Monday 23 October 2017

Investor Nick O Connell on Red Britain

I am going to share an email from Investor Nick O Connell.
For all I know he is my Facebook pal Martin Revans best mate.
But before I do here are some 20th century facts
1 .China is run by the Lee Dynasty (1 of the 13) under House of Rothschild
2 Chairman Mao ( he was after all just a teacher) was a " creation of Tavistock Training in Paris" as was Stalin in the U.K. And Hitler we think trained 1913.
3. Mao was all about supremacy and starved millions to raise the funding for literal world takeover. Particularly eventful are the late 50s early 60s famine and then the cultural revolution from 1966.
4. So when he began amassing his troupes on China's borders to begin a swoop in Europe it was very very serious. ( read Mao by Jung Chang)
5. I was in Darmstadt 74)and Mother Basilea Schlink knew about this. If you understand what Rees Howells was doing in Wales to bring down Hitler Mussolini and Stalin to hold the world open for the gospel you will understand why Basilea left Darmstadt while I was there to lock horns with Mao in the Spirit. ( this is thirdlevel Christian stuff)
6 What completely floored all of us living then , though nearly nobody in our countries knew how close it had been.... was the sudden turn.
Next thing we knew Mao was having a cup of tea with Nixon and Kissinger.
This is so momentous there is an opera all about it .
7 Now we know about the Illuminati being the puppet masters we know their message was.....
Hey Mao, if you will just hold off you can have what you wish for without bloodshed!!! By the end of the century you will start to take over financially.
8 we saw the start of that in manufacturing providing mass outsourcing for the whole planets goods. But now we have come to the banking takeover

Read Nicks report:

You’ll start to see more Chinese language signs at UK airports, hotels, shopping centres and train stations...
Your grandkids will learn Mandarin instead of French. (The number of British schools teaching the main Chinese language has doubled since 2005...)
You’ll see more ‘Hotcha’ outlets in your town centre and fewer McDonalds...
Chinese movies will hold their world premieres in Leicester Square... and you’ll know who all the lead actors are...
Ford dealerships will close... and be replaced by Baojun and Great Wall showrooms...
This is just a taste of what could happen in the next nine years, according to this engaging new report...
Behind it all is a highly controversial prediction.
It’s not going to please our American friends.
The report predicts that Britain will side with China in its battle with the U.S. for global economic supremacy...
The Chinese have embarked on a plan to kill off the U.S. dollar – or at least, to end its tenure as the “global reserve currency” – and replace it with their currency, the Renminbi.
No real surprise there.
The real surprise is that Britain will hold the ‘smoking gun’, so to speak.
This is all set out in the report... exactly how it’s going to happen... basically China will flood the City of London with up to £6 TRILLION in Renminbi as huge infrastructure trade deals are settled here in the U.K over the next decade.
You can’t really turn down that kind of cash.
Especially as it will – according to the report – push up UK listed commodities and banking stocks to DOUBLE where they are now... and send the British property market soaring...
...all before 2026.
That’s where you come in.
It turns out, you might rather like living in ‘Red Britain’...
Go here to find out exactly how you’ll benefit...
Nick O’Connor
Publisher, Capital & Conflict

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