Friday 6 November 2015

More on Subversion

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Follow me on this and watch how every new stage is subversive to the last, because it involves deeper and deeper changes from within. This is why everything is so troublesome, for the foundations we stand on are having to be replaced by truer ones.
Our initial orthodoxies are questioned and subverted at University. They get you to question everything, to test everything. Especially God and belief in the Bible, which is one of the main Luciferian objectives behind evolution and what was Marxism. Newspapers and media are examined for slants. Further subjects that you were raised never to question, like Monarchy are focussed on.
Buddhism, largely, but many other esoteric teachings, such as the wave of new entrepreneurial and business development models subvert and question intellectual knowledge as the sole approach. Actually so does every new employer who takes on a recent graduate...."hmmmm....he or she may know the stuff but what sort of oik are they to work with, do they actually come to work on time and are they actually any good or is it head knowledge?"
Initially there are a lot of similarities between deeper Buddhist teachings and thirdlevel Christian revelations concerning the self and what a self is, and that all of life is really consciousness and spirit knowhow.
The Thirdlevel subverts everything on the planet because Jesus said " I come to lay the axe to the root," and He means it. People who know Jesus at this level can actually subvert Buddhists, who up until now have been some of the coolest cookies on the block. I think the highest secret order on earth is the Tibetan White Order. What Jesus actually came to do it says is destroy every single work of the evil one. And of His own (mature) congregation He says "The Gates of hell shall not prevail against MY congregation." The Ancient Doors of Psalm 24 shall indeed be lifted up in order that the King of Glory may come in and the curses of Genesis 3 will actually be lifted.The last enemy being Death.
So yes.....everything is a series of inward subversions, ripping away at the previous foundations we thought sacrosanct. The former "guardians of the foundations" have this habit, as they did with Jesus and the apostles, of killing the pioneers of the new foundations.

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