Monday 30 October 2017

2017 film Breathe and the best of Bloodymindedness

Yup she is right.....
Christine (Welch)writes about the film " Breathe" we just saw
Forget your Hollywood blockbusters, Andy Serkis directs this fabulous true story, with a masterful deftness of touch. Absolutely life-affirming! Brilliant, British film with exquisite attention to detail. Note the frayed jumper of one of the cricketers in the opening scene. The jobsworth financial official,whose in-tray topples with files , whilst the out-tray is completely empty! Celebration of life, love, friendship and typically British Heath-Robinson problem solving. (By the way, you will cry when you see the name of the producer).

Christine and I watched Breathe today - 28/10/17 - which I felt brought up the subject of bloodymindedness.
Definition of bloody-minded. 1 :inclined towards violence or bloodshed. 2 chiefly British :stubbornly contrary or obstructive :cantankerous. —
So I was going to examine this but I have run out of time.
Now without seeing the film and seeing the two definitions above it's going to seem too negative.
The film is about an active jock type who is paralysed by polio and needs his lungs to be supported by a breathing machine. His initial death wish is and this is a true story, halted in its tracks by a bloodyminded wife who refused to let him die.
The escape!!!
So this is a very British trait but where it is used positively.... also features strongly as an American trait and also an Australian trait doesn't it? But in this film it appears time and again. It's a life affirming film set right in the middle of a no hope situation.
He and his wife are bloodyminded about getting him home in the sixties when nobody set foot outside of a hospital bed generally with this condition.
His friend is bloodyminded as an inventor who just does what he is asked and creates a mobile chair with a mobile life support system , the worlds first.... which means he can go anywhere and participate in life.
Time and time again there is this bloodymindedness to just DO IT.
So here's the question?
How many bloodyminded things can you think of in the Bible?
Like Ruth, a Moabitess, banned to the tenth generation saying to Naomi her mother in law Stuff that.... where you go I will go !!!
How about the Canaanite woman who ,also restricted since Jesus ministry was restricted at that point to Israel....
Says..... stuff that!!! Even dogs get to eat crumbs under the table!!!
Well that just blew Jesus away.
He'd never seen faith like that among Gods own people.... so what could He do but go with her. Nevertheless it was bloodymindedness.
What about Rahab? Ok she hid the spies and risked her life doing so....
But bold or what..... when they returned she said... Come for me.
I mean forget that she was in the most wretched profession and lowest of the low in her own land, and they were the holy people of God who against all odds were being provided for in a howling desert....
Stuff that she'd said...... take me with you.
Rahab and Ruth as cursed as they should be are in Jesus personal family line.
What about Jesus bloodymindedness who while we were yet sinners came for us anyway....
He never asked our personal permission when He slew all of us at the Cross....
John 3 says we were judged already
He doesn't wait to ask us He is so bloodyminded He comes for each and everyone of us anyway.
It is difficult to pass up that type of bloodymindedness in a God.
And bloodymindedness is what we will all need to become thirdlevellers
or as Peter was in the face of all the other disciples in the boat....
Who does he think he is asking to walk on water????
How many more outrageous examples can you think of.
The kingdom is absolutely the opposite of miss goody two shoes...
It's tearing down a religious mans roof to get your friend lowered at the feet of Jesus. How many religious roofs need ripping by bloody mindedness?
I know the whole of the Vatican needs ripping down and selling as a gift to the worlds poor.

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