel
that she as a VIRGIN was to become a MUM!!!
The shepherds were warned supernaturally by a choir of praising angels. (Praise is in the picture)
The Magi were people of Substance...but their substance didn't help them. They had to be on
some sort of supernatural wavelength to get this one. (From this we learn the Melchizedek Order
is a great leveller...whether shepherd or magi)
And the Magi's gifts all talked about the 3 stages of glory
the 3 levels of growth.
In a nutshell, the Holy Spirit lays a foundation of the gold....OUR GLORY as we have died and been resurrected in Jesus Christ. A DONE DEAL.The frankincense representing the REAL PRIESTHOOD we are called to and introduced to in the BAPTISM of the HOLY SPIRIT.
And the myrrh...of our 3 deaths....death to the world....death to all we thought we were....and death on behalf of others to reproduce the same glory of Jesus in others.

Viewed from Jesus' manger eye view I do not really "get" what the shepherds were doing.
But I do get the 3 magi.Attending any normal Spirit birth is specific Word. Specific calling.At two levels.
At the level of say St Peter, when Jesus said....Leave your nets and I will make you a fisher of men.
But secondly, when ministries from the OUTSET give a 3 level gospel but in the form of an already DONE DEAL.
That we are already COMPLETE IN HIM.
This is the message from the outset of the magi.So you can see where I am coming to Paul can't you?

Who are going to be the new ministries who midwife this environment...this Melchizedek environment
for normal births to occur in.

We have precursors.
Katherine Kuhlman say.

What about Morris Cerullo who more than getting people to do 3 years seminary courses, seeks
to blitz people in 3-5 day School of Ministry events.

What about the revivals Daniel Yordy and I are currently studying to glean a history of the emergence of
a three stage, three level gospel?

I have just read again about the Great Awakening 1740s and 50s which among other componants contains
"free flowing ministries" zapping from nation to nation USA to UK and reverse. Unheard of til then.
So like the 12 standing together in Acts 2....THIS IS A HUGE componant part of Big Revival.
Same 100 years later. Same in 1906. The bouncing around of ministries as they each catch more fire off the other
and the conflagration is huge.And what about this tidbit? The two or three people groups to experience an actual rushing Mighty wind are
David Brainerd and the North American Indians 1745.
Ed Miller in the upper room in the 50s Argentine revival
Mel Tari in Indonesia in the 60s.
The 1990s Inuit revival whose recording is actually on google or Youtube somewhere.

Here's to normal Birthchambers and Mangers!!!Chris

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