Sunday 17 May 2015

Kisa Emmanuel Amos - Zion Children's Haven, Iganga, Uganda

Kisa has taken a new film especially to assure us jaded westerners that he is the genuine deal indeed and not one of the many African scammers posing as pastors and directors of orphanages.

Two or three years ago Tara was in Uganda and she kept a blog while she worked  alongside Kisa. If you would like to give to the work and ministry of Kisa Emmanuel Amos here are the instructions

Amanda Cook reports on earlier this month here on Facebook

UPDATE ON KISA & HIS ORPHANS: There have been few times in my life that my husband and I have felt as much joy as we do this morning...or late last night (morning in Uganda) when I received the message of victory from Pastor Kisa Emmanuel Amos. Today was the day that the government of Iganga, Uganda would have come to close the orphanage, take the children, and put them with the state (not a nice place) due to the orphanage's recent eviction from the building they were all housed at. Pastor Kisa was $100 short of the $450 needed to cover the overdue rent, due to being temporarily disabled after being viciously beaten and arrested a few months ago by local Muslim police officers for nothing more than preaching the gospel.
The message I received from Pastor Kisa, I am delighted to report, said this: "Someone has sent the remaining money. He says that the Lord has appeared to him in a dream and told him that he should help the children in Uganda. So when he logged on Facebook, he saw the note you wrote on my timeline. So he just asked me how much is left, and he sent it now. I had called the man to bargain on the cow, God said not yet, the babies need the milk! God is good."

How to help.
If the Lord has put it on your heart, please help Kisa now by donating to his orphanage via tis link: After visiting the hyperlink to WesternUnion in the last sentence, you will be brought to WesternUnion's 'SendMoney' page. The steps for completing a donation are provided below.

(1) Select 'Uganda' in the dropdown menu and enter the dollar amount that you would like to send.

(2) Enter your zip code.

(3) Select 'Cash at agent location'

(4) Select 'Credit/debit card'


--- If you've used Western Union online before: Log into Western Union with your WesternUnion username/password.

--- If you've never used Western Union online: Click the 'Signup & Continue' button and register to the site. (NOTE: The account security questions and answers that you set up here are not the ones that Kisa needs for to receive the money. There is a separate security question/answer tat you create specifically for the transaction with Kisa.)

Now that you are logged in...

- In the 'Receiver's first name' field, type "KISA EMMANUEL"...without the quotes
- In the 'Receiver's last name' field, type "AMOS"...without the quotes
- In the 'Receiver's email' field, type "BISHOPKISA@GMAIL.COM"

Now choose and type in a security question and answer in the corresponding fields, which you'll later provide to me.

CLICK Continue

Choose or add a payment method. You are the only one who will see this or any of your other account information.

CLICK Continue

Review the transaction details and click both checkboxes at the bottom.

CLICK Agree Continue


Country: Uganda
PostCode: 256
Address: Believers' World Church
Bulowoza Road (CMS)
Bukoyo, Iganga

Where in Uganda is Iganga?
For this and other details see the previous report.

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