Friday 28 February 2014


The operational base of all things is first and foremost spirit and secondarily matter.

Matter, or what can be seen, has been formed and often reformed by elements that never have been visible within the spectral range of the human eye, yet they are real just the same.

Jesus spoke quite frequently of the interaction between these things, and in doing so exposed to those paying attention, the way things work within the rich atmosphere of creation.

Jesus spoke a lot about the inner man and the mechanism within the heart, saying quite plainly that what a person manifests into the world, is inextricably unified with the influences the individual traffics with on the inside, in that place called 'the heart', which we know to be the central core or foundation upon which the thoughts, pictures, images and imaginations swirl.

It is out of this swirl, often mixed with both good and evil, that all human expression in both word and deed emerges.

The tragedy of what we classically and aptly refer to as mankind's 'fall' (starting from such a heightened state of existence as a son of God in a mastery of creation, to a reverse state of being under, or subject to the created [see Romans 1] and unable to extricate ourselves from its power) is found in the loss of man's capacity at the core level of being to discern between what is 'good' (life effusing) and what is 'evil' (life consuming), represented by the tree of mixture, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The capacity to discern again is what Jesus came and still comes to restore to us, he being the human expression of what the pure image and likeness of the Father (God), in unveiled revelation looks like...which we too are to look like in replication, if the same Spirit that animated Jesus at his core, likewise now animates us at our core.

It changes the way you see things.

Those whose entire core and central nervous system is founded on this image then speak and act quite differently, expressing outwardly into the cosmos surrounding them according to an entirely different point of beginning or genesis.

What we see in Jesus then, is a man unified with God, no longer living in victim-hood, as one fallen, as a man under the created and the creature (whether spiritual as in angel or spirit or material), but walking the earth and appearing upon the stage of history reflecting the true nature of the Father's intent for His most prized creation, mankind.

That's what I think anyway.

Oh, and I almost forgot...that God has set things up in a way that His children can reform and reshape the mechanism of the earth by the simple method of speaking, because that is how creation is formed or speaking from our core words congruent with the ideas of the Father...because every word any of us speak, whether good or evil, is like a seed sown into this amazingly rich atmosphere in which He has placed us, and causes the world we live in to be what it is on both a micro-cosmic and a macro-cosmic level. simple.

If we can re-energize the way the world of man thinks at its foundational core and then let that translate into the words we speak and the things we go about creating...we can alter the entire landscape of the earth among all people, all tribes, all races and all nations.

It's pretty simple when you get right down to it isn't it?

Kudos Jesus! Pure genius! Pure genius!

- Rand Swift (Musings and Meditations) on Kingdom Conversations - Facebook

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