Wednesday 16 September 2015

Things start rolling

Some sort of change is going on. Since 2008 I have shared things as I have learned them or cut and pasted other blogposts of note on as wide a selection of subjects as I could that in any way relate to the church and the believer maturing.

Some 46 people from all over the world are currently joining me in a re-read of George Warnock's book, and I have written quite a lot of articles around this direct to Facebook.

I am trying to write this soberly not knowing what it all means, but as far as I can see, in order to gain some basic life skills in building networks that are loose and familial in style, I have hitched up with Jeunesse Multilevel Marketing Company.  If anybody wishes to join me in this venture, and the particular range of products is suitable for just about everyone, then contact me by email

I will promise to train you step by step, and if you have already been an avid reader here, then I can ofcourse share anything more as it is revealed to me.  With a good compensation plan and very strong products and a fabulous close working team, the sky is literally the limit in multilevel marketing.

As I see it....
Very few are prepared to pay and support the Pauline gospel....the gospel preached right through Romans Ephesians and Colossians and the others, yet this evidently is the onlt type of gospel that shakes the very foundations of the devil's kingdom.   Other gospels exist, but they seem only to serve Satan's Kingdom, which seems stronger now than ever before.

Facebook is doing an incredible job of joining genuine hardworking pastors with orphan programmes and other forms of helps and administration into communities, with other believers in richer countries.

MLM will probably be one practical means by which thirdworld people can help themselves, and is certainly a novel way of redistributing wealth while earning.

WE NEED THIRDLEVEL CHURCHES in the EARTH....churches where the Manchild can be born as described in Revelation 12.   All of us are completely green on this. The first generation before us made lots of errors as they tried to drag the old church wineskins into the new way God is leading.
SO we need churches all over the world pioneering together.
And it's NOT going to be a network of churches in anybody's name....

These are going to be churches that are taught to


Where's the model?   We can glean it from Paul's instructions to the Corinthians when he calls them to assemble....and to WAIT
until the Spirit of the Lord is there
and "my spirit" is among you.
So the seal of any apostolic foundation and revelation that Christ has been able to work through the various Faherlevel people moving through.

LIKE PAUL I don't believe in relying on the people of God , especially in opening up new works, lest they have the excuse to say they have "paid their way"....none of us pay our way in salvation. Jesus paid for it all. I don't believe in enforcing a tithe. This is abuse.  People may give freely, but the majority of money  must now go to spreading the gospel message, and to supporting and healing the problems in the unredeemed world....orphans, widows,the poor and jobless,the old and infirm.

There ARE no rules in the KINGDOM....but if the Kingdom is occupying you full time you need support, otherwise get a job, a parttime job...or believe for direct supply as did George Mueller.
There is no Bible passage that speaks about one pastor in charge of a church. Everychurch has several ministry gifts of pastor who nurture and disciple for as long as it takes, but theydo not rule whole churches. A plurality of elders exercise  a "eunuch" role over the local Bride....but the old PRIDE OF LIFE   Badge systems have to go. Jesus owns His Church and you'd better darned well know it pastor, because He comes trimming His candlesticks....and if you steal from Jesus, He simply snuffs you or the candlestick out....for He is jealous over His own Bride.

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