Friday 16 March 2012

Grateful Letter to Kanaan, Darmstadt

Sisters,and Brothers, I do trust that you have continued according to the Word entrusted to Mother Basilea and Mother Martyria, and then you are all pressing on in the wonderful internal knowledge of Jesus Christ as our sole and only Life, expressed through our unique personalities. I pray that if you are still maintaining outer forms of Lutheranism, and the various forms given to you in particular, your countless songs for example, that you are all using them to find Jesus Christ, and that those forms are not using you for themselves, such that you regress in your revelation of Him.

I want to give you some feedback from a Jugendhelfer 74 and explain a little the fuller picture of your help to me, but I hope to stimulate your faith also, for the Holy Spirit has indeed been leading us ever onward since those days 40 years ago.

The Lord Jesus Christ has been made Lord and Christ by the heavenly Father, and He has been pleased to be hungered for over millennia, and has deliberately planned in the progressive revelation of Himself that mankind say, "But you have saved the best wine for last." The devil would like us to concentrate on the huge noise he is making, to distract from the noonday glory of the Sun of Righteousness rising in the Bride of Christ worldwide.
I always digress into the bigger vision, it is how God made me, and it frustrates my wife!!!! So let me begin by personal detail.
I was a Methodist in England in Berkhamsted and Amersham near London, until 12. At that time I OVERACHIEVED. I received 11 Grade A's in class at school and was shocked to realise that internally I didnt feel any happier. Methodism had seemed to show me that God did not in fact exist, so I became an atheist for a year until at 13 I heard Billy Graham preach in a film shown to young people.
This was 1972. There was a wave of revival throughout England, and even my wife, totally independent from me, and from a totally non-Christian family, also became a Christian and then was baptised in the Holy Spirit in the North of England.
The Lord Jesus Christ sovereignly, meanwhile, in our town, directed two individuals from two different churches to hold a Holy Spirit and evangelism teach- in day for youth. I have believed ever since that that is the context for the power of the Spirit.

Many have heard of the Toronto Blessing or the Father's Blessing as it really is....well , I got mine 22 years earlier and like in Acts 2, was paralytically drunk, so I had to be helped downstairs, but the glory was evident upon my face. I have tried not to get too sober since.I took this anointing into school and for a while we had revival in our year group in our posh state grammar school called Dr Challenors GS in Amersham.

That was a couple of paragraphs to help you. So by this time I was in Old Amersham Baptist Church, which was one of the first renewed Baptist churches in England. Don Basham passed through it in 1967. This was the charismatic move, and very exciting.

But others came through our church continually. Including your sisters from Radlett. But also Graham Pulkingham and the Fisherfolk.And also notably Richard Wurmbrand.

Now Mother Basilea's books, Richard Wurmbrand, Watchman Nee, Bonhoeffer all stood out to me and I got hungry to know what was different. Because I could tell being a musician and artist personality like Mother Martyria, that there was something more going on in these others than in the rest of the charismatic movement.

You should know two things. One of my best friends who was 6 years older, Marcus Roberts was in that bus that somebody drove into a bridge, and had to have the roof taken off. This was the bus from JLF or Jesus Liberation Front that went to witness at the Munich Olympics. And they returned via Darmstadt. Kanaan received them wonderfully, even though they were all complete hippies for Jesus.

The second thing was that my close friends with whom a lot of young people related in Amersham had magazines from America called New Wine, but also the Catholic charismatic one called New Covenant. So around this time I was sitting and reading an incredible article that said Christianity wasnt just

believing in Christ

being filled with the Spirit.

It said instead that there was another level, or stage. That Christianity had three levels to it. As in 1 John 2:12ff Children,young men, and father level. Nobody was saying this. And now in 2012 not many are saying this either.

But a lot of us are. And in 1976 I believe I was able to see with my own eyes an early example of a community starting to live 3 level Christianity, only ofcourse Mother Basilea never called it that.

But I knew when I went back to the UK I had received things in the Spirit of God that nearly nobody else was saying in Britain at the time.

The last thing you really need to know is WHAT I HEARD in Kanaan. Well I heard and experienced many things from your culture that Jesus has raised up among you, again based on Lutheranism, but then added to as Basilea "saw" things in the Spirit of God. Mother Martyria talking on Mathaus Grunewald as an early example of Expressionist art for example.The garden of Jesus Remembrance. The fruit teas. The songs. The services.

But you should really know what was occurring at this time. Somehow Basilea got to hear of Chairman Mao's secret plans to mobilise an army on the whole of Europe and a bit frustrating to me, she left during the Jugendhelfer period to fast and pray. Today, if you read Jung Chang's book on Chairman Mao, his plans to invade are mentioned. The next thing the world knew however was Nixon and Kissinger visiting China instead. Which to us who were in the know was absolutely stupendous. You see the rest of the world had NO IDEA that a war on Europe was even in his mind.

So after a good time away fasting and praying Basilea returned. Then she immediately called us in with 2 messages from God. And they had such anointing on them, it was a bit like Moses coming down from the mountain.

She preached on "Seek the face of God as did Jacob at Peniel."

And she preached on Revelation : Go the Way of the Lamb, for it is a Way of Great Power. And as far as I could see over those couple of years or so, I thought, she's not joking! Fancy being able to stop a dictator in his tracks!

A third thing that was key. Do you remember that sometimes Basilea or Martyria would do the opposite of a Promise box? So we had to pray and pick out of a box what the Lord was going to show us was our worst sins.

I was expecting like most males it would be lust.

But you know what? Mine was worse than that. Mine was INDIFFERENCE. And I was so angry, I stayed up until late praying to prove how wrong it was. I fell asleep.

You've got to bear in mind, that I had been baptised in the Spirit at 13.I'd been a "good" Methodist boy before that. Didn't swear, until i became atheist.

But in the coming years I was going to fall into adultery (before I married at 40), I was going to be driven mad by pornography and lust, even within a Christian community....

UNTIL I truly realised that Romans 7 is an experience for Christians....not non-Christians.

Jesus lives our life. Jesus lives our Christian life. He Himself is formed in us, and He lives through our souls and our bodies.

Some separate soul existence, independently powered, is the lie in Genesis 3. When the devil said our eyes would be opened, these were the eyes of our soul, eyes that dont actually exist. The only real eyes are our spiritual ones, and our body ones...but the idea of us living as independent souls in our own right as independently powered gods comes straight out of Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, which are the description of the delusion the devil is in.

Now we are talking 40 years later here, and Mother Basilea to my knowledge never talked with this spiritual clarity, but from what I saw, she knew a lot of this stuff on her insides. Norman Grubb, who , like Basilea and Martyria, were University trained brains coming under the Lordship of Christ and His scriptures, has written one of the clearest books so far called "Yes I am". Norman Grubb wrote the most famous intercessor book called Rees Howells Intercessor.

I was reading one of my friends' phrases this morning, She is called Nancy Gilmore. Now Nancy is like that famous book "Hi Mr God this is Anna". Nancy like smoking and dancing, so there was no way she was going to be accepted in Christian America. But through direct fellowship with the Lord she has the same if not more penetrating insight that Basilea did. She was born in 1934, but was only ever a housewife, marrying at 19.

This is how she explains what happened to all of us at the Cross.

"Spirit-spirit union is like 2 magnets joined together....CHRIST is the True Self joined to the created self (here Ole Henrik)Two as one spirit....The created Ole never becomes Christ. Christ is AS Christ in this world as Ole Henrik. The emphasis is always Christ."

You see if we say we ARE GOD we cross a line into New Age thought. But if we say we aren't God in our form, this is just as bad because scripture is clear there is only One Life in the universe, as Paul declared in Him we live and move and have our being.

Satan rose up in heaven itself, and declared himself a "separate being". He's behaving as a separate being, but he isnt really , he is just twisting God's own "self poured out for others life" back in on himself as a "self for self", or egotistic existence.

But as Basilea alluded, there is a Cross in the heart of God. He has forever decided to be a Covenant Lover. A lover that "swears to His own hurt". The only thing Basilea didnt really stress strong enough in 1974, when she was talking about going the Way of the that that IS THE ONLY LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE. Anything else is not the Life that Christ came to give. As soon as we are born again we receive this same quality of life, it's just like Abraham we think there's a middle realm still.

When things get tough Abraham resorted to the socalled "middle realm", claiming his wife, the very vessel by which the child of promise was going to come, was in fact his half-sister.

And this is what Christians do until they are mature. They live as functional atheists, blending in with the world's own delusion of being a self-powered self. We know there is something wrong, but we cant put our finger on it.

But "Yes I am " by Norman Grubb puts his finger on what is going on.

You see when we all died spiritually at the Cross, spirit which is us, died. Then the Bible uses great words in the Old Testament and the New Testament which both are like wound cords of thread.

Those that wait upion the Lord shall renew their strength etc....

Wait means in Hebrew Quavah or bind together

When it says our lives are hidden together in Christ in God, it's the same meaning but this time in Greek.

This is what makes John 15 to 17 about abiding actually work, when we "see" by revelation, I have died, it is NOT I that live anylonger, it is Christ.

But we cannot strut around the world saying I am Christ, or else they'll put us in a mental home. and this is because a worldly person sees everyone after the flesh. So they assume when we say "We are Christ but in our outward forms," that we are trying to say our soul is Christ, and that immediately spells mental problems.

No, we are saying we have been born again from on high, our created spirits are so entwined in Christ, as His was in the Father, we haven't a clue where one begins and the other ends. And all this , like a lightbulb, shines through the lampshade of our soul and body.

If you meet a mature Christian who has, like a seed, allowed to put them into the ground and raise them up in resurrected form, they are all the same...there is NO MIDDLE MAN. They are ALL like Gideon's smashed pots, with the Light of THE ONE LIFE of the Universe shining through.

Apart from personality, there is fundamentally no difference in the quality of Life shining through Mother Basilea, Richard Wurmbrand, Dietrich Bonhoeffer,Madame Guyon, Watchman Nee, Witness Lee,Graham Pulkingham, Corrie Ten Boom.
This is all Jesus Christ in mature form in pots of clay.

And with much greater clarity now on how we work as human beings, coupled ofcourse with all the spiritual tools and power that the Holy Spirit gives, you can begin to see how from those early days, God is building an international army that will chase the devil off God's Earth, as is spelled out in Daniel 2 and other's just that in those days we didnt understand what St Paul did about Jesus doing it through the Church, and we were all waiting around at a busstop for the secondcoming of Christ. Far greater is He who is in us than we ever imagined.

Thanks for letting me communicate something. I hope you now understand that you have been used more than you think in many of our lives as a Light of something that was barely appearing anywhere on earth in the 70s.

Love in Christ

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