Tuesday 24 October 2017

My Rabbit Trail

My rabbit trail began on the 5th October when one of the nurses who works with Christine said she had a couple of tickets for Richard Durrant in Chichester Cathedral. His concerts are different in the same way that a KEITH Jarrett piano concert is different from a normal classical concert. KEITH composes and his sensibilities are very much the landscape and atmosphere of this part of England, namely West Sussex stretching perhaps to Stonehenge. He creates a space that is his " stringhenge " surrounded by his instruments as he plays barefoot.
So yes.... quite an evening in the astounding acoustics of Chichester Cathedral. I hired it in 1994 to record a piece of mine for this very reason, using the Chichester boys choir
But on the 5th we went for coffee and I noticed an open Mike poetry event at Chichester library , with a former client of mine Linda Kelsall Barnet playing classical guitar interludes.
I tried my hand at open miking and read out the poem on my blog I wrote about Richard Wurmbrand coming to us in Amersham, next door to the pub where they filmed Four Weddings.... ( which they asked me to tune for)
But Jimmy Lee was there and he sang two of his autobiographical songs and he told me he was doing more at a Petersfield poetry open Mike event.
This happened Tuesday and this time I read out Martha Keys Poem "Seeds of War seeds of peace" which is also in my blog index.
I was received both times so this has been a very different type of evangelism for me, and much more prophetically me, from my heart and how I am built.
So yes guys.... just experimenting with England.... this rather religiously twisted nation that you have to be so careful with now after all the Illuminati programming here to prevent the gospel.

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