Friday 14 February 2014

so how does the Body hold together?

Eph4:16 .....Christ, from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.
1. This Body is ONLY held together by that which every joint supplies. So if you can see a "Body" that is not held together in this way...perhaps it's held by a name, and organisation name, a particular pastor,leader,vicar priest...none of this is the Body of Christ.
2. by what every joint supplies. So does this mean any type of donation? For example, I've heard at least 2 stories over 40 years of converted strippers offering to strip free of charge for their new churches during a meeting. You laugh. But how many professors and businessmen are freely accepted to run charismatic,evangelical and denominational churches? We noted in the 80s that a good many new churches in the UK were all run by ex headmasters and in some cases by current headmasters. the tools of running a school were deemed the appropriate gifts to running churches.
In Spirit terms this is no different from accepting strippers to ply their trade in a church service.
3. The supply is specific. It is not spelled out in the Bible because in those days it was obvious. It is only now we have lunatic versions of churches. They used to be founded in grace. Founded in the Word of grace.Founded in the Spirit impartation of faith. Faith as SUBSTANCE. As thirdlevellers we learn to articualte this as Christ substance. That is what the Church is held together by. If you've got some Christ...share Him. He's as real in the Spirit as use the marketing lingo in the businessworld. Churches are filled with seminary trained individuals that have knowledge about an out there Christ, some far off God...but they actually have very little Christ to impart. They rattle like empty cans.
4. "the proper working" is similar to point 3, but it can be spelled out this way, Your authentic being is hidden in Christ. Mature ones in Christ have found their own Christ being. They have let the Spirit strip off the figleaves. The fakeries. They have trained their senses in righteousness. The Word of Hebrews 4 has cut to the separation of soul and spirit oas of joints and marrow.They know the pain. But what you experience is their joy and bubbliness at having been set free. For them it meant death, but for you, luscious life and peace. This is what holds the Body of Christ together. Multitudes of folks who live move and act from out of the resurrection side of the Cross.
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Julie Davis Johnson As you have beautifully stated, the resurrection side of the cross is where the life of freedom and joy exist. Because we know that, others will come to know it too - certainly through us.
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