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Dangers of New Age my backside

Dangers of New Age my backside, Take one look at the faces of an evangelical church!

by Chris Welch on Sunday, 12 February 2012 at 12:00 ·

David Crews
Thought-provoking dangers of new age, eastern mysticism meditative prayer and the spiritual disciplines that are supposed to impart grace in the spiritual formation movement. (Grace is free, unmerited favor from God). We get grace thru Christ, not religious devotional exercises, or Pharisee self-righteous good works. Beware the Emerging Church. Test everything by the Word of God.

A summary critique of Richard Foster’s ‘Celebration of Discipline’ | The Fencepost
April 9, 2010 in Book Reviews,Theology with 35 Comments
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    • Chris Welch Long live the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that's what we know, and that's where we're safest.If Christ wants to meet us He'll have to meet us there! Blow this Tree of Life stuff. It's New Age.
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    • Chris Welch I was being sarcastic
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    • Chris Welch The word consciousness bothers some since it reminds them of mystical teachings that have nothing to do with Christ and His salvation. But Hebrews tells us that under the Old Covenant, the temple sacrifices had no power to cleanse the consciousness of the worshiper, but Christ’s once-and-for-all blood sacrifice takes away our consciousness of sin, meaning that we have a cleansed consciousness.

      You’re not Schizo | briancoatneydotcom
      briancoatney.comThe word consciousness bothers some since it reminds them of mystical teachings ...See more
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      Chris Welch There is no more inherent danger in singing songs, or "waiting on God" than reading the Bible in "study" mode. Both use different sides of us.If we use the contemplation side to meditate on the Word, that is as safe as reading the Word in study mode. If we blank our minds and call out "om" or "Krishna" we are calling upon associated deities but not the True God. If also we use our study mind to read Aleister Crowley this is the same in this format. Both are neutral formats or tools to be used for God, or self and Satan.
      Where evangelicals derive this notion that one side of us is New Age...words fail me at Western ignorance.
      The truth is in the 1700s some witches got together a longterm plan to put Lucifer on the throne in God's rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. In the 1720s onwards they deliberately invaded the neutral territory of trade organisations like Masonry. Then in the 18th and 19 th Century using Freemasonry embedding, they infiltrated all colleges and universities, targeting the main ones like Harvard,Oxford,Cambridge first, then later all theological colleges and schooling, with teaching that would rip the heart and soul out of education, by rewriting learning as a whole sequence of jumbled up and unrelated facts for use by confused left-brains. They destroyed or rendered powerless all rightbrain peoples : Red Indians,Aborigines,SouthAmericans.
      They created a mainstream culture based on the Greek model, but also stripped out any notion of God or the supernatural. All this can be read quite plainly in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Which incidentally is not Jewish. It is written by what Revelation calls "those that say they are Jews but are not".
      So anyone in the West who converts to Christianity has THIS problem. Not only does he have to turn around his "Fact -base", he then realises metanoia or meta move beyound, and nous, our surface mind, we have to move out of our little witchcraft stunted box, and involved in the repentance is a turning back to Hebrew ways of thinking, not just Greek thinking.
      This involves every single room in our lives, every single aspect of us.
      There is not a single evangelical who realises this from their own sermons, but contrary to their own western theology, St Paul says we have to gird about us the Belt of Truth. This goes round our middle.So Truth has very little to do with a slender part of our brains evidently, that's where we use the helmet of salvation....Truth and wisdom are deep inside, and very much more related to conduct with our passions and what we are sensing deep inside us.
      Now i realise this comes as a shock to evangelicals who have been wearing the Belt of truth around their heads a bit like an eye patch, but in the end we have to decide do we go with scripture or do we invent our own? Evangelicals have invented their own, as encouraged to do so 300 years ago by witches.
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    • Colin Lagerwall
      Good thoughts Chris...David put it like this "You desire truth in my inward parts" and this is the challenge we face with religion, because religion hides the inward then lies have their field day disguised as what seems right...
      Transparency is so vital, but not only vital, but so easily lived in the light of the gospel where know our starting point is righteous, even if we have thoughts and feelings and consequent actions that seem to contradict said righteousness....yet is THIS transparency that is SO necessary to expose the lies that we believe about God and ourselves....knowing the Truth in our inward parts is where we are set free from the mindsets that have bound us for sometimes many generations...

      Transparency in the clarity of Love is the most beautiful thing, and here is where the spirit bears it's sweetest fruit....
    • Chris Welch I think I agreed with that once, some time before the prophet hauled me off for committing adultery. Unfortunately we are transparent from 30 miles away...or fortunately...if you consider the work of the Holy Spirit since. Either's ouch! Beneath the wince, I think I agree with you.
    • Colin Lagerwall
      and I do mean transparency with Him first and foremost..opening to Him to every nook and cranny inside, every thought and feeling exposed....and perhaps it is here that the discovery of truth has it's greatest thrill, because we are so adep...See more
    • Chris Welch we discover that who we really are in that open space is like-unto-Him, and our compatibility with God is found not only in our academic union, but a living Oneness (Two open hearts, His and yours, connected in Love)love that!

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