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The Subject of Trade-off

 Throughout history when inequitable tricks are played on people's time or money or efforts, alternative plans are formed.
Consider this : Israel left Egypt because they were being treated as a slave community.

Judah left Israel because the King....(a government method never espoused by the Lord, and only allowed with warnings of exploitation) kept hiking up taxes unreasonably.
 Even in Jesus day the gospels report three monetary affairs that directly impinge on His story. Matthew was an ex-tax collector, and maybe for this reason  was not given the position which was given to Judas of treasurer for the disciples. Judas however was a thief still and his money lust caused him to be framed into possibly the worst scenario in history....the one who sold Jesus into death.The third is ofcourse turning the moneychangers out of the Temple.
Embedded among the Jewish community since Christ have been usurers, caballists, very very skilful money operators.
Caballism takes the Old Testament beliefs in the blessing promised to the race of Israel. with or without the inclusion of belief in a deity, or even ascribes that position of deity to Lucifer, and seeks through human and spiritual manipulations to cause it to come to pass. Their belief is identical to the devil's own mantra either way, the end justifies the means. (God you recall uses the principle, the end IS the means...namely His self for other's life, Love with a Cross in its heart.)

Daniel Yordy and  Terry Bennett and or Ian Clayton have noted that  the passages in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 which I have described as  the devil "scanned " across personages seem to imply a tradeoff in the Garden. ie.....we were conned by a very experienced "conman", but we were the ones who deliberately in Adam went our own way. God was very clear about which Tree we were not to take fruit from. Whose authority would we align with, and especially after God's authority was allowed to be questioned? All through history, even as unredeemed ones,  with our present Adamic bias towards sin, we STILL have freewill. WHO will we choose.
CHOOSE THIS DAY....CHOOSE NOW....CHOOSE IAM....who you will serve

This is like a heavy hint
For in the NOW, the I AM Spirit of God is our way out, and our way back into the Presence of God.
The I AM is the only LIFE in the universe. We can choose derived forms of Life. Imagine choosing to drink much lower down a stream, maybe AFTER it has become polluted by industry, or dead sheep, or oil and petrol. But His ONE LIFESTREAM is the only thing there is. When we choose God we choose the pure fountain of life.  See Also the Book Rich in Christ on Amazon for more about Living in the NOW
New International Version

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.
New Living Translation

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

New American Standard Bible 

Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.
King James Bible

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

World English Bible

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it is the wellspring of life.
Young's Literal Translation

Above every charge keep thy heart, For out of it are the outgoings of life.

Above every charge keep thy heart. As we live life we have charges, orders, directives given to us to fulfil. ABOVE ALL directives choose things your heart is happy with.
Trust in the Lord with All your heart and do not rely on your insight. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths. If your paths are growing crooked, and particular in ways that remove more and more controls from your life......WATCHOUT...or even make that.....EMERGENCY EMERGENCY.

Back to tradeoffs.....
If these brothers are right, that the tradeoff for who would rule the earth was a twosided one, we can then see that God's own natural people have traded God's current Word since Jesus Christ came as the Word, for tradition and the insights of man.  And they ALSO trade with the rest of the Earth in this way. Let's say that again. Jews as a whole are a mixed bunch, as are those professing Christ.
But as a body they have chosen to link their direction, their powerbase, their finances, power and politics to these shrewd but manipulative ones who have joined with others seeking a world powerbase to catch all in the world up in serving their minority. Not all Jews are cooperative in this. Most Jews seem unaware of this, and their leaders want it that way. The Orthodox Jews ARE aware and as a minority do all they can to kick up a fuss. But ofcourse at present they ALSO kick up a fuss when Jesus is mentioned within their borders too.

However the Protocols of the Elders of Zion may fit into their program....whether as disproved disinformation programme to enable AUschwitz and destroy particularly their Semite and Torah believing brethren, or whether it was formed by secular non Jews to create foment....the BIZARRE REALITY is that if you read all the 24 protocols they have nearly all been implemented.  This becomes less bizarre if you realise one of the main houses of Zionist policy is the House of Rothschild, who also were behind the creation of all secret security forces....and namely the one MOST BUILT AROUND CONSTRUCTING DISINFORMATION  the MI 6. MI6 also trained KGB, CIA and many of KGB moved to be in the expansion of MOSSAD when the Iron Curtain fell.  SO DON'T DISCOUNT nor SWALLOW WHOLESALE the Protocols of Zion, just read them with an open mind and let the Holy Spirit talk to you. IGNORE the effective spell that they cast over everybody. What spell? If you ask anybody they will all say, "Don't read that rubbish , it's all been discounted." Well has it? Read it for yourself.

For this article two salient points to come out of the Protocols represent this TRADE-OFF that is now being played out between  the "Jews"  and the rest of the world.
It is actually valid, just as the original Genesis3 tradeoff was valid.

Spiritual laws are laws. They are legal. God operated legally to remove the Curse by injecting His own Son, yet without sin, cleverly into the Adamic order. Only God could even think this up, let alone enact it.  Ian Clayton has a business and engineer's brain which God is using to explain some of these issues.
The Church need to hear and understand them. He is already being called a false prophet, so he must be OK.(Posting entitled from sorceror to prophet.) 

Goyim (non Jew's) v. Zionist Jews (Jews who believe the blessing bits of the Torah but not the obedience bits) Tradeoff

1.What they regard as legitimate bamboozlement

As long as Goyim continue to live in the binary futility of their leftbrain without acknowledgement of God, they consider it fair play to exploit this politically by offering bipartisan political systems which are really two extremes of normal administration, as if they were two reasonable life philosophies.
They did this with Labour/Conservative values
Republican /Democrat values
Socialist/Capitalist values
.....and they rightly observe that there is no solution to the wrangling.
You see it is very similar to our own brains. Our brains are segmented into two hemispheres which contain some of the same but mostly differing functions. It would be similar to pitting our two hemispheres the one against the other. There just would never be an end to the struggle as each hemisphere puts up equally valid reasons to be taken seriously.
Another Protocol promises to introduce so many serious but conflicting arguments and institutions, all controlled by them ofcourse, that in the end the populations of the world will be so bamboozled and confused they will accept their perfectly reasonable sounding suggestion that they should be ruled by the Zionist lobby. If you think about it, early precursors to this are the BBC. Wheras all other media fights and claws its way through by advertising revenue, the BBC is deemed to be run and paid for by the people. We pay for it, but the Zionist or Zionist sympathisers run it. The BBC ONE logo speaks for itself of One World cooperating, it just never clarifies under whom.
So Tradeoff of power to the BBC has come, over time, by total "perceived legitimacy". All factions who run the BBC, and there are many from innumerable interest groups, are all in fact run by the same few controllers at the top who all have to be members of secret organisations  the man in  the street never hears of.

2.Tradeoff occurs in the Finance arena too.

The Protocols regard Goyim as fair game for usury, because they never save their own money, they never build their own capital base, and the Protocols say, they have no control over themselves nor their ability to stick within the limitations of an agreement, always spending way more.  The Goyim always look to the Jew for loans which as "non brethren" they are glad to lend out at extortionate rates and with endless subclauses that Goyim never read.
The reason banking is conducted legitimately, is nobody reads the "legitimate small print", and then kick up a huge fuss later on when it is enacted upon. This is the subject of the video below.
So the Caballist will describe his role in the earth as a caretaker, as ones who are there to teach everyone else control , but not averse to begin by fleecing their opponents. They have a clear conscience because they feel they are upfront and clear in their proposals.
Incidentally, this too is some of the reasoning behind the quite overt signs and signals appearing in the media for those who look carefully the many Youtube videos which describe the hand gestures of popstars and politicians, the logos of Companies. These are explained quite openly to other non Western nations, so they will ofcourse then regard the West as that Great Satan, which ofcourse it is fast becoming, but only because we are trading into all this.
Nothing has changed at all in this financial tradeoff with nations during the whole of history since Dispersion. PC behaviour seeks to muzzle the observations by Shakespeare, James Joyce in Ulysses, Fagin in Dickens...but these stereotypes are true of this type that masquerades as, or is genuinely a small part of the number of Jews. But if that small part, becoming rich, control the whole, you can understand the opinions of outsiders. The Gentile is wrong in painting all Jews as evil. The Jewish Caballist is wrong as painting the Goyim as a hopeless mass of deadbeats who are only good for exploiting financially and politically....if only it appears so because of pyramid structures and the way people living from their leftbrains and not from their own real deep insight, buy into the pyramids consistantly. BUT NOT QUITE. Every few decades people grow disgusted and form new methods of operation, like Co-operative trading, mutual societies. What they don't quite pick up on is how the Caballist or Jesuit infiltrateseven  these by never being upfront about who they really are or their true affiliations.And so history repeats itself again. If, as in 1290, King John throws out the Jews, in some form  they will  cleverly infiltrate their way back in.
AND SO THEY SHOULDThink of Caballists as the Enemy's ToolKit, which in turn has been allowed by God whenever we enter that "leftbrain godless realm" of not living from our spirit MAN....and praying in humility " Lord lead us not into the time of testing...."   Part of the Single Eye is to refuse to see the devil in anything...not as PRIME MOVER anyway....but as Ern Baxter God's hound on a lead, to round up all crazy sheep.

Jewishness has become a PC subject which no one is able to discuss. This too is actually deliberate to foment world hatred against the Jew.....but it is only being conducted by this main Zionist clique. Not for nothing is that Spirit phrase in Revelation....those who call themselves Jews but are not. Ezekiel and other prophets describe a blood bath in Israel, as the nations rise incensed....but again, it is only because true Jews have bought into the discrediting influences of a relatively small but lethal cabal.
(This in itself mirrors the democratic vote taken to choose the death of Barabbas versus Jesus. Pilate could only have chosen a better get out clause  if it was Hitler versus Jesus. The truth is normally speaking the Jews would have probably chosen to free Jesus, but Satanically inspired men who were wielding religious power...and that is POWER...infiltrated the "democratic crowd" and controlled it in order to have their plans for murdering Jesus carried out. Exactly the same thing occurs today. The top echelons of the Jesuit orders, the Black Pope, the Order of Malta are infiltrated today. Because all politicians are interwoven with these orders, they wield great power through secret forces like the CIA and NSA. The 200 bystanders to the death of John Kennedy, who saw the true culprit, were "suicided" within years of the event.(No proof ofcourse, just phenomenally astronomically odds that all human beings within optical range should all now be dead, which they are) Why John Kennedy? Because immediately before his death he understood the full grasp of how America was being taken over under his watch, and he repented of it. One of the moves he wanted was to repeal the privately owned Fed.)

Not for nothing did Jesus introduce this prayer : Lead us not into temptation/the Time of testing....but deliver us from evil. And you can't tell if you are delivered in your leftbrain...your leftbrain IS the problem. We have to live out of our heart....not...incidentally our emotions...but this means the depth of our beings where truth resides.) Anyhow...the video.

Part of this message is an advert, hence the relaxation of tension in the music when solutions start to be announced. Nevertheless it contains valid information.OR the intention is to DESTABILIZE America and cause a run on the banks as happened just before the 1929 Crash, and then again in 2008. Each time a crash occurs the world planners achieve greater real control.

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