Sunday 3 May 2015

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John Edwards
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There’s a Cultural War going on and most are either ignorant of it, afraid to fight in it or ignoring it.
The world is changing so fast, the world I grew up in (And I'm not that old) is disappearing, the moral standards, the foundational beliefs of how society works, Marriage, Relationships, media, education etc are changing so fast it's Overwhelming and breathtaking. There will be mighty repercussions, consequences for society and individuals, families, cities, nations and the world. There already are, suicide at an all time high, in UK 6000,000 rang Samaritans for help re suicide last year, (That’s just the ones who rang) thousands actually did it. It’s tragic, absolutely tragic. According to stats, 1in 4 people in some areas are on Antidepressants, yet Govt stats don't reflect this truth. Sexual deviation at an all time high and going 100 MPH to dark depths. Drugs and drug use are destroying our nation and all we can say is legalise it....Divorce, murder, AIDS still spreading amongst so many, The old , disabled and infirm are becoming a nuisance to society, they want to get rid of them at the beginning of life and at the end of life. Millions of babies are being aborted. I could go on and on for a long time. It's election time but I don't hear the main parities addressing these things in a Godly way. It's Antichrist to the core.
Many so called professing Christians are going the way of the world, believing teachings that are coming from the depths of hell itself, practicing a christianity that I don't recognise or see in the bible. Truth without grace is error BUT Grace without Truth is error also.
The weapons of this warfare are not the weapons of this world but on the contrary they have divine power to demolish strongholds(Of thinking and acts), It's our responsibility to take captive EVERY thought, Pretension (Something that pretends to be the TRUTH) and MAKE them obedient to the WORD of GOD. The world as we know it is changing...Political correctness, personal offence, ungodly voices screaming for recognition and their take on life to be everyones reality and they are getting it. These weapons are invisible and powerful. They use fear to dominate. Let us use our invisible weapon of faith and prayer, backed by action and our voice being heard around our countries. It's time to step forward Christians. It's time to repent!! END of Facebook article

Information is a weapon. It's like switching on a light in a dark room.




Chris Welch Facebook
The moment you receive, accept,acknowledge,live your life from
.....the Kingdom of God
Guess what?
You are in the takeover business.
King means King.
It's not Jesus AND anybody.
It's not Jesus and the UN
It's not Jesus and secularism
But since it's an internal exchange nobody is going to look at you and insurrectionist!!!
You don't have bombs.
Unless you are American in which case the gospel is slightly different for you, because God has a special department for Americans,
you don't have guns.
Your weapons are not carnal
To some extent Jesus totally confused the devil....being born as King in a cow food trough!!!
Also it only dawned on the devil what Isaiah 53 was on about , halfway through the which point he thought
"My God....get Him off that cross now!!!" So the demons began putting words into bystander's mouths like...
Huh....says He's King of the jews.....saved others but can't even save Himself!!!!
But after Gethsemane it was a done deal....
Jesus had set His face....despising the shame...ignoring the shame....for the joy set before Him!!!!
It does not yet "appear" what you and I are doing....because taking over the world for Jesus is done by the same Jesus who already DID!!!! But now He is living in us as US....and intends to manifest it with us...."filling out the afflictions of Him on the Cross".
God's Kingdom is a HEART WAY.
In whose heart is the highway to Zion!!!! See Psalm 84,,,,blessed are the men whose strength is in thee.
See Herod had to be told about Jesus. Nato and UN Army have to be told about us.
But actually....truth be told...the Kingdom of Darkness....which by the way is selftitled as the Kingdom of Light....or of Apollo....or of Set....or of Horus....or of Golden Dawn....think "Solar Cult"......think SUN DAY the one the devil gets us to worship Jesus on!!!!!!......Think "Thousand Points of LIGHT programme"....think Lucifer...bringer of LIGHT.....
Actually the Kingdom of Darkness is equally shrouded at the very top.
Just as nobody can see we are seated in the heavenly places with Jesus Christ......we can no more see humanly
Prieure de Sion
White Order of Tibet
Top Jesuits
Grand Mothers of Darkness witches
Aleister Crowley (when he lived...if he died)
All these are at the very top of the Darkness tree...but if you passed any member in the street, you would never know. One of the Rothschild clan says about her brother, one of the most powerful in the Pentagon....he actually "appears to be" a filing clerk or janitor or something. Reminds me of the film God Almighty!!!!
And in the field of music Jerry Lee Lewis is actually one of their top Mind Control Programmers in his "true function" on earth for the devil.
Do not allow the devil to define you. Jesus didn't. Jesus didn't "appear " to be doing much ministry on the last week of his first earthly body....but ofcourse now we know the behind the scenes story. But don't you be fooled either by what the Holy Spirit is really doing through you. NOW IT DOES NOT YET APPEAR!!!!!! But you may actually be more important than Benny Hinn or Rheinhard Bonnke who in the broad scheme of things may actually achieve very little ....hugely numeric.....but very little in terms of God's actual Throne working.
Jesus is in the Takeover Game and He is beginning with YOU.
That's what KINGDOM MEANS.
Behold I do a NEW THING will you now even perceive it/ be at all aware of it?
Chris Welch Facebook

Is this a tuner thing? Or is it because my parents were physics teachers? Or is it because we were born in the generations that discovered quantum science and DNA....Is it for these reasons I am absolutely unimpressed by
Believe in Jesus and you will get to heaven?
I am not unimpressed with believing in Jesus or getting to's just that in my Bible, and I don't think it's a special one, but in my one I read of overcomers.
Now probably we are all overcomers in heaven. I think that means on earth.
Well how are we flaming gonna overcome anything.?....
If we don't know how life works? Or how humans work? or how the world is structured? or how the devil manipulates things?
Surely in a war you have to know your enemy in minute detail?
So how is Believing in Jesus and getting to heaven going to help in the slightest if you haven't learnt you are dead and Christ now lives in you as you? How's it going to get you to be an overcomer? You're as ignorant literally as hell. If you were put in the Garden again you'd make the same mistakes as Adam and Eve did because you don't really get what happened in the first place.
Come on saints....Christ has a world to rule and it's not going to be just some 7 Mountains Theory of some involves knowing that we know that we know who we now are.

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