Tuesday 20 March 2012

Examples of Prophetic Word given over a Church

  • Amersham
Prophetic direction has always been a part of the Spirit-filled life I've been involved in, from the combined input of Old Amersham Baptist Church and St Leonard's Anglican Church Chesham Bois, where two individuals sovereignly and independently received the command to hold a Holy Spirit  Teach- in day, where a huge number of us were baptised in the Holy Spirit.

  • Paderborn
Around 1975 when my friend Martin Franke was converted in a revival in his hometown of Paderborn, which had its hub in the Catholic Seminary there, he felt so strongly that he needed to delay his school studies (Germany is more flexi than most nations) and go to America. The people who met him at the airport had already had God tell them specifically that they had one year to fill him with everything they'd got, then he would return. He spent one month touring with Judson Cornwall, who himself had received training in moving in the Melchizedek order by Ed Miller. Unbeknown to me, when I arrived in Paderborn, Martin had scarcely returned and was leading a small family charismatic group according to what he had learned in the USA.It was to this group I became attached for 6 months, and have kept in contact since.

  • Emsworth
Situated 3 miles from here, this church was founded on a Word given by Jorge Pradas around 1971.Pretty soon prophetic people such as Harry Greenwood and Jean Darnall, and others were all prophesying the same character of the church. That it was to be a young people's training centre, and young teachable people were going to be sent in from all over the world, and then they would be sent out, but they would forever have the bond of unity learned in Emsworth.
There was scarce a young person in the church at the time these prophecies were given....and so things continued for a good 5 or 6 years, then "bang", young people started ariving from different parts of the world and the UK. I was one of these.

    Bike ride from Portsmouth to Havant  "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?"
    God's answer is always Yea and Amen!
    PORTSDOWN COMMUNITY CHURCH  (which I refer to as Havant Church)

KEITH HAZELL - July 1990
The Lord has called this church to be a unique church.... because it is going to be a church which is known for two things that don't seem to mix .... He is uniquely building a church here that is going to speak both to the church prophetically, and to the world evangelistically.
This church is an incubator and the Lord is bringing forth life in incubated circumstances....the day is coming, when the Lord will begin to open the doors and cause there to be a going out of what has developed on the inside.... There will be in this house prophets and teachers, and especially prophets, and with them those with a vision for evangelism and missions, and I
will begin to loose them one by one, says the Lord.
GRAHAM COOKE - September 1995
If you accept the mantle of a resource church, all hell will break loose but all heaven will break loose with it.... You will come under such an intensity of attack from outside, but you will come under an intensity of passion and power on the inside, and God will put an equalising pressure on the inside of you that will be faith....And when this phase is concluded you will find yourselves in such a place of power, in such a place of anointing, in such a place of significance in God, in such a place of dynamic faith,you will find yourself with such power, such resources that the enemy will lose and lose and
lose continually and in this way you will break the strongholds in the area. In this way; not by going out and attacking him, but by drawing him onto your defence, drawing him onto your commitment, drawing him out to come and fight you. In this way you will become apostolic,in this way you will be released, in this way you will break the power significantly of the enemy in that area and then, I believe, you will clean up. I believe you will make 4, 5, 600
percent growth in that time because you will clean up.
The nature of the revival that God is going to give you - it's not going to be as you think it's going to be. I don't think God is going to give you revival that fights against sin, or even that fights against the enemy. I believe that the revival God is going to give you is a laughing revival. There's an anointing on you to reveal what the scripture calls 'the glory of the gospel of the blessed (or happy) God'.... God is the happiest person you have ever met in your entire life, and people will come because they are desparate for happiness...
PHIL CANA - June 2002
I believe that the Lord says that there is going to come a change of emphasis, a change of direction and that there will come a gathering of young people, but with it there will come a change of emphasis and even of ministry.... There is going to be a real reaching out to young people, there's going to be a new sound of music and song that will rise up as a result.
KAY GILL - November 2005
You all know this is a watery place.. there is a unique set of 25 springs in two groups thought to be the largest spring water supply in the country - but the extent of it is hidden and you cannot see it; the local wells are capped. Lift up your eyes and position yourselves for I am about to unblock the fountains. What you see will be yours and I am taking you to a high place to see your inheritance.
CHRIS WELCH - July 2007
Today I give you a new name: you are the Church of the Turnaround. The Turnaround Church. People will come amongst you and experience a turnaround. Some will stay, others will move on and take this elsewhere. Problems, difficulties, circumstances will quickly turn around.
You have heard of sudden breakthrough, of names like Perez, but you shall experience not only outer breakthrough but also inward breakthrough - a complete turnaround.
CARL WILLS - May 2011
I believe that you are going to see a period of time in your church when even the witches and sorcerers will come forth and will come into the presence of God in your church and will bow their knee before the King of Kings because He is taking hold of and bringing down strongholds in your area. There is something very profound about the cross of Jesus in your place.... It is time for you to know that you can have the land that you want, so when you take the cross and go into your estates and streets, you will plant the cross in that land because you
are making a declaration 'this is now belonging to Jesus'.... I believe that the fear that once was there is no longer going to rule.... Fear has ruled over your area and you have seen it conquered and beaten.
I believe that the angelic, the heavenly hosts and the person of Jesus would want to walk amongst you. I believe he's going to do things in a day that you thought would take a year. A heart can be repaired.

Two or three years ago I had a phone call from Newcastle asking me to come and speak.The speaker wasn't able to come so they flew me up there. As I was flying over the Isle of Man, suddenly beside the plane was an angel flying horizontally besides the plane about 30 feet long with two ropes behind, and in the sky behind it was a rainbow about twice the size of this room flying with the most vivid colours I have ever seen, above the clouds. I looked around to see if anyone else could see it but nobody else was looking out of the window. So
I asked the Lord why He was showing me this and He said, 'Because I wanted to tell you that you are a carrier of my promise'. And the Lord says to you 'You are a carrier of my promise, and I want you to know tonight that I am with you, that my heart is for you, and the words I have spoken over this church I will surely fulfill. For I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, and no word will return to me without having first accomplished
everything that I have assigned it to accomplish.
Last year was a year of repositioning and making ready. I want to say to you tonight that this year is a year when the things that don't exist will begin to exist. When the promises that I have given you will begin to come to pass. For I am the God that calls the things that are
not as though they are, says the Lord, I am the God that calls the things that don't exist as though they do, in the prophetic words each of you have had personally from me and the things that I have built into you, the dreams and visions that you have received from me.
What I have placed in your heart when you were conceived will surely come to pass for I am going to anoint and bring commissionings. I'm going to send angels upon some of you to bring anointings and commissions and you will see an outpouring in this church. For know tonight that I am the God that calls the things that are not as though they are, for the promises that I have given you as a body here. And know tonight that I will make sure that they are fulfilled, every one to the letter and to the word, says the Lord.

For I love you and I delight in who you are and the vision that I have given you individually and corporately, know that those words and the vision are from me. When Abraham saw he believed, when he heard he did not believe and I want you to see tonight that the promise I have given you will be fulfilled and you will walk in the promise that I have for you. For you are carriers of my promise and my promise to you is that I am a Covenant God. Just as in Exodus 15 I made a covenant promise to heal, I make a covenant promise with you tonight
that I will do what I said I will do, because I am your God.
And know tonight as well that I'm going to begin to give you dreams and visions and seer anointings are going to be raised up amongst you. Know tonight that the things that seem impossible, the things you haven't yet seen shift will shift because I am going to bring my Spirit and I am going to assign angels over this church and you will see healings and miracles and people will come and find me as their Healer. And know tonight as well that I delight in you, and let my face shine upon you. Don't take your eyes off the finishing line but walk with me in humility and brokenness, and I want to love you. But know tonight that I will
hold your hand and take you to where I want you, into a place of intimacy and a place of my power for I want to rest on this place, I don't want to just visit but I want my presence to come and what you've been doing in the last months delights me because you are getting ready a resting place for my anointing and my presence and I long to come and stay here and dwell with you, for I want to make My Name famous in this town, says the Lord.


      Aussiedler77 said...

      Paderborn??? I live 25 minutes from there (in Bielefeld). I know that in Paderborn is a catholic seminary, but I never heard of any revival or group there.

      I live in this area since 1978 (but only interested in the things of God since 2001).

      Can you tell me more about that group?

      Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

      The group formed around the house fellowship that was the family Franke, part of a local Catholic Church in Paderborn. It is no more, because Ingeborg, the mother has died, and it was her apartment.Martin Franke eventually married one of the Lutherans in the group, Karola...but only a good decade later after she had nursed him in hospital. Always a winner girls!!!Martin is a family lawyer in Frankfurt, also does some representation for Robertsbridge Community (Moravian) in UK. Brigitte Franke is now Brigitte Schnitzler. For many years Martin , Ingeborg and Brigitte were with Jugend Mit einer Mission Deutschland which is probably how he gravitated to Frankfurt. We used to laugh at Ingeborg and call her Old Age with a Mission. Martin's songs are in the German Youth With a Mission Songbook . Brigitte and Martin are both on Facebook,but I dont think Martin likes virtual relationships...he gets on better with real ones!! If you are on CIA's Facebook, I could link you...but you may want to live a bit longer on Earth.

      Aussiedler77 said...

      thanks for this information. no linking necessary for now, for nothing is going on in paderborn anymore ;-)