Saturday 5 October 2013

Giving, by Billy Heir and Chris Welch

Those who are mixing the Law (Ten Commandments) with God's Grace live in a constant stage of confusion, and are never really sure if they are eternally saved because their sins are always on their minds... I know because I used to be one of them for many years....

Because of this deadly mixture of Law and Grace, they're living in a spiritual Babylon... in Hebrew, BABYLON means... "Confusion that comes through Mixture".

And Shared on Facebook by Billy Heir specifically about Giving...............

PASTORS AND LEADERS...STOP SCARING CHRISTIANS OUT OF THEIR POCKETS.. THEY WILL STILL BE BLESSED EVEN IF THEY DONT GIVE TITHES AND OFFERINGS THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR LOVING FATHER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT preach the bible Friends As you know we encourage giving to the church.In fact we ourselves give to support the gospel of Christ.Churches need financial backing by the congregation and other support groups to run its daily errands. We give because we truly know and truly understand that Christ became poor so that we become rich 2 cor 8 9. But for someone to stand up and say that WE MUST GIVE TO BE BLESSED,that cannot be tolerated as it would mean falling back to the law(religion). Lets make it clear.Under the new covenant,you are fully blessed and Loved completely by God not because of what you do but because what Jesus has done for you on the cross.It is all God's work that qualify us for His goodness and blessings So whether you give offerings and tithes or not,You will still be blessed and be Completely,flawlessly and utterly loved by God. Tithing is a law.A law that we are not under.(If you understand the bible you should know we are not under the old covenant) If we say we must tithe to be blessed financially...then by the same token we should say that we must obey the law and ten commandments to be blessed and accepted by God.Now if you see nothing wrong with the previous statement and think your deeds merit God's blessings,there are many free bibles online just check them out. Unfortunately some churches teach that we MUST GIVE MONEY to the church or God will not bless us...others even go as far as stating that He will curse us with poverty. You aren't cursed in any regard. The Bible says in galatians 3 1 that "Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us." Whoever tells you that you MUST GIVE TO BE BLESSED is not completely honest with you.You are blessed simply because Christ took all your sins on Him and you received His perfect righteousness as yours. God will always bless a righteous person.God will always bless you continuosly and there is nothing you can do to stop that. So must we give tithes and offerings???No...if you dont want to give can keep it.It won't last forever anyway. But It is better to give your money as offerings or just donate clothes to the needy or foodstuffs. If you are giving.It can be but does not have be 10 percent.Give what you can or feel like giving.This can be seen as appreciation and will definitely help in preventing the "LOVE OF MONEY"issue. Remember there is nothing wrong with having money...the danger is WHEN THE MONEY HAS YOU.We put God first before money by being able to give cheerfully and with a light heart. anything you give is acceptable. SO WHAT IF I FIND IT HARD TO GIVE?? There is no curse for you if you do not give,you are still loved by God completely and He still sees you as perfectly righteous,however it is better to give than not to because giving is a sign of growth and maturity and understanding..for example We give because we truly know and truly understand that Christ became poor so that we become rich 2 cor 8 9. If you find it hard to give, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY OR CONDEMNED..just pray about it and let God do the rest after all the christian Life is also about growth.You will slowly learn to give cheerfully,just don't feel condemned or guilty. Always remember you are forever a child of the Most High not because of what you do but what Christ did for you on the cross. — with Bonface Odhiambo and 28 others.

and   GIVING NOTES...Chris Welch   (see Elaine's last news article)

Finances are needed as direct gifts.
Or you may want to be a FINANCIAL ANGEL, where you are either giving or loaning money to a central fund to be administered by trustworthy people locally in Suna area, as revolving loans for establishing new enterprises.(This is in the context of the original article...I am not trying to hijack Billy's words and funnel gifts through to Elaine...unless it's what people  feel to do).

Kingdom Giving is a revelation like everything in the Kingdom. If you think you understand something, you probably don't.
If you have a need or desire for something that you feel  has come from God, then unlike most Brits reacting to a fleshy version of Seed faith practiced in the States, IT IS PERFECTLY FINE to sow money into the Kingdom then believe God to answer the need that is on your heart. We ARE to test God in this. Most Brits have this inner fear lest God doesn't show up, so like the servant who buries his talent in the ground...because " I thought you were a hard master"....they flunk out and say religiously.....

Oh well I'll give to Elaine, but because I'm righteous I don't expect God to give anything back because that would be selfish.

If God is in you, and He is expressing His desires and wants in you, then those things on your heart are precious and not selfish....but like all things we receive by faith...BUT FIRST AND FOREMOST we give for the expansion of the Kingdom.

Tithing is crap, not because giving is crap, but it feeds your stupid belief that God hasn't nailed all demands of the Old Covenant to the Cross. We don't "do" anything for Jesus to get righteousness....we are so superawed that God invaded our lives at all and GAVE us His Righteousness that we want everyone to know about it...and it's helpful if they are still alive first to hear it !!!! We LOVE because He first loved us.

The people DOING the Kingdom stuff don't get supported. The people NOT doing the Kingdom stuff get put into leadership positions in costly buildings that drain all the saints' finances. Who do you think Jewishbusinessmen derive their shrewdness and business acumen from?  GOD DEMANDS FRUITFULNESS, because HIS SON IN US is fruitful. If it was up to us, God would let us off. But He has invested Jesus inside us, and demands Jesus sized fruit. Call it the Father's JESUS BANK......US.

And He demands THIRTY, SIXTY AND HUNDRED FOLD FRUITFULNESS...because His Son really is that fruitful!!!!

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