Monday 7 September 2015

Paul Potter : This isn't religion this is KINGDOM

 shared by Amos J Young Sr in the NOW GOD on Facebook

Most believers in Christ Jesus know that the position Jesus holds is King, and He is the Head of His Government/Kingdom and the bible plainly speaks of certain political terms which indicate this fact, instead of continuing to see Jesus as a Religious figure, so renew your minds, those of you who feel you want nothing to do with Politics, if your connected to the Vine, then YOU ARE now in Politics, but your Now representing the Government of HEAVEN.
Is this Clear? Jesus did not come to earth to represent or create a New Religion, and Jesus NEVER ONCE IN ANY GOSPEL IDENTIFY HIS DISCIPLES AS " CHRISTIANS", it was Romans who labeled us with that name and we kept the name, and now we have over 42,000 different denominations within " Christianity", and everyone is claiming their denomination is right and leads us to God, when Jesus only SPOKE AND TAUGHT ABOUT HIS GOVERNMENT OR KINGDOM......

Something for you to think about Saints and Friends' What is God Made and What is Man-made?

(1), Isaiah 9:6 - Speaks of His Government he would soon usher into the earth realm upon His arrival along with the Holy Spirit.

(2), Jesus indentifies Himself as King of kings
(Revelation 19:16).

(3), The bible also plainly Tells us that after being Born Again our Citizenship or registry becomes active in heaven. ( Philippians 3:20)
Hebrews 11:16- Teaches us what I've always being saying; HEAVEN is an Actual Country.

(4), 2 Corinthians 5:20- Teaches us that we are Ambassadors for Christ.

(5), Although the bible doesn't use the term or actually say " Governor", for the role and function of the Holy Spirit, if you studied Governments and or kingdoms, you would know that all these terms referred to in scripture have NOTHING to do with Religion of Any kind. It has to do with Kingdom's or Government.

And Jesus although made into a religious figure is Not, He is The King of kings and the Lord of lords..... Jesus never said He was the King over Christians, we've made him into this, He SAID SOON, EVERY KNEE shall bow and every tongue will Confess that Jesus the Christ is Lord and King over All.

So again, the bible is not a religious document, it is the Constitutuon of a King, revealing His Will, Word, mindset, order of arrangement within his Kingdom, and He as King has sent a colony of His sons into the earth realm to colonize the earth to make the earth look just like heaven, and our Culture and lifestyle is Love, we gladly submit and abide in the rules and regulations or principles called commands/statutes of our King because He owns us, and everything under or within his territory, but the earth He has given into man to rule, dominate, be sovereign over as God the Father is sovereign over heaven, but we do not have ownership rights of the earth, were merely stewards over it, administrative managers.

So the Governor sent by the King, the Holy Spirit is here to Assist the Citizens in learning how to continue evolving to look like Heaven and to equip, teach, lead, guide, assist us into all truth pertaining to the King and to develop His mindset and No longer ours! Is this Clear?

So your gradually learning more about the Holy Spirit....

In the Service of the King of kings
Ambassador Paul Potter
Apostle of Love & Unity

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