Monday 7 October 2013

Our mind, when not in subjection, is like a mass of briars

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Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines. For it is good that the heart be established by grace
(Hebrews 13:9a)

This very day I was recalling  Norita Roberts saying "Estas todo en la mente Chris". (all in the mind)Now I have no idea if she crossed any lines...she once apologised to me. Either way God was dismantling stuff.

I don't know if any of you can imagine what it is like being raised by two physics teachers, (who had the dubious/wonderful privilege of trying to teach Kofi Annan.) And then after this at 13 to change direction utterly and enter into an incredible experience of the Fire of God. But in Casa Biblica the struggle was on, and time and time again I felt pretty near mental breakdown as I was taken to the very limits of all understanding of all I had considered foundational being brought up in the UK. Jorge Pradas called it crossing the line of Spirit. Paul or someone called it "the heart established by grace."

So this was today's thoughts : people who are still totally bound up in their leftbrains are like briars with barbs on that get caught up and stuck all over the place. You see the doctrines may be wrong or right...they actually aren't the problem...when we declare our Leftbrain as LORD inwardly, then we can scarce move anywhere, through doorframes, into fresh environments, without our barbs being caught in curtains, against narrow doorframes, up against others...or even worse still...other people still caught in their leftbrain briars too. We're picky. Clunky. Often with very little love. Lots of frustration. Very little flow in the things we do, in the grace in which we move.If people try to teach us new things, we're so full of barbs, each new thing gets caught up and snags as it tries to enter us. 

UNDERSTAND THIS and life will be a lot easier. We don't have to understand everything. The Universe will not cave in if we don't!!!

We can relax and's our heart, it's our heart out of which flow the issues of Life.
We can really really trust the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don't rely on your insight
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths
Be not wise in your own eyes....fear the Lord...turn from evil.....

Because I was so so leftbrain I am probably oversensitive to this whole area like an ex-smoker is to smoking, or a converted prostitute is to young people's clothing....

I literally count the seconds between crossing someone's overdependency on the part of the brain that is really a "butler"....there to serve....NOT to usurp the place of the owner of the house....our spirits fused in union with Christ...

It happened with a man today we met on a walk in the countryside...
It's usually less than 10 seconds, and they will "hear" you saying...

Destroy the leftbrain
Put it in the dustbin

Never think again
forget all your learning
forget all intellectuality
be like Pol Pot and kill all those who dare be classed as intellectuals

And they will flash back at's good to use both sides of the brain
or....I could never take a Christianity where you are not allowed to think...


but what a wonderful example of how the devil is in the leftbrain
just as he is in the unredeemed rightbrain
but in the UK and developed societies this is how the devil hooks everyone into pyramid orders
for finance
and it's all strung together seamlessly in a hopeless dangerous machine that is unstoppable, even as in 2003 when thousands were out on the streets of the UK protesting, but we still were forced to pay a war machine to kill and maim.
The LEFTBRAIN command chain must be observed. (You will OBEY...said in a Dalek voice).

 Yet there is a place, established in our hearts by grace....that like smooth "Three in one" oil   (LOL) makes all this sticky stuff, this awkward picky attitude stuff, just melt into a life of flow.

Whenever you address a spirit with truth, it will always create some straw man argument then burn it down in front of you....and if you are not wise and familiar with this, you will have egg on your face, as though you said something wrong.

BUT ALL YOU SAID WAS....Leftbrain or rightbrain...(and using both is how healthy people live)....ALL MUST BE IN CHRIST...and our BELIEVING and RULE OF LIFE must be the heart...because it is from the heart that FLOW the wellsprings of life...the direction of life....


IT HAS BEEN INTIMATED AND WARNED OF FOR DECADES, AND WE HAVE PRACTICED THIS WAY AS THE HOLY SPIRIT TAUGHT US THE WAYS OF PRAISE,WORSHIP AND ADORATION....Many have taken this as mere suggestion, but like the Israelites on the day it was announced they were crossing over into the Land....they suddenly realised for sure
GOD wasn't playing gamesAnd even so today, God will have a people worshipping in Spirit and in Truth....and yes some part of that is the understanding, but the Preeminence will be SPIRIT sensitivity, moving in the Precious Holy Spirit. Not as before in the charismatic realm, in some ugly mixture of flesh and human tradition, but now pure as a bell as people have learned to "train their senses according to righteousness."
Tuesday 7th Oct (the following day)Just feeling to further expound that verse:

Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines. For it is good that the heart be established by grace

Part of the reason for this intensity to attach to all manner of ideas and streams of doctrine as they flow past....the intense latching onto what is new...the phrase....itching ears
but then the telling phrase....without ever coming to a knowledge of the Truth.

It is the ENTRANCE  of the Word that gives Light
Meditation is a tool...meditating on that Word
Another key like it is ABIDING. If we ABIDE...stay with it...stick at it...the Word....then we are truly His disciples and we shall know the Truth and the truth shall set us free.

So part of this reason for this intensity is  the MEDICATION isn't taking. Before it's had time to really benefit us, we are discarding the course of treatment and off to find something else that will be the panacea.

LEFTBRAIN DOCTRINES are not panacea.
The Word eaten and properly digested is the panacea.
We think if we have comprehension of something, we know it spiritually.
We can only really impart that which we know inwardly. And this is called having a heart established by grace. Not works. His workings in us.

So as I said's not even whether the doctrines themselves are good or bad. Even if they are good ones, until we are established in that Word in our hearts, they won't really be up and running however good the doctrine

.PSALM 1Happy are those
    who reject the advice of evil people,
    who do not follow the example of sinners
    or join those who have no use for God.
Instead, they find joy in obeying the Law of the Lord,
    and they study it day and night.
They are like trees that grow beside a stream,
    that bear fruit at the right time,
    and whose leaves do not dry up.
They succeed in everything they do.

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Unknown said...

Hi Chris, it's been a while since I logged into your world. You may like this link. I think it is speaking about the same thing, God's word becoming us as we take it in, keep to it, bearing fruit as Someone said in a that parable of the sower. Rather than us changing in our thinking, letting Him produce a growth that pushes out all the wrong stuff over time.
Love, Pieter