Tuesday 10 November 2015

Double and Triple locked.....

Most challenges in life are single locked.
If that job or training is for you then there will be a strong reason why you almost missed it. Nerves. Where it is. Who is running it.
Some of the greatest things to have happened in your life are behind a particularly ugly person, or person with ugly attitude towards you. Or they are things that only happened because you positioned yourself in the secondmile. You stayed extra long to help someone and then set in motion something else. Or you were convinced something or someone was an absolute no hoper, or no show....and they not only DID show....you are now married....or you took that position....or that precise thing worked for you BIG TIME. Well...imagine that process double or triple locked.....and you begin to understand God complexities on earth.........

God HAS promised to bless Israel through Abraham. Current Israel isn't really Israel. It was put together by bankers for other purposes.Orthodox Jews don't themselves recognise it.The majority of Jews in the earth are not Semitic...not related to Abraham in any way. They are Khazar or Ashkenazy Jews dating from a Baltic State 1200 years ago that chose to be Jewish politically. The Palestinians in Israel were either Muslims from Abraham in the Ishmael lineage, or Semites, or Semites now converted to Christians. In other words the whole irony of Israel is not lost on all the people who know the facts of Rothschild Zionism. Think that's bad????

Jesus said the Kingdom is like a Farmer who sows good seed by day and then the next night an enemy gets his servants sowing all manner of rogue seed. So the Church is even worse. Someone keeps saying there are 40,000 denominations. The Catholics like to say they were the first, but most of their systems are nowhere to be found in the Bible. Largely they usurped the genuine faith of the persecuted original believers and replaced it with pagan tribe customs, some Jewish throwbacks, and tacked on some wording to do with the new covenant. Right down through Protestantism to the present day churches this paganism class of "set apart" from the laity leadership still curses the most modern and happy clappy of all churches.
People who know the Bible can determine in about 2 minutes each way the denominational church which they are in directly disobeys scripture and the first apostles. As in the UK,where Queens and Kings banned the new Christian groups from being closer than 100 yards from any High Street, and often banned them from all major university education and top trades and organisations, they would then label the groups as Non Conformist. Which meant ofcourse that these churches were not conforming to the Catholic Church. Without exception all the new churches were actually CONFORMING to scripture in at least one KEY WAY which got them the name....Baptist or Quaker....or Presbyterian....in all other respects they tended to remain as before. Methodist churches even today, and especially since they abolished the teaching of their founder, but for having no bishops as such, are still pretty identical to low Anglican churches...possibly less Christian. Enough already????

How about the concept of spirit?
Spirit is the main way we break out from our chains.  The gospel is really about spirit,
So therefore the whole subject is double or triple locked.
Secular society was created by the devil as a complete hermetic seal so people at no point in their lives could ever go down deep enough to escape his clutches. That ofcourse plus a no fishing sign in the form of......THERE IS NO DEVIL ANYWAY.
Secularism is a tightly run prison whose warders are the spectre of the now dead Freud who denounces the existence of spirit, calling everything mind, but at different levels. Education, professors at university, "serious media" with authoritative voices are the other gatekeepers.

Well here is the reality. All our Gatekeepers are secretly heavily into the realm of spirit, but the occult.....which like the tinlid says....is OCCULT....hidden....out of view.  Freemasonry is run from the tops of their orders, but also from even higher secret orders, and every single component is absolutely spiritual.   It includes spiritual steps of initiation and terrible sworn oaths of compliance.
This is all laid bare by Juri Lina. in Architects of Deception.

What about the other locking devices round spirit????    Well if you break through to the discovery that the realm of spirit is entirely true you tend to be bamboozled by these things....

Spiritism.....the lie that the spirits are not demons, fallen angels, principalities and powers, they are really people, or learned Masters from several generations of reincarnation....or the dsingle person after his death.    Ofcourse spirits know intimate details about histories that no human would ordinarily know.....they were hanging round humans for thousands of years. And they know how we tick
Ghosts..... the same

Esoteric halftruths and lies.   Eastern philosophies spawned reincarnation and actually evolution.
The lie is.....you may be a spiritual being but  however much you yield to these entities for power they say you will retain control, when in reality you are sinking more and more into their control , fear and blackmail.

Today there is this interesting half realm of esoterics which is business and personal development training. At best it is using God given capacities to best ready ourselves to sell successfully, to advance in business successfully and not be dominated and held back by our own fearbase.

I personally draw the line with walking through fire.  Spiritist religions and pagan worship has always featured fire walking.....and worse....actually burning people in sacrifice. Well they don't do that on business courses!!!!!   But you should know that in Scientology, when they start accessing the paranormal to do things we cannot ordinarily do.....at least they are more truthful.....they call these things "An Assist".    Which in Christian plain English means
demons help you to do things....but they always claim their pound of flesh in return.
This is how magicians operate. Aleister Crowley stated clearly that this is the real trick of top magicians who levitate and use astral projection....Dynamo is no different....they are being demonically assisted.

All this to say this.

You cannot be born again by mentally assentng to Christianity as they do in most English  churches.
You can only be born again in your spirit. Therefore you have to hear in your spirit to be able to respond. Faith comes by hearing  (the spiritual kind) and hearing is opened up by access to the Word.

Within the black and white letters of Bible words is something much deeper going on. It is written by the anointing and inspiration of the Holy Spirit and by hearing deep within yourself the prophetic inner nature of the Bible, you hear the spirit of Jesus speaking to you, by which you can be delivered.

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.Revelation 19.10

NOW do you understand why the only thing allowed in school concerning Christ is mental assent pattern teaching.  Comparative religion is another means of locking you in the surface level to inure you to the uniqueness of the gospel, and prevent you from looking deeper.  In fact familiarity breeds contempt. YOU THINK YOU KNOW.    But in reality you have never once heard a person in all your life speaking the Word of God from out of his or her spirit. Why?  This is true preaching. This preaching may be emotional at times, but its origination isn't emotion. It burns at a very much deeper level like hot coals. This is spirit. And this is currently banned in UK schooling. In order that you never hear the way of escape.

It is possible to make a logical series of reasons working in reverse for why matters concerning God and Jesus should be looked into properly. But here is the other problem.

You have already decided at spirit level whether you want to hear or not. Jesus was always pointing out the circularity of the Pharisees and Sadducees logic was and they always just scoffed. We can see their circularity but they could not....at spirit level; they did not want to.

At spirit level Germany chose Hitler. Only this explains how an intelligent country can accept any logic in the thinking of Hitler. There was a kind of logic there.....actually more an more you learn  about Freemasonry and what was really going on behind the scenes....but complete logic....nope....not at all.....but they had chosen at spirit level.

Franz Kafka wrote presciently much earlier...."Truth is seen in the grimace on the face of a retreatng lie."

The whole world is gradually having their faces rubbed in it anyway. Atheistic communism. Capitalism. Fascism. Actually there is NO OTHER WAY than God's Life....but we prefer to go round the houses until we are certain.
So here is some reverse logic....

Chris Welch on Facebook
There are a breed on here mostly American that take a joy in putting out negative news if it appears to support scripture. And they do this because they are certain the rapture is about to fish them out. 
Preterists tend to be upbeat and speak from the same spirit as Agag in the OT......surely the bitterness of death is past? They firmly believe every prophecy is long fulfilled.
The trendy view is more upbeat and doesn't see anything to do with psalm 2 as a current spirit force in the earth. This is called to be in denial.
 I take a perverse joy in negative news for scriptural reasons not because of rapture....but more in the vein of Elijah getting all the sons of Baal to pour as much water on his pile of wood as possible. Why? Because in my Bible it talks about Isaiah 60 and as bad as the gross darkness gets.....there is a Light exploding out of the people of God.....and at least initially....it aint anything to do with a rapture. This light like Elijahs fire from heaven has a bring it on feel. Do your worst devil ..... Jesus is already Lord.

If the devil doesn't exist why should their be an all out attack on God's Name, existence and purpose?
Why is everything God specifically stated  is important double or triple locked?
Jerusalem has Muslims, Christians of all varieties,Jews Orthodox and Ashkenazy laying claims to it? ....why....why not say Tel Aviv?
Why haveSpirit preachers always systematically been burned, imprisoned, hung, slaughtered.....why of all men these.....and not generally any of the mental assent brigade?? Why is Spirit preaching banned in our schools? yet it is fine to have meditation classes which centre round Hindu gods and other religion's deities.?   What is it about everybody else's religion that is OK?

Why should atheism turn out so Satanic? It should be merely the absence of belief and as Dawkins tries to maintain, a civil society unhampered by the extra confusion of having to believe in a God?
Yet millions of White Russian Christians were wiped out. Why them? Why Semite Jews targeted in pogroms? Why not Ashkenazy's so much?  Why did the painter of my CD cover have absolutely no spot f trouble in Berlin during the war, and was able to leave for America so easilyif he was Jewish???

You could do pages and pages like this, and the only common logical reason is because there is a devil sent to strategically oppose all that God wishes to accomplish. If there was no God it wouldn't even be worth kicking up fuss. And there would be no devil to do it anyway.

SATAN means opposer and resister. He is God's filter system for God's first and second commandments....so unless you really mean business about loving God and others, you WILL lose your way in all the double or triple locking.

Yesterday at 5am i was suddenly awake and I never saw so clearly that the devil's strategy is the same at everylevel. In fact let's take a bacteriological disease as a graphic example.

That he is the author of such mayhem can be viewed by the way he masquerades his way INTO an organism or organisation.

Having gained the points of control, he uses that control to further let his own side enter and completely take over.

But the final game over is when he has removed all the life from his host. The host is destroyed and the devil moves onto the next nexus of power and strength.   And this is invariably places that lead in science, politics education, health and creativity.

This is the same as individuals and  it is the same as our entire history.

He masquerades as us. Sin in the flesh. he locks us in our own leftbrain. He isolates us from conscience, God awareness and feedback and spirit. Once we are locked into our own logic he can pretty much bring anything in he likes....
Karl Marx's atheist communism
Evolution without a shred of proof or missing link anywhere
Jesus says that even the people of one's own family are going to be turned so that they kill you.
Hardness of heart abounds.

God gave the rule of earth not to angels. Nor to fallen angels. He gave it to us.
We have let Satan masquerade right in. Through sects, bogus faiths including Christian sects and diversions from the Bible, Satan poses as LIGHT.   (Lucifer= bringer of Light)
If the Light within is Darkness how great is that Darkness.

The composote interest we are paying banks is making the tiny ruling elite trillionaires and most others sucked dry. if this continues, like a host body, there will be no human life left. In fact through cloning and transhumanism, demons want to do away with "humanity" altogether.....it is weak.

The Bible through Daniel,whose message took 21 days of battling through demons to even arrive, clearly portrays their unbrokenn stint of rule over the earth from the secondheavens as a figure but with different parts described, from which we have gathered the major civilisations. Babylon,Greece Rome right down to our current version of the "Roman Empire" with human fronts represented by clay, mixed with the unyielding demonic iron of a truly harsh bottomline.

These are feet of iron and clay.   This is really the end of the line. One or other must win. The feet to stomp out all life on planet earth???? or Jesus through His Body and Kingdom. the vision says it is the Rock that smashes the feet and the whole edifice comes down.

But only if enough submit to this Rock of spirit and truth, and don't let all life be sucked out while entertaining deadly cicularities of destruction without conscience.....like abortion. Like Eugenics. Like Euthanasia.  And so much more.

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