Thursday 28 May 2015

Child trafficking       Robin Williams and the Catholic Church   Occult killing Uganda. Vampiric killing and Child trafficking and sacrifice  by  the Pope, Justin Welby    Royalty ,Cameron, the Pope, Welby ,Ratzinger all accused of child trafficking   Prince Philip's role   The Vulnerability of Jersey's inhabitants            Saville and the 9th Circle    18m          Balmoral Castle, the Queen,Prince Philip and Knights Templar rituals.  Spear of Odin. Occult powers when connected to a soldier.   43m58s   to 45m20s  Catholic ritual slaughter

References to the Queen and other royalty are also made by Cathy O Brien on her Youtubes to do with MK Ultra mindcontrol    Johann Helgason contacted me on Facebook when he was in Darmstadt. He comes from Icelandic witchcraft Bloodlines who sold him as a sex slave to a 70 year old woman. WHY? In their religion this is a way of receiving youthful vigour. He escaped. I told him about the Sisters of Mary Darmstadt, thinking they would be a refuge. Meanwhile they have learned some wisdom over the years and nolonger open their doors quite so freely to waifs and strays. Johann got some help by recommendation from a charismatic street pastor. He then went to Canada. He found a journalist who was going to publish his life experiences. But all the time Johann knew his family wanted to kill him. On 20th September Johann suddenly announced he was getting engaged. He made a couple of posts more linking to relevant Satanic abuse information. His last personal post was 2 October 2011.
Ominously his Timeline photo was changed on the 23rd November 2011 to this picture
which if someone could understand it might share a key

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