Saturday 22 December 2012

Seeing Through – A Dialog Between Nancy Gilmore and Ole Henrik

Ole Henrik: The Holy Spirit made Himself known to me in a “new” way yesterday. He is my best friend and I ask Him about all things. I further tell Him I trust Him as me in all I do. What is so great about Him is that He is the Spirit of truth. He will never lie to me.
Nancy: Yes, that’s right! He will NEVER lie to us! This is the strength of HIS faith abiding in us which we use as though it is ours. That’s why we can believe on Him, and REST in his goodness.
Ole Henrik: Sometimes I find it hard to trust other persons.
Nancy: Our trust has to be in ONLY Christ. And that has in it the LONG-sufferings of Christ in which He shares some personal sufferings of His with us. Meaning; that’s a lot of conditioning for us! Sometimes years of being rejected for God’s purposes. I know I’ve told you this before and I don’t mean it as ‘a law’ and yet I see it is a principle of faith for third-level living (which includes the body). Our body belongs to the Lord, and the first-fruits go to the Altar with the rest feeding the sheep. Meaning it’s our freedom from the kind of suffering that we have to have ‘something’ in this world that makes us happy. The first-fruits going to the altar produces freedom, and true contentment! Like Paul says, I’ve learned to be content in whatsoever state I’m in.
Ole Henrik: You have never explained to me before what it means to go to the altar with the first-fruits. Think I got it now.
Nancy: I think the easy way in seeing first-fruits going to the Altar is in KNOWING “the intercession with God IS GAINED (in God) and we have His guarantee (in some way) it IS GAINED!  But nothing ever becomes of it in this world, and others see it as failed.
Ole Henrik: Is this a law that nothing ever becomes of it in this world?
Nancy: I think so! It’s failed as far as the world’s concerned. But eternity will prove it was gained.  You see we would be insufferably proud if the first fruits didn’t go to the altar. . . the result is meekness.
Ole Henrik: Is this related to the word of faith?
Nancy: Yes I think so! We announce our word of faith to whomsoever and they see it failed. But we know differently.
Ole Henrik: But, some words of faith actually see realization, don’t they?
Nancy: Absolutely! All the time! For we really know from the Spirit what to say, and then hell or high water cannot hold us back.
Ole Henrik: I don’t understand this: “Let us not judge by the appearance of things. God plays tricks and we’ve got to learn God’s Tricks to flow in life.”
Nancy: All it means is God has something in mind that nobody ‘sees’ until it’s safe to reveal what God is doing and that may take even years. But when we have eyes to see God ONLY we see it now.  God is always in what is happening! Everything! No matter what!  Anything that “appears” to be something God is not in – is judging from the appearance of things. God IS IN ALL things for our good, and the good of others, and His glory in us! He IS glorified in us in all things. Does this help?
Ole Henrik: Yes, this helps! Admittedly, I am not at that spot yet where I see Him in all things. Appearances are still throwing me around like a doll in a storm.
Nancy: You know I think Norman is the one who originally said that about God being a trickster, but I’ve said it for so long (because I see it) that I didn’t even think about it when I signed my name to it. Norman would then say; then it’s yours!
Ole Henrik: What is yours, Nancy?
Nancy: The statement itself that Norman said, now is mine to say because I see it.
I’ll give you an example that I think will help you “see through”. . . (at least I hope so!).  When I was 6 years old and alone with my Great granddad, he DIED! No one thought at the time that was a good thing for a 6 year old to witness!  However, “I see” it clearly as God’s divine love and preparation in opening a door for me that He had planned and knew exactly how to fulfill it – ONLY with Himself!  Using this as an opening for eyes in me to see what is vital in this life of no separation! Even in death is what God used to bring me with others to Himself.
If everyone could SEE this massacre that took place last Friday with these children being slaughter by a mad man is ONLY God’s preparation of “His own body in action and filled with believers by these children who witnessed such a devastating experience. Even though at this time these children are traumatized by it!  You watch, God knows how to make HIS REAL LIFE in them the ONLY vital thing these children will bring out of this massacre, and it is God walking as children becoming vital in his plan for future generations to come.  Tough stuff filled with love.

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