Saturday 8 February 2014

The New Hundred Dollar Bill

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The problem with Illuminati stuff is this. It is a masonic chequerboard spiritually speaking, a lattice, a screen, across which literally two futures can be screened. By playing with our minds we can actually "faith" into being the very disasters they are trying to achieve. They can't outright say such and such is going to happen or else it will be prevented. So they suggest. This is making use of the spiritual principle that Jesus Himself spoke...."He who has ears to hear....and the truth "should you choose to accept it." A Quantum view of the world says we can have what we want. God says come My Way. The devil says...nope...share in my Future. We choose. Jonah's word to Nineveh was so effective that a whole big city repented, making him look to be a fool, because his Word didn't come to pass. But as God explained to him afterwards...he isn't after making Himself look big or His servants look big...He'd far rather people did what they were put on this earth to do and learn to live uprightly. This earth is a crash course...not primarily for disasters, but that we quickly (relative to eternity) learn the Divine tricks to living God Incarnate in us.

Nevertheless according to the principles laid out in the Ghostbusters movies, if our thought forms are filled with godlessness they provide an air cushion whereby evil can ride in like a storm. Storyline,imagination, powerful stirring films, the back of daily objects like dollar bills can be used to autosuggest into your subconscious the plans people of power want to achieve. Then if any of it comes off they can say, there you see, we are all powerful. Modern history is chock full of plans that have already come full term, especially since various leading people covenanted to take over the earth in 1776, according to their bloodlines. They don't achieve everything, or some things are delayed. In their minds is the Hegelian concept that the world must be choked on evil so that at last they will willingly accept a Luciferian peace. Everyone says...oh i don't care so long as it's world peace. Except Apollos or the Lightbringer...the Angel of Light cannot bring peace, he can only manipulate peace. But peace is not in his being, so he certainly cannot bring it. Think a temporary chemically induced sense of peace....for a while the atmosphere seems identical. But God's peace, His Shalom, is the complete deal. Wholeness. Blessing .Restitution.Real harmony at all levels. Impossible with man or the devil.

Nevertheless, practicing with events like the Titanic...(it first featured in a novel) the world wars ,planned by Albert Pike in 1871, the founder of the Klu Klux Clan and the foremost General of Freemasonry in the USA, have gradually unfolded. The dollar bill with the pyramid is a tool of autosuggestion, as well as the Illuminati habit of saying....I told you so. In their covenantal code, like the criminals of Gotham City, they have to be able to say they announced what they were going to do. No small part of this is a demonic "kick" gained out of being as brazen as they can, while people go about their business regardless, not knowing what the signs really were. Kids love pushing things in a similar way, being ever more daring and if they get away with it, they feel incredibly triumphant.
In the 70s John Todd "Collins" came round our churches with a warning about Illuminati plans for the 80s. Their next plans were for the year 2000. Both plans were held up. I believe if the church rises up, other schedules will be messed up. Perhaps there are alternate universes where the church didn't rise. Where the Illuminati were successful in the 80s or the year 2000....I'm as green as anyone about how the quantum reality works. All I know is Jesus who says things like IF you accept it....and he who has ears to hear. Perhaps there is another universe where Nineveh didn't repent and God's judgment did fall. Many of the comments after the film show an America filled with believers who believe everything is fixed, and everybody is helpless, just waiting for Jesus to turn up after some big wave to carry them all home, or set up His Kingdom on earth like a magician...a big David Blaine . Or else there are just unbelievers who walk in that spirit the Bible describes in the new Testament..."Everything continues just the same since the beginning of the world."
Both are false positions and have nothing to do with speaking the Word of faith ...and not just any faith, but having the Son of God living within you speaking HIS word of faith. The greek of Galatians 2;20 says this :With Christ I have been crucified, and live no more do I, and Christ doth live in me; and that which I now live in the flesh -- in the faith I live of the Son of God, who did love me and did give himself for me. Americans! start believing according to the spirit in which the Bible was written, and not the JN DARBY/Scofield version that Rockefeller funded and that Rothschild published in Oxford University Press in 1917. The fact that the Oxford University Press NEVER publishes such books must alert you to how you have been rumbled, so as to fall asleep and wait for a fictional out there Jesus to do what the REAL IN THERE JESUS of the gospel had planned from the outset.

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