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Skype Teaching 1 with Sam Bashir - Pakistan : Sets of 3 Spiritual Coathangers

Chris Welch
When we learn another language it can be absolutely overwhelming to be confronted by tons and tons of new sounds. But actually, all communication can be broken down grammatically.
Nouns. Verbs. Adverbs.
Nouns are things
Verbs are doing words
Adverbs describe the action
and so on.

These grammatical similarites are coathangers upon which to hang your new coats or new words!!!!

Built in to the natural world of the first creation are many of the same coathangers that we also find in the Kingdom of God. Which is why God lets us learn about spiritual things from natural things.
Webster's Bible Translation
However, that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. 1 Cor 15.46

The devil tries to confuse us with "seeming randomness" to break the connection between the natural and the spiritual. He does this direct through trauma and accidents. And he does this through his own dedicated people who he he tells to inflict trauma on their children to break the natural link...or scaling up of our perception of family to God. If Dad is cruel, we will distrust our heavenly Father.

The living cell has a similar three sections to it as does the tabernacle.
Our own make up is spirit, mind/soul and body
Psychologically in our growth we go through three main transitions and so it is spiritually.
1 John 2:12 divides spiritual growth up like this : Children , young men, fathers
In the Spirit there is neither male nor female and like Adam was in the beginning, both male and female, a mature person in Christ is really a synthesis, a joining together again of that which was divided.

So all through the Bible you can find these "three coathangers" representing GROWTH individually and GROWTH as churches.

The Beginning

God found a man Abraham
Amazingly his son Isaac and his son Jacob were three consecutive generations that loved God with all their heart.
Each generation had a revelation of God that is part of the same THREEFOLD PACKAGE.
If you want to read more, read Watchman Nee"Sit Walk Stand"

The collective Package of Revelation is known as
I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Once that revelation had been given through the three men to the earth, God began rolling out a nation with the same package of revelation.


But God's next problem was how to communicate that package of revelation to thousands of people in the nation of Israel more easily.
He asked for them all to gather unto Him. But only Moses actually went up the mountain to meet with God face to face. Everyone else was too scared.
God gave two teaching aids. The three part Tabernacle and the Three main Jewish feasts: Passover Pentecost and Tabernacles.
You can LOOK at the Tabernacle but God wanted His people experiencing things, so He told them to hold FEASTS.

God wants His teachings enjoyed and celebrated and experienced. They are all festivals of glory.
We go from glory to glory. Nobody compares a baby with an adult and throws away the baby because it is still young and supposed inferior. The baby has its own special glory and is loved all the more. So it is with spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is NATURAL AND NORMAL while we still believe on Christ in our hearts. You will only find apostles giving a kick up the backside like in Hebrews 6, when people who should normally be spiritually mature by now are still sucking dummies!!!!

Other instances of the 3 SPIRITUAL COATHANGERS
We mentioned that the Lord's prayer is in three sections. A beginning praise section, a middle section which deals with our inside attitudes and belicving and a last stage, where completely washed clean and ready for action, with nothing in the way, we let loose in Kingdom Power and declaration.

We will come back to many of these things.

We will also see many similar progressions.
Watchman Nee compares the three stages of Abraham Isaac and Jacob with the Ephesians Growth stages in Church life

The Book of Romans is the most clear step by step teaching guide of how maturity works.
The Song of Solomon is a poetic description of GROWTH from the point of view of the two LOVERS, Jesus and the Shulammite woman, who typifies each believer or the church.
The Psalms of Ascent which are Psalms 120 to 134 also describe the upward spiritual progress of believers.

We didn't have time to cover these last three, but this is just an introduction to these GROWTH THEMES across the whole Bible. I hope it has been helpful. And it is a great honour for me to share this into Pakistan. Up until now England has shown no interest.

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