Thursday 5 November 2015

Letter to Craig Greenfield

I am fascinated by the outworking of missions.
Although born in Ghana to Methodist Mission Science teachers, I was raised in Amersham near London. Very nearby is Bulstrode Park, a beautiful Gerrards Cross estate donated by CT Studd to his own Mission which he started with Norman Grubb. I was remarking the other day how it did seem a waste that such a large area of grounds seems only to be used for conferences in one tiny section where the main house is.

Norman himself, as he concentrated deeper and deeper on the subject of what mission is, found himself ostracised by WEC and all his other babies that he had nurtured and fathered....CLC. Intervarsity Press. etc etc

Some months ago I wrestled with the subject as I applied for a Tear Fund Trip to Cambodia.
Here again I continue forcing some issues with missionary Craig Greenfield.

‎Chris Welch‎ to Craig Greenfield (Facebook)
10 hrs ·
Craig, in even talking to you I have huuuuuge Methodist baggage.
Before I was born "sinner's life" included people like you. A chap called Springmeier who began Boy's least  I remember him as Springmeier....and we had input from him as young 8 year olds in school. And the same thing in Methodist church every week. Coupled with the fact I was born in Ghana and was brought up with slavery guilt.
I eventually got born again and then became a real sinner....
I am really challenged now by all these opposing things
people whose role it is to administer well, to serve well, to practice hospitality justice and fairness but their complete lack of wisdom of what the Kingdom is .
Working their tails off at grassroots not knowing most of their efforts feed the Illuminati systems
Starting works only to have them then subsumed into the Illuminati systems of Rotary Club, Round Table,money laundering scams,etc
We have an interim situation now with TEAR FUND in the Christian world, where they recognise the importance of churches and church hubs in new "frontier areas".....
but much like the gospels.....and me, after giving up Methodism as a cult,
the churches are actually filled with worse sinners, moneygrabbers, dominant pyramid authorities, spiritual power seekers and showmen....
but hardly anywhere on earth is anything remotely resembling the spirit that John describes in the growth stages of 1 John 2.
Who frankly cares about helping somebody to become a wellpaid sinner?
Who cares if we "democratise" Asia and Africa with our western systems, so they too can become the bottom rung of a new Illuminati pyramids?
Yet LOVE is in the frame.
Jesus still is love.
The Kingdom is love.
Every ministry gift should, if genuine, be birthing more self for others people.
My message as an ex Methoholic, the cult that twisted being born again into practical helps.....
Is human love ain't Kingdom love. They have similarities, but one feeds the prince of the Power of the air in human bodies, the other speaks a New Creation into being in love.
Fritz Springmeier, if he really isn't the son of the other one, says that the Boys Towns seem to be scandalized by New World Order cronies raping and sodomising their way through them. For me, that is the very outworking before our eyes of the complete cycle, beginning in the 50s and 60s to the shell of the operation now.
What are you doing differently?
Have you joined me in Methaholics Anonymous to build the real Kingdom yet? or are you just the precursor stabilising generation before the IMF swallow up all your labours in these pioneer areas?
Revelation 12.....and the Dragon waits poised to attack the ManChild as it is being born, but the Lord shall catch the child up to heaven, and the woman will be driven away into the wilderness.
Someone has a great God idea saved or unsaved
Within a generation it is the waste place of demons.....
-Church and nuns hospitals......the NHS, the funding ground and moneylaundering conduit of the super rich via Pharma
Boys Brigade - 20 years later Boy Scouts run by the now not exiled for murder , pedophile Baden Powell
Alcoholics 12 step system devised by Jessie Penn Lewis....God's instrument to finally produce hard change in a rather nebulous Temperance movement - snatched by Buchman- de godded- or made into a general belief in a higher power and made into a secular AA system
and so on and so on....right back to the original takeover.....the Catholic church.....or before that the apostles trying to make things a Jewish religion but Paul stopped them.....

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