Wednesday 26 February 2014

Our Father Prayer Expansion by Rand Swift


All I can say after this morning session with Jesus is..."WOW!"

The doors of perception are being blown off...once again. Way to go Son of God! Way to go my Shepherd.

Let us pray:

"Our Father, the Generator of the sons of God, we into whom You have placed the genetic markers of Your own image, imaginations and pictorial illuminations, Your ideas, thoughts and conversations replicating perfectly within us, in mirror like reflections of Who and what You in Your own self are, in the magnitude of Your invisible, limitless, energetic, spiritual splendor, in the immensity and overflowing richness of Your own being...

Oh! May we rise to reflect the highest conceivable excellence attainable, fully living up to the honor of this name, this family name, this great name and divine heritage into which You have birthed us...

Oh! Let it come to be that what You have ordained in earth, we Your sons can have the wisdom to accomplish according to the supernatural crafts You are teaching us, that we can mold and form the creation here to be unified together as one with Your own deepest pleasures, replicating the great joys and fullness of Your habitation in the heavens, here upon the material realm of earth, healing and saving that which was lost and has been so long disparate from You, as it has waited so patiently for us and for the workmanship You have given us to accomplish on its behalf.

Oh! Let all that You have prepared in Your grand sufficiency to us, in the loving care and supply of every necessity in the perpetual sustaining of all life, flow now to us and through us into the earth, and in the same way that You have removed from us every obstacle and hindrance that kept us from realizing Your unquenchable love, even so let us perform the same act of love in exorcising from others every obstacle and hindrance keeping them too from coming face to face with Your inexplicable love.

Oh, Father! Remove by the great acts of Your power every enemy that would exercise a form of leadership and influence designed to invent mechanisms of trouble, harm, loss, debilitation, pain and suffering among any person or persons on this earth, and in great demonstrations of Your great power, delivering us all from the very root causes of all such evils.

Oh, Father! This creation is Your creation, and the dynamics of power are indeed Your dynamics of power, and the excellence to be made manifest, is indeed the excellence of Your own grand excellence.

Hear us Father, and cause all these things to be so...Oh! Cause all these things to be so Father."

- Rand Swift (Musings and Meditations) from Kingdom Conversations on Facebook
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