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Living Together,David's Cart and Current Church

" Our pattern" is Moses and the tent of meeting, also face to face in the mountains, and Jesus upon whom the Spirit descended " like a dove" at His baptism.
In comparing Moses with Jesus, I am not comparing the two figures, one is not created and is incomparable. Jesus.
No I am highlighting the human function of God making His Tabernacle at home with men.
See, unlike revival or even Acts 2, the first church, whose glory dissipated , fractured, first into the Catholic Church then on and on into further fissures,
..... unlike this, Moses managed to be the focal point of Gods working on earth for 4 decades, and Jesus, for 3 and a half years of packed ministry.
Continuous revival IS POSSIBLE.
For a few months there in Lakeland 2008 it seemed like a fresh demonstration.
Ever morning afternoon and evening Moses tent of meeting had a pillar of fire or a pillar of cloud visibly seen.
Jesus ministry was continually attended by miracles.
The charismatic and pentecostal ministries have got it down to:

Hey..... continuous prayer.

Prayer Mountain Seoul South Korea established by David Yongghi Cho

At several points on earth, Seoul Korea, a hilly farm in Wales, Vaughan Jarrold's prayer mountain in Upper New York State many in Africa and Asia and I am sure in South America
There are these continuous prayer and seeking God places....
And particularly in those arenas of Pentecostalism and the charismatic.... no lying... it forms a backbone , foundation for
People getting saved
This is how Christ for all nations works. Suzette Hattinghe was raised up by involving herself in creating the prayer environment from which Rheinhard Bonnke was released for his mighty evangelism , now Daniel Kolenda.
But as we know, this recipe hasn't quite worked has it? It hasn't quite brought the continuous revival thing.
So what do you think is missing?
What can be better than prayer or prayer and worship?
Would you be offended if I came straight out with it?
The third level is different from the second level.
There is still something New Cart about the second level, even holding continuous prayer meetings.
New Cart refers to David wheeling in the Ark of God on a New Cart and although that's what the pagans did.... it ISNT THE BLUEPRINT OF God.

2 Samuel6.1 Now David again gathered all the chosen men of Israel, thirty thousand. 2 And David arose and went with all the people who were with him to [a]Baale-judah, to bring up from there the ark of God which is called by the Name, the very name of the Lord of hosts who is [b]enthroned above the cherubim. 3 They [c]placed the ark of God on a new cart that they might bring it from the house of Abinadab which was on the hill; and Uzzah and Ahio, the sons of Abinadab, were leading the new cart. 4 So they brought it with the ark of God from the house of Abinadab, which was on the hill; and Ahio was walking ahead of the ark. 5 Meanwhile, David and all the house of Israel were celebrating before the Lord with all kinds of instruments made of [d]fir wood, and with lyres, harps, tambourines, castanets and cymbals.

6 But when they came to the threshing floor of Nacon, Uzzah reached out toward the ark of God and took hold of it, for the oxen nearly upset it. 7 And the anger of the Lord burned against Uzzah, and God struck him down there for [e]his irreverence; and he died there by the ark of God. 8 David became angry because [f]of the Lord’s outburst against Uzzah, and that place is called [g]Perez-uzzah to this day. 9 So David was afraid of the Lord that day; and he said, “How can the ark of the Lord come to me?” 10 And David was unwilling to move the ark of the Lord into the city of David with him; but David took it aside to the house of Obed-edom the Gittite. 11 Thus the ark of the Lord remained in the house of Obed-edom the Gittite three months, and the Lord blessed Obed-edom and all his household.

The Ark Is Brought to Jerusalem
12 Now it was told King David, saying, “The Lord has blessed the house of Obed-edom and all that belongs to him, on account of the ark of God.” David went and brought up the ark of God from the house of Obed-edom into the city of David with gladness.

Let's go sideways.
Many many many people today live together.
Physically there is no difference between a " living together" type couple having sex and a married couple having sex. They all use the same bits.
Second level charismatics praying all the time looks very very similar to thirdlevel prayer meetings....
But thirdlevellers don't pray to achieve something....
They have gone through a Holy Spirit induced birthing procedure that St Paul describes in Romans 6 and 7 and if you like in Romans 12.1 which is more than an outward form like a marriage ceremony....
But it's a whole falling into the ground thing, where the single grain has died, sprouted and now is a fruit bearing plant errrr full time.... coming out of a Holy Spirit engineered fusion.
They don't pray .... to achieve something....
Jesus Christ groans within and like the unstoppable waves of the childbirth procedure.... so the burden of prayer is being expressed from Jesus Christ Himself on the insides.
Marriage is expressly stating all of you for the other spouse whatever the condition until end of life.
The sex is the same but it's coming from a whole different foundation on both sides.
So yes, speaking with prophets eyes,
we have the same physical prayer meetings but if we are honest.... no
We don't have revival like the Welsh revival....
The 2008 Lakeland revival stopped not just because Todd Bentley was having an affair.... it never was quite what Evan ROBERTS was instigating a century ago in Wales face down on the floor..... which had there been more men and women would have flowered into more of an Acts 2 fully thirdlevel move of God. ( 12 mature apostles moving a one building the same One thing in God.... by walking in the zone Light).
But we don't have to despair, just be honest , learn from our New Cart automation, and begin to get the heavenly blue print....
Oh and not just live together with Jesus as buddies..... but properly get married to Him.

 A few weeks ago I felt really excercised to remind people about Lakeland Florida but it never got further than a draft, so in this context I publish it here, so we think more about what was going on.


This is the first Youtube I laid my hands on. I have no idea how the English documentary team report this, but for some it will be an introduction.

So 9 years on from the end of the Lakeland revival in its particularly viral form, why do I want to stir people's minds concerning it.

This blog began 080808. To those who have a faint knowledge of Jewish way of thinking, and Kabbalists gematria, 8 is the number of a door , a gate, an opening, an introduction.

I believe God's original plan was that Lakeland introduce thirdlevel Christianity. I no only believe this, I am TELLING YOU Lakeland, without any blueprint, without any documentation, without any agenda or plan.....WAS ROLLING OUT the start of the next thing the Spirit is doing in the earth.


Unlike the time Moses came down from the Mountain, when it was the people themselves partying
and wheeling around the Golden Calf, and enraged, Moses dashed the tablets he had received on the ground, then went back up the mountain....

This time it was the main leader Todd Bentley who went off with another woman, and the revival sort of collapsed in on itself.    But TOO LATE by my reckoning, for already the first grass blades, the first stalks of the THIRD LEVEL VERSION of church were peering through.

Simultaneous to the beginning of this blog, another man, called Jack Fortenberry was being led of the Spirit to lay down something of the pattern of thirdlevel church, the pattern of leadership, and the abolition of the terrible present pattern of tithe financed pyramid leadership, which paralyses the growth of the church and steals huge proportions of money that could go into ministry teams and
just well......
helping the poor and needy in our localities.....showing errrrr     KINDNESS.

These are the four videos I made at the time to lay a background to where God has brought us, and to further confirm the importance of Jack Fortenberry's little book. The first one is below and they lead into each other

Frank Viola had just published "Pagan Christianity", but even he admitted that Jack's book was one stage too far for him to publicise.   I, however had nothing to lose !!!!!

The other background information you need to know is on this post here, written 9 or ten months after the blog started.

These are two VERY REAL PICTURES of how God instigates the "CARRYING of REVIVAL"
in the picture form of  a ship's propulsiin unit I happened to be looking at
and in the picture form of some electromagnetic stuff my Dad had in his school Physics Lab.
(Since my blog began my Dad has died)

This BLUEPRINT was NOT carried out
  •  when David wheeled the Ark of God in on a new oxen cart by "automation"
  • when Elijah called down fire from heaven then couldn't take the Jezebel witchcraft backlash
  • when the disciples first hauled in the fish that Jesus led them to....."each man for himself"and the nets broke and loads of fish were lost
  • when one humble man Evan Roberts found the secret of Psalm 91 and led a whole national revival from that place, face down on the floor.....but at that time he was the only one and he burned out.  (Moses could be said to be suffering from lone man stress too)
  • Todd Bentley in Lakeland DID begin well. He invited others to share, and a whole host of 30 year old unknowns were ready to lead in worship and , for me at least,begin the outer fringes of thirdlevel teaching...... 
This BLUEPRINT  WAS carried out

  • when the Israelites went into the land and circled Jericho
  • when David, chastened by the death of Uzzah 2  Samuel 6, actually went back into the records to research how the Ark should be carried, brought it all the way into Jerusalem.
  • the Government shall be on His...Jesus's  Body's the Priesthood...not a firstlevel priesthood, not a tongue talkin all night prayermeeting secondlevel priesthood...but a Romans 12.1 mature thirdlevel priesthood of which up until now there have only been individuals....but psalm 110 says in the Day of His power, there will be a whole MOVE doing this stuff.
  • the disciples now chastened after their failure the weekend of the Cross, now get sent to fish in another big haul and this time they work together
  • Acts 2. All 12 stood together as the first BIG HAUL....(I will make you fishers of men) 3000 souls are hauled in.....women and children weren't numbered by the way!!! This was bigger than you think
  • Keswick weeks, the first pentecostal leaders, the beginnings of the apostolic movements
  • The London Housechurch brethren particularly between 1973-6
  • The Fort Lauderdale brothers used throughout the world to pioneer Spirit filled churches, this time imprinted from the start with the vision of the Body of Christ.
  • various moves since eg Toronto

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