Friday 14 December 2012

I can Have What I want - Paul Anderson Walsh and Chris Welch

Paul Anderson-Walsh of the Grace Project on Facebook
Oh what a divine irony: I've finally realised that I can "have" what I want and having come to that recognition I simultaneously realised that religion (in all its self-help forms) is about adding more and being more but divine union is all about letting go and giving away - How truly wonderful and deliciously divine...
Chris Welch
In the little Ezekiel 8:10 room with all the graffitti written all over it are lots of superfluous things that are "extra" or " more than" the Life of God going on. We call them idols. But really it's a much more daily subject than that. Like the pure soil that Jesus wishes our heart to get back to in the Parable of the Sower....the walls of Ezekiel 8...the inner walls of our soul....are to be pristine and clean so that what can be projected on them are Kingdom things. Things God IS doing. So for example FEARS...if they're all graffitti'd over them...THEY WILL COME TO PASS...Proverbs says fears overtake a other words they will be realised.Basically anything that is scrawled on those walls WILL HAPPEN. Our secret desires and imaginations of our heart.
Good and Bad. Paul McCartney got told off by his teacher for always staring out of the window during lessons. "You'll never amount to anything " he said. Hmmmm...well his daydreams proved his teacher wrong didnt they?
All of a sudden, my Emsworth pastor, Ian McCulloch announced in the 80s when we were praying for revival, that God had shown him his inner self in the form of a "mish kid" (missionary kid) in Argentina, as he was. He would always be window shopping....but always with the inner certainty that nothing in that window was for him...because they were poor missionary people." And God was are praying for revival but you are like that poor kid, window shopping, never believing any of it is meant for you.
So we begin to see what a huge area idols are. Even idols...or lofty highminded thoughts, let's be frank here, strongholds....which tell us that GOD JUST AIN'T THAT GOOD. It's a lie. A Stronghold. But it has the power to stop God doing stuff. Jesus had to keep asking people's permission. "Do you WANT to be healed?" "Do you want me to heal you?"
The permission layer is an inner programme somewhere at wall level, where the writing is.
When Jesus said "Go into your inner room, and shut the door and meet with your Father in secret" he is saying shut that leftbrain ceaseless traffic....and come into this room where I am in the centre, but let's export a bit of my life to the walls of the room...but let's wipe off some graffitti first.

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