Friday 11 October 2013

The Cutting Edge of Science and Health : Dr Pete Peterson

I am a piano tuner who is in the position of moving among largely middle class and above families by virtue of the sort of costs involved in piano lessons and piano upkeep. (Something like a horse that needs feeding once or twice a year with expensive food! 220 tuning pins need tuning)

In the past year.....
 I have tuned for people related to neighbours of Dr Kelly and confirm Norman Baker's conclusion. They told me they think  Kelly's relations have been threatened lest they say anything or wish to take the matter further.
I have tuned for a man who corroberates a story about a famous No 10 man having at least pedophile tendencies if not actually being one, and David Icke writes much about how Jimmy Saville's story which he broke nearly 20 years ago, was but the tip of the iceberg, including the well-known figure the Yorkshire Ripper who in all probability was just another Fall guy in the entire setup.
I have tuned for a music scene man who has attended Aleister Crowley gatherings and confirms the story I read that Crowley is most probably president W. Bush's Grandad.

One of the other interesting stories comes through a client of mine who has been helped by a modern kind of product which has certain similarities with the now 45 year old technology which was known as Scenar and is referred to in the second video.

Nothing Dr Peter Peterson reveals here really contradicts the Spirit realm that Ian Clayton talks about, he just uses different language. But he does make it clear there are more layers going on in our supposedly human existence than is currently widely recognised in the rather backward world views of the UK and most of the US.  Even Germany has fostered much of the discoveries in naturopathy, healthy and nutritious eating, and fruit teas.My first fruit tea was in Mother Basilea Schlink's Kanaan in Darmstadt. Pete also mentions an involvement of several months with the SCENAR. The second video particularly covers the area of health.

LINKS referred to in this video
secret Congressional Session
missing Federal Reserve amount
Ron Paul on the $9 Trilion Fed Bailout

For a similar genius on the earth today click here

Another similar genius, but one who lives somewhat chaotically and dangerously:
John McAfee of the company he pioneered then sold antivirus company...
In 2008, at an age others might be thinking of putting up their feet, McAfee moved to the jungle of Belize with the stated intention of trying to cure another kind of infection.
"I came across a concept called quorum sensing, which is the technique that bacteria use to communicate with each other.
"Up until about 10 years ago we didn't even know that bacteria did communicate, but we find out they have a very sophisticated communication system. I wanted to explore and investigate that to see if we could come up with new antibiotics."
He picked the area, he says, because the plants that grew along the country's Rio Nuevo river contained compounds that inhibit bacteria from sending chemical signals to each other and thus thwart their ability to co-ordinate an attack.

None of the material here must be confused with this man recently convicted of selling bogus equipment.James McCormick pictured here.

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